Polar Bear Coolers Review – This Bear Is Your New Best Friend For Life

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What makes a polar bear? This is the proud question Polar Bear Coolers ask on their website and then proceed to answer in their own unique way. They give a bunch of physical and functional features that together give the general aesthetic that has come to make Polar Bear Coolers a well-known and respected brand.

“But Mr. Polar Bear Coolers, a polar bear makes a polar bear, right? What’s all this about YKK #10 zippers and patented foam designs?” We hear you ask.

We had that question too. What made the good men and women at Polar Bear Coolers decide to call themselves Polar Bear Coolers? What aspect of being a polar bear were they trying to emulate precisely? Well, the devil, or the polar bear, in this case, is in the details as usual.

polar bear cooler

The idea here is to keep things as cool as the polar bear. Well, actually, it’s the other way round. Being a mammal, the polar bear keeps warm instead of cool. The conditions in which it lives are harsh and unforgiving, but because of its excellent coat of fur, it stays warm. We can say the coat of fur is the polar bear’s patented insulation. Likewise, the polar bear blends in well with its surroundings due to its white coat of fur. It’s excellent camouflage that helps it efficiently hunt.

Polar Bear Coolers, at their heart, are not unlike the polar bear. They have great insulation, the like of which you won’t find anywhere else in the world of soft coolers, and the camo options and soft hunting coolers they offer are perfectly suited for the job.

That said, Polar Bear Coolers have quite the reputation when it comes to selling outdoor gear. From their camo soft coolers to their backpack coolers, they are well known in the soft cooler market. This Polar Bear Coolers review will show you just why they’re so well respected in the market.

Polar Bear Coolers – Comparison Table

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item-titleSeriesNylonSolar BearEclipseH2OTracker
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to-centerLeakproof Guarantee
to-centerLifetime Warranty
to-centerFDA Approv. Liner
to-centerUV Resistant---
to-center100% Waterproof----
to-centerSkid-Proof Bottom---
to-centerCarabiner Attach. Points--
to-centerBuckles & D-RingsYKK
All MetalAll MetalAll Metal
to-centerZipper TypeYKK #10YKK #10Coated YKK #10
w/ Splash Guard
Coated YKK #10
w/ Splash Guard
Coated YKK #10
w/ Splash Guard
to-centerInsulation / Chill TimeOpen-Cell Foam
24 Hours
Open-Cell Foam
24 Hours
Closed-Cell Foam
3+ Days
Closed-Cell Foam
3+ Days
Closed-Cell Foam
3+ Days
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Polar Bear Coolers Review / Walk-through

There are five series of Polar Bear Coolers: the Nylon, the Solar Bear, the Eclipse, the H2O, and the Tracker. When it comes to options, this is as wide as it gets, which is pretty great!  Of course, each of these series is geared to a specific type of customer. However, they all have a few things in common.

We’ll start by looking at the standard features then move on to what makes each series unique and who it is made for.

Common Features

polar bear High Density Insulation

High-Density Insulation

The insulation on Polar Bear coolers is the best in its class. As far as soft coolers are concerned, you can hardly get any better than this. In fact, their Open-Cell foam insulation has a patent pending on it and is guaranteed to keep your drinks cold for over 24 hours (for Nylon and Solar Series). But that's not all – patented Closed-Cell Foam used in EC Line guarantee extreme 3+ days ice retention for Eclipse, H2O and Tracker series, all that in 90 degrees outside conditions. Impressive!

polar bear PBC Buckle Down Design

PBC Buckle Down Design

Each Polar Bear cooler, thanks to its unique fold down have large openings so you can access your things quickly and easily when the soft cooler is stationary. They can also be buckled down securely when you’re on the move.

polar bear liner Bullet

Bullet-Proof ?

In the world of soft coolers, you are only as good as your liner!

Taking above words quite seriously, Polar Bear developed their own TPU Double Coated Nylon liner material and put it to the test with Bullet, a Belgian Malinois currently on duty with the Griffin, GA Special Task Force K9 Unit. Bullet tried hard but didn't make it. So, if the Special Task Force dog isn't able to puncture the liner material then who is?

