K2 Coolers For Sale – A Comprehensive K2 Cooler Review

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“This is not your average cooler.”

K2 Coolers pricesWe aren’t just saying that. Go to the K2 website and you’ll see that it’s not just a saying for them, it’s what they believe in when it comes to their K2 coolers on sale. They say they were spawned by the need for a cooler with a REAL VALUE that keeps items REAL COLD.

What you’ll find as you dive in to take a closer look at the K2 lineup is that it’s true and we’ll do our best to show you just how different they are from the many others on the market. Here’s a closer look at our K2 Cooler Review.

K2 Cooler Review – Let's Talk Features First

K2 Cooler on Sale - BuildLike many other top of the line coolers, you’ll find that the K2 ice chest is roto-molded, which means that you will get the same design, every time when it comes to these coolers. Even cuts and design, mean better quality and higher ice retention rates.

The outer walls of the cooler are built with UV stabilized polyethylene with a combined quarter inch of plastic insulating the cooler on the inner and outer walls. In between the walls you will find up to three inches of premium grade high-density polyurethane foam. This results in a cooler that gives you tremendous ice retention and strength to protect it from punctures and impact.

Key Features – In a Nutshell

  • UV resistant
  • Dry Ice compatible
  • Positrac lid latches to ensure a perfect seal
  • Integrated handles for easy carrying and transport
  • Suregrip feet for stability
  • Multiple colors like pink, brown, gray, etc.

Ice Retention Times

The ice retention times will vary due to conditions, but many have reported long ice retention times. One user mentioned frozen ice in the cooler for several days even though it sat out in the blazing sun.

K2 Coolers Build – Devil's in the Details

All K2 Coolers for sale are designed with top possible quality in mind to provide you years of service. To accomplish this they are loaded with tons of premium features:


how much does k2 cost icevault

A rubber gasket placed in a channel around the lid to provide the best possible, re-frigerator-like seal. Cold stays in, heat stays out. Simple yet effective.


Endura K2 on sale

An integrated hinge system is molded into the cooler and connected with a metal rod to keep lid permanently attached to the rest. Pretty solid, no doubt about it.


k2 ice chest positrac

Those rubber latches, mounted on molded-in keepers are designed to keep a positive seal. They're easy to operate and ergonomic in use.


suregrip k2 coolers

No more slipping and sliding with the rubber feets.  Simple yet necessary.  An optional K2 Smoothglide Kit can be purchased separately (read on for more details).


k2 cooler torrent

A drain plug with silicone gasket, designed for quick and easy drainage with just a partial turn. It always stays in so you won't lose it.


k2 cooler easehaul

All K2 coolers, except of the smallest Summit 20, feature an integrated handles which make solo lifting a bit easier. Rope handles are also there, if you're carrying heavy loads.


k2 coolers prices holdtight

Well placed anchoring points and padlock holes let you mount straps to keep your cooler safe and secure, respectively.

Shoulder strap

k2 strap ice chest

Featured in the smallest K2, the 20 Quart one, this heavy-duty shoulder strap will help you carry your cooler wherever you go.

source: http://www.k2-coolers.com/components-and-tips

K2 Ice Chest – Available Sizes

There are many different sizes to choose from, but here’s a look at the popular Summit Series and what you can come to expect:

No products found.

K2 Summit 20 Cooler

This model can hold 14 cans and weighs in at 14 pounds. It also measures in at 16.9” x 12.63” x 15.6.”

Check the current price at Amazon »

No products found.

K2 Summit 30 Cooler

Next up is the Summit 30, which holds 20 cans and weighs in at 19 pounds. This model measures at 20.25” x 18.25” x 16.4.”

Check it out at Amazon right here »

No products found.

K2 Summit 30 Wheeled Cooler

At a nicely wheeled cooler is the Summit 30 Wheeled. This offers space for 20 cans and weighs 30.45 pounds. You’ll find it at 20” x 18.25” x 16.4”

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No products found.

K2 Summit 50 Cooler

This model can hold 40 cans and weighs in at 26 pounds. It measures 29.25” x 17” x 16.4.”

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No products found.

K2 Summit 60 Cooler

Right in the middle of this lineup is the Summit 60, which has a capacity of 44 cans and weighs 30 pounds. It measures 23.4” x 21.5” x 19.3.”

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No products found.

K2 Summit 60 Wheeled Cooler

The wheeled model of the 60 has the exact same capacity at 44 cans and 33 pounds, but measures in at 31.5” x 17.38” x 16.9.”

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No products found.

K2 Summit 70 Cooler

At a capacity of 49 cans and 32 pounds is the Summit 70. This model comes in at 33.875” x 17” x 18.”

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No products found.

K2 Summit 90 Cooler

Second largest in this group is the Summit 90. It holds 63 cans and weighs 40 pounds, while measuring in at 36” x 18.5” x 19.3.”

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No products found.

K2 Summit 120 Cooler

Last in the lineup comes the biggest of all at a capacity of 86 cans and 43 pounds. The Summit 120 also measures in at 41.625” x 19.25” x 19.5.”

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No products found.

K2 5 Gallon Water Jug

The 5 gallon water cooler from K2 is one piece roto molded polyethylene construction for extreme durability, comfort and easy carrying loaded with premium features such as gasketed lid, stainless lid latches, tie down strap guides, integrated handles, vacuum release plug, and polyethylene skids.

