Igloo MaxCold Cooler Review: Reliable Ice Chests for Any Situation

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Welcome to the Igloo Maxcold cooler review! As you may have experienced on your own, finding an ice chest series that can come in handy in any situation you have planned that involves keeping products cold can be quiet a challenge.

You need to be able to store food and drinks of different shapes and sizes. The ice retention also needs to keep it in the prime consuming condition once you’re done with your activities.

That’s where the Igloo MaxCold Cooler series comes in. No matter what you have planned, this collection of ice chests has your back so that you can cool down or relax.

Whether you have a party at a friend’s house or a trip to the outdoors coming up this weekend, your water, Gatorade, soda, beer, or any other drinks will taste cold and delicious.

You also won’t have to worry about being able to keep everyone in your group refreshed. The MaxCold series comes in different sizes, which helps if you’re going on a hike by yourself in the park in town or have kids and are bringing water and other drinks to their soccer games for the whole team. Users never have to carry heavy loads when they don’t have to.

Igloo also made sure to include features for each option so that you have what you need. They all depend on the cooler they’re included with and what the ice chest comes in handy with. Our team did the Igloo MaxCold Cooler review and will let you know why it is a reliable product. Read on.

Igloo MaxCold Review – Meet the Family

Some cooler hunters are looking for hard coolers that can handle heavy loads and the worst that nature has to throw at them. Others prefer smaller ice chests that they can carry over their shoulders or under their arms for a break at work or during an athletic activity with friends on a day off. The MaxCold collection takes both groups into consideration.

No products found.Hard coolers are available with the MaxCold, just in case you have a hunting trip coming up with plans to bring home big game. Some are big enough to carry on your own or with a friend, while others come with wheels so that all you need to do is pull the handle.

In case you’re hunting small animals or are going fishing, you can use this one to keep large collections of small game fresh, making this collection on par with Igloo’s Trailmate and Yukon offerings.

No products found.As far as soft coolers go, Igloo is not short on options for when you need just a few drinks or snacks to stay energized.

Whether you need an Igloo MaxCold backpack or Igloo MaxCold lunch box, you can enjoy a nice lunch during your break at work.

This can come in handy for people who work at an office or spend their shifts outside doing heavy lifting. That way, you won’t have to spend more than you need to on an Igloo option such as the BMX or Sportsman.

Smaller members of the MaxCold collection are also designed with the toughness of the larger ones, similar to Igloo’s Playmate cooler. The lids, ice gel packs and freeze blocks ensure that everything inside can stay cold enough in case you don’t have an Igloo MaxCold wheeled cooler or Igloo MaxCold rolling cooler.

us patent trademark

This Igloo group is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark, which should assure you that you’ll be able to use any of the MaxCold coolers for a long time. In case you need more convincing, you can check out the details below on the hard and soft coolers you can get under the MaxCold name.

Igloo MaxCold Ice Chest Review


Design and Construction

The MaxCold’s ice chest options are designed to keep whatever you stay satisfied throughout your outdoor activities. The lid and other attachments needed to keep cold air inside are able to stay intact thanks to the stainless steel hinges and latches working together.

igloo maxcold rolling cooler


They are also big enough to provide space for whatever you’re bringing with you to the camping ground or back home from hunting. Some have handles on the sides in case you have a friend coming along for the adventure and need an extra hand to carry the cooler to the campsite or hangout spot on the beach. Others come as Igloo MaxCold wheeled coolers so that you can carry heavy loads on your own.



The drain plug with these coolers makes sure that the right amount of water and ice is inside to keep everything inside cold. Depending on what kind of cooler you get, you can remove the lid and put it back on so that everyone in your group has easy access to drinks and food.

igloo maxcold cooler


In case it gets windy wherever you’re going, the latches for some of these hard coolers will make sure the lid stays down and nothing flies out. Tie-down loops add extra security in case the storm gets too rough.


Ice Retention

The fear of ice turning into water a few hours after you open the lid is non-existent for anyone who owns a MaxCold hard cooler.

Thanks to the Ulatratherm insulation in the body and lid of the ice chest, your items will be able to stay cold for up to 5 days. This is among the many benefits that has received praise in many online reviews.

Anyone with a camping trip planned for up to five days will have no issues keeping food and drinks in great consuming condition. To assure that ice stays that way, the dual-snap latches keep the lid shut so that no cool air escapes. The drain plug comes in a threaded form so that you can easily release any excess water that can get in the way of cold products.

5 stars


Available Sizes and Colors

Igloo also considers the amount of people you might bring along with you for your adventures so that you bring along a cooler that is the right size.

Options for the MaxCold group include 40 QT, 50 QT, 70 QT, 100 QT and 165 QT options, which means you can carry anywhere from 50 to 165 120-oz cans.

This comes in handy for any occasion from a short trip with a couple of friends to a longer trip with many friends, relatives, or a combination of both.

igloo maxcold hardcooler

The color scheme of the hard coolers includes blue, gray and white, which allows them to blend in with environments suited for fishing trips and campouts. If you’re not putting variety in color options as a top priority in your cooler search, this one is up your alley.

Buy Igloo Maxcold Hard Cooler here at Amazon.



Anyone who is worried about the warranties of their preferences for ice chests will be happy to hear that the MaxCold hard coolers are warranted from problems with their material and construction for 1 year from the date you buy it. This is as long as you use it under normal conditions.

You can go to the Warranty Service page under Customer Care for more details.



igloo maxcold

As we previously mentioned, MaxCold’s hard ice chests have the strength and durability for hunting trips for a different game.

You can use the smaller options for storing fish you caught on a boat with your friends on a sunny day, or the larger ones for when you’re hunting rabbits, duck, and even deer, for which an extra cooler can come in handy.

If hunting is not your thing, you can use these ice chests for a variety of celebrations in suburbs and cities, from watching the big game at your friend’s house to a bachelor’s party for a buddy who’s getting married.

You can also use them to keep your kids and their basketball, baseball, or football team refreshed so that they can keep having fun and win the game.

Igloