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Since we've started this blog back in late 2015, we reviewed dozens of cooler brands. In fact, we're approaching 80 of them and it won't be long until we reach 100 of them. 

As the list of cooler brands keeps growing, we decided to put them all together on this page, so that you can easily find the cooler reviews you're most interested in. 

We'll start by listing the best cooler brands (or perhaps it's better to say “the best-known“), with a brief description of each one, followed by the full list sorted in alphabetical order. 

The list keeps growing every week, and we'll keep updating this page regularly with any new entries.

Best Cooler Brands – The Industry's Biggest Names


YETI coolers logo


Recognized as the industry standard when it comes to top of the line coolers, many often have debated when it comes to choosing between the YETI vs. Pelican.

The Seiders brothers designed this cooler from a life spent hunting, fishing and spending much of their time outdoors.

They built them for the serious outdoor enthusiast. While they may be higher priced, you can get Yeti coolers on sale from some online retailers or, from time to time, also at the YETI's own store.

But YETI isn't about just ice chests anymore. Over time, the NYSE-listed company launched the whole soft coolers offering known as Yeti Hopper, introduced a bunch of drinkware products such as the popular Yeti Rambler, and most recently expanded into dry bags, buckets and more. 

Hard Coolers, Soft-Sided Coolers, Drinkware, Dry Bags
pelican coolers logo

Pelican Coolers

The early beginnings of the Pelican brand saw a line of protective cases being built. After decades of producing such cases, they were able to build some of the industry’s most durable and functional hard coolers, with premium features such as locking latches and wide wheels for softer terrain. 

Since we first covered Pelican on our blog, the company expanded significantly, refreshing their ice chests lineup, as well as introducing a whole new category: soft coolers and backpack coolers.

Hard Coolers, Soft-Sided Coolers, Backpack Coolers, Drinkware, Dry Bags
igloo coolers logo

Igloo Coolers

While both the YETI and Pelican brands are popular, much of the same can be said of Igloo. Starting and originating the cooler industry in 1947, Igloo has been at the forefront of many homes in the US.

In fact, research has shown that three out of every four households in the US own at least one Igloo cooler (like the evergreen Igloo Playmate, for example).

Most recently we've been observing Igloo's increased efforts to diversify their lineup across different categories of coolers. They refreshed their entire line-up, added the modern-looking BMX hard coolers, the injection-molded IMX (one of the best lightweight coolers out there), the eco-friendly Recool, or the feature-packed Trailmate, just to name a few.

Hard Coolers, Soft-Sided Coolers, Drinkware
RTIC coolers logo

RTIC Coolers

Founded by twin brothers, John and Jim Jacobsen, the Houston-based RTIC Outdoors might be the best-known YETI rival. The Company's aggressive slogans, like “Half the price, holds more ice“, or the most recent “Overbuilt, not overpriced“, have been always aimed directly at their famous rival.

RTIC coolers are rotomolded and high-quality coolers with many of the features that you would expect on a YETI. The only thing they certainly don’t have that a YETI does is the price tag. They're indeed about half the price less expensive while being pretty much of the same quality.

Hard Coolers, Soft-Sided Coolers, Backpack Coolers, Drinkware
Coleman coolers logo

Coleman Coolers

Chances are good that at some point in time, either you or someone you knew owned one of these coolers. It can be said that W.C. Coleman was a visionary, though he had very poor eyesight.

Starting off with selling gas lamps in the early 1900’s, the company soon evolved and carried equipment that met outdoor adventures’ needs, and this included the necessities you’d need while camping or fishing. Enter the Coleman Coolers.

With a variety of products to choose from, such as the popular Coleman Xtreme or the sleek-looking Esky coolers, you can easily find the best Coleman cooler for your needs, and bring back some of those early memories.

Granted, Coleman coolers are not the best performing ones. Even the cheapest rotomolded coolers are going to outperform 80% of Coleman ice chests in the ice retention test, yet none of those brands can match the Coleman when it comes to pricing (and the brand recognition, of course).

Hard Coolers, Soft-Sided Coolers, Drinkware

All Cooler Brands in Alphabetical Order

Here are all the cooler brands we've covered on our blog, sorted alphabetically.