Size: 18.7 x 15.7 x 13.4 inches

Available colors: 5 gallon water jug k2 red Red, 5 gallon cooler k2 blue Blue, 5 gallon jug k2 lime Lime

Check it out at Amazon right here »

K2 Coolers For Sale – You Asked, We Answer

Here are the answers to the most popular questions we've received from our readers over past few months. Here we go:

Where Are K2 Coolers Made?

If you've been wondering where are K2 coolers made, we'll prompt to report that although K2 is an American company (based in Luisiana) and product designs are being made in US, their coolers are being manufactured overseas. The fact that they make actual products on the other side of the ocean is most probably a key reason why K2 has been able to offer much lower prices than competitors (think of Yeti, Orca coolers).

So, do we care about it? Well, we think it's just too attractive proposition to skip just because of their non-US build. The quality of K2 coolers is pretty awesome, the pricepoint is attractive, so we can live with the fact that they may lack a “made in US” label.

Who Is The K2 Ice Chest For?

Let the K2 speak for themselves:

“Whether you are fishing, hunting, camping or simply hanging out with your friends we wanted our cooler to be a must-have piece of equipment.”

And yes, we can confirm this wholeheartedly. K2 coolers are built for toughness, period. If you are out on the water, or do a lot of outdoor activities like camping, hiking or boating then you may want to seriously consider K2 as your next trip's best buddy.

If you require something less durable, then you may want to check out some other coolers.

K2 cooler review

What Actual Users Are Reporting?

One user reported looking at several other top of the line coolers and finally decided on the K2. The user reported great value and ice-cold retention. The user liked the padded shoulder strap and said the cooler worked so well that water bottles he placed in the K2 actually started to freeze.

Another user said the K2 compares very favorably to the Yeti, but that you’ll save a lot more money.

Yet another user mentioned the durability of this cooler, also mentioning that it competes very well with the Yeti, but at a much greater cost savings. The user also mentioned that the cooler was filled with ice and stayed frozen for four days even in the sun.

Where Can I Buy One Online?

Excited Yet? Wondering where to buy a K2 Cooler? If you are looking to pick one up, you can of course get one at the manufacturer’s website or check out a dealer location listed on the site, but the best value when it comes to K2 cooler prices is to buy online.

Where can I get it online you ask?

Glad you asked, you can check out Amazon for some good K2 cooler prices, plus you may as well be getting free shipping nationwide. You will find a wide selection of K2 coolers for sale over there and will surely be able to find the one you want.

K2 Coolers Vs Yeti: Which Is Better?

When you are looking at manufacturers like Chevy, Ford or any other popular lineup, the question always comes up – which one do you choose?

Our loyal readers like you ask us the very same questions, except not about vehicles. The question always arises

“Should I get a Yeti? Or another cooler like the K2 ice chest?”

While we could take the easy way out and say they are all good, we want to answer your question.

K2 Coolers Vs Yeti

They are both roto-molded, they both have a wide variety of sizes to choose from and they both have long ice retention times. However, there is one area where the K2 cooler wins and that are in its price.

What you’ll find is that the build and ice retention among K2 vs Yeti coolers is pretty similar, but where the difference starts is in what you’ll pay. You’ll see that the K2 line is much more affordable.

Take a look at both and make up your mind for yourself, but if you are asking, then we are saying – we would choose the K2.

The choice here is still up to you, but we hope that we were able to give you a comprehensive view of the K2 coolers for sale to help you to make a well-informed decision.

Check the current price and read customer reviews »

K2 Cooler Accessories – Our Best Picks

Want to get the most out of your K2 cooler? Then you’ll want to check on these add-ons:

No products found.

K2 Mount

Need your cooler to stay in place? Check out these corner chocks made of heavy-duty rubber for you to mount your cooler wherever you choose.

No products found.

K2 Locks

Would you leave your car door unlocked or your bike out in the open for anyone to take? Of course you wouldn’t. If you want to secure your investment in this high-quality cooler then you’ll want this cable lock designed specifically for the K2 ice chest.

No products found.

K2 Straps

Whether you are on the water or on the open road, you won’t always have a smooth ride. To ensure that your cooler is secure, pick up these straps to keep your cooler safe at all times.

No products found.

K2 Ice Packs

What good is a cooler if you don’t have ice? If you are constantly using your cooler, then purchasing ice on a regular basis can get pretty expensive. Off set this issue by getting some of these ice packs made just for the K2 ice chest.

No products found.

K2 Smoothglide Kit

If you are the only moving things, then that cooler can get pretty heavy pretty quickly. If you need to drag your cooler from point A to point B and are in an area that can accommodate sliding, then you just found the perfect accessory right here. Coming in at four to a set, you’ll be able to slide your cooler wherever it needs to go.

You can find even more accessories at Amazon, here's the full list of what's currently available.

K2 Cooler Review: The Bottom Line

There are many differently sized K2 coolers for sale to choose from and we hope that this K2 cooler review helped you to better understand the product, so you can make a well informed decision. At a great value and comparing well to others like the Yeti, you may want to give deeper consideration to the K2 ice chest.

TIP: If you are interested in other premium coolers then go and read our review of Iglo and Engel coolers. We also posted a lot of helpful tips on our homepage.

TIP: A video below demonstrates one more neat add-on for the K2 : A custom-tailored K2 Cooler Hydro-Turf Mat. If you ever going to stand on your K2, it's going to help you stand confidently by providing excellent traction.

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