Fortunately for you, all Polar Bear Coolers are now being made with this strong TPU Double Coated Nylon liner material as standard.

fda logo

FDA Approved Liner

The liner is also certified food grade by the FDA, meaning you don’t have to worry about it coming into contact with your food. Moreover, you'll be easily able to pull it inside in order to clean it.

polar bear cooler ykk


YKK #10 Zippers

Every Polar Bear cooler, no matter what the series, comes with a YKK #10 heavy duty zipper. These zippers can handle all the force you throw at them.

The ones from the EC Line, which we talk about below, even have splash protection and extra coating. But we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.

Customizability polarbear cooler


Polar Bear Coolers are pretty serious about the customizability of their coolers. You can have your logo added to the side pocket either as a text/monogram or as an embroidered logo. If you’re looking to get some branded soft coolers for your employees of the month, look no further than here (Nylon and Solar series).

soft cooler Waterproof polar bear


These soft coolers are waterproof and sweat proof. From the Nylon series to the H2O, which is 100% waterproof and was made specifically for people who spend a lot of their time in aquatic environments, each soft cooler keeps the water out and the inside as dry as its contents. Or vice versa!

Bottle Openers soft sided cooler

Bottle Openers

So you’ve got your bottles of beer with you on your adventure. The soft cooler kept them chilled well enough, and now you want to enjoy them. You take a bottle out and reach for your bottle opener only to realize you forgot it at home. Oops!

That oops moment isn’t something you’re going to experience with Polar Bear Coolers. Their aluminum side release buckles double up as bottle openers as well (Eclipse, H2O and Tracker series). Nylon & Solar have bottle opener attached to zipper.

Stainless Steel Tie Downs

Tie Downs

There are 8 of them; 4 on each side. You can secure your Polar Bear cooler on any surface and feel confident it won’t shake about when you’re on the move (Stainless Steel for Eclipse, H2O and Tracker series, hard plastic for Nylon & Solar).

polar bear soft cooler review

Bow Tie Daisy Chains

Again, 4 of them. These are high-quality carabineer bow tie daisy chains that allow you to attach your Polar Bear cooler to any moving object (Eclipse, H2O and Tracker series).

polar bear backpack cooler straps

Great Shoulder Strap and Backpack Option

All Polar Bear coolers come with a heavy-duty clip and buckles as well as the wide nylon shoulder strap. The latter feels very high quality and no doubt it's been designed to stand the test of time.

If you’re getting one of their backpack cooler options, you will genuinely appreciate the adjustable padded shoulder straps. They distribute pressure evenly allowing you to carry the heavy cooler without getting bogged down by fatigue.

Polar Bear Coolers Ice Retention

The Nylon and Solar Bear will keep your ice cold for 24 hours or more due to the open cell foam technology. If you go for the EC Line options: the Eclipse, H2O, and Tracker, you can expect over 72 hours of ice due to the closed cell foam technology. This technology is unique to Polar Bear Coolers, and they have a patent pending on it.

5 stars


Available Sizes

Polar Bear Coolers come in four size options: the 12 Pack (12 cans), the 24 Pack (24 cans), the 48 Pack (48 cans), and the Backpack, which carries 18 cans. In addition, Nylon Series also features 6 Pack option (for 6 cans). That's a lot of sizes to choose from – another solid point for Polar Bear.

size payload polar bear coolers


RELATED: Polar Bear's backpack has been earlier featured by us as one of the best backpack coolers on the market.


The coolers come in variety of color options that include black, navy, green, red, and camo for Nylon, silver for Solar and ice blue, charcoal and tangerine for H2O series. The Backpack cooler can also be ordered in burnt orange which we like a lot!

For the camo option (Nylon and Tracker series), Polar Bear Coolers partnered with Mossy Oak to make some great hunting soft coolers with excellent camouflage. Mossy Oak have quite the reputation themselves when it comes to making camouflaged products.

colors of polar bear coolers


Polar Bear Coolers offer both a 30-day money back guarantee on unused Polar Bear soft coolers as well as a limited lifetime warranty. You have to activate the warranty on their website, however, for it to become valid.

Polar Bear Series Review: A Closer Look

As we already mentioned there are five series in the Polar Bear Coolers lineup: the Nylon, the Solar Bear, the Eclipse, the H2O, and the Tracker:

No products found.

polar bear soft cooler

The Nylon Cooler Series

  • Sizes: 6 Pack, 12 Pack, 24 Pack, 48 Pack, Backpack
  • Colors: Black, Gree, Red, Navy, Mossy Oak Duck Blind, Mossy Oak Breakup, Brunt Orange (Backpack)
  • Open-Cell Foam Insulation
  • 24-Hour Chill Time
  • 1000D Nylon Exterior
  • TPU Double Coated Nylon Interior Liner
  • Heavy Duty #10 YKK Weatherized Zipper
  • Leakproof Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Text Or Logo Customization Available

This is the simplest and the most affordable Polar Bear cooler. It does the job well, has a high-quality build with D-1000 nylon, and looks good enough that you can use it for practically any occasion.

Whether you’re looking to pack your lunch for the picnic or need something to keep your drinks cold for a one day trip to the great outdoors, this soft cooler has you sorted. It’s actually the kind of cooler you would give to your groomsmen at your wedding. In fact, that’s precisely how it’s touted, being the main cooler in the ‘Gifts for Groomsmen’ section on the Polar Bear Coolers website.

Check price at Amazon

No products found.

polar bear solar

The Solar Bear Cooler Series

  • Sizes: 12 Pack, 24 Pack, 48 Pack, Backpack
  • Colors: Silver
  • Open-Cell Foam Insulation
  • 24-Hour Chill Time
  • UV-Resistant 1000D Nylon Exterior
  • TPU Double Coated Nylon Interior Liner
  • Heavy Duty #10 YKK Weatherized Zipper
  • Leakproof Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Text Or Logo Customization Available

The Solar Bear is a step higher than the Nylon on the price chain for one main reason: it has a crucial extra feature. It happens to have UV protection to make it extra sturdy for users who typically go out to places with lots of sunshine. Think desert trip.

If you’re going out to the Baja or Mojave deserts, or will be in a situation where a lot of direct sunlight is likely to fall on your cooler bag, then UV protection is a must if your cooler is going to do its job correctly. That’s where the Solar Bear comes in.

Buy it at Amazon

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polar bear h2o

The H2O Cooler Series

  • Sizes: 12 Pack, 24 Pack, 48 Pack, Backpack
  • Colors: Ice Blue, Charcoal, Tangerine
  • Closed-Cell Foam Insulation
  • 3-Day Chill Time
  • Waterproof TPU Exterior
  • TPU Double Coated Nylon Interior Liner
  • YKK #10 rubber coated Splash Guard Zipper
  • Guaranteed Leakproof
  • Lifetime Warranty

The H2O was explicitly made for people who come into contact with water a lot. The H2O was made to be 100% waterproof and sweatproof. You can practically swim with this thing on your back and not have to worry about the water leaking inside!

Get it at Amazon

No products found.

polar bear Eclipse

The Eclipse Cooler Series

  • Sizes: 24 Pack, Backpack
  • Color: Silver
  • Closed-Cell Foam Insulation
  • 3-Day Chill Time
  • UV-Resistant Nylon Exterior
  • UV 840 TPE coated outer shell
  • TPU Double Coated Nylon Interior Liner
  • YKK #10 rubber coated Splash Guard Zipper
  • Guaranteed Leakproof
  • Lifetime Warranty

With the Eclipse we venture into the EC Line of coolers. This line consists of Polar Bear Coolers’ premium soft coolers, and the Eclipse does not disappoint. This is an all-purpose EC cooler featuring all the extra bells and whistles you would expect from this line: the coated zipper, the closed foam insulation, and the carabineer bow tie daisy chains.

Get it at Amazon here

polar bear coolers tracker series

polar bear tracker

The Tracker Cooler Series

  • Sizes: 24 Pack, Backpack
  • Color: Mossy Oak Breakup
  • Closed-Cell Foam Insulation
  • 3-Day Chill Time
  • 1000D Nylon w/ Mossy Oak Breakup Camo Exterior
  • TPU Double Coated Nylon Interior Liner
  • YKK #10 rubber coated Splash Guard Zipper
  • Guaranteed Leakproof
  • Lifetime Warranty

The tracker, as the name might imply, was made for hunters. This line of soft coolers comes entirely in Mossy Oak camo and is designed to help you melt into your surroundings.

If you’re going to be in camo to prevent your prey from spotting you, there’s no need to scare it away with your cooler, right? The camo options are fantastic and will get you to blend in most natural environments easily.

Check availability here at Amazon

The Polar Bear EC Line

So what makes the EC Line so remarkable? EC, in this case, stands for Extreme Chill. This is Polar Bear Coolers’ premium line of soft coolers, and it’s what puts them on the coolers market as a force to contend with. Let’s start with the insulation:

  • Insulation

    This is the most well-insulated soft cooler on the market. The closed cell foam base alone is 1.5” thick, with a skid-resistant rubber bottom. A 1” thick closed-cell foam body encloses it with top-to-bottom coverage. Despite the fact that the zip passes through the middle, you won’t find another soft cooler on the market with the level of insulation this one has.

  • Design

    The EC Line soft coolers all have a fold-down design which makes for easy access to the contents of the cooler. It can easily buckle down or tighten up to maximize space, giving it an unprecedented level of flexibility.

  • Great Liner Design

    The TPU Double Coated Nylon Interior Liner on these coolers is quite a piece of work! It is trademarked my Polar Bear Coolers as their Tuff Skin Dura Temp liner and is both FDA approved to be safe for your food as well as PVC free. It’s puncture resistant, crack resistant up to -77 degrees Fahrenheit, and perfectly flexible when frozen. It’s also leak proof and sweat proof. In other words, it’s nearly indestructible. It also easily pulls inside out for quick and easy cleaning.

  • Heavy Duty Zippers

    These are some of the most robust zippers you’ll ever see in the coolers market. Heavy Duty YKK #10 SplashGuard Zippers that have been weatherized and rubber coated. They will provide extra insulation and keep your cooler’s internal temperature steady no matter what the conditions are outside.

  • Overall

    The EC Line features the Eclipse, H2O and Tracker series and are some of the best and most durable soft coolers in the market. We believe they are what make Polar Bear Coolers such a strong brand with a good reputation. If Polar Bear Coolers continue to produce soft coolers like that, they’ll be kings of the soft cooler market pretty soon.

Polar Bear Coolers vs. Yeti

In this case, both Polar Bear Coolers and Yeti enjoy brand recognition and reputation built over the years. Yeti’s soft Hopper line of coolers is known for being well-designed and durable, as well as keeping ice cold for periods of up to 72 hours.

Something to note here is that Polar Bear Coolers are focused on the soft cooler market, while Yeti offers a broad range of products regarding cooler types. This is a bit of an advantage for Polar Bear Coolers because it means they can focus all their research and development on developing the best soft coolers possible. Quite frankly, it feels like they are on their way to achieving this with their premium EC Line range of coolers.

What also distinguishes Polar Bear vs. Yeti is that the former brand also gives you the option of customizing your cooler with a text/monogram or an embroidered logo. You won’t find an awful lot of cooler brands out there doing that. Polar Bear Coolers naturally lend themselves to gifting and corporate branding, which is a unique and advantageous selling proposition for them.

We believe that if you’re looking for a highly specialized, durable, and well-designed cooler, then Polar Bear Coolers are the right choice for you. Unless, of course, you’re a die-hard Yeti fan or/and are prepared to pay premium. Yes, the Polar Bear options (here) are way cheaper than Yeti's (here).

Polar Bear Coolers Video Review

Polar Bear Coolers Review – Bottom Line

So what makes a polar bear? It’s whatever makes it cool. For these polar bears, staying cool in whatever conditions is the priority and they achieve it with class. If you want a soft cooler that has what it takes to be your best friend for life, then Polar Bear Coolers are a perfect choice.

Till the next one! – Best Cooler Reviews Team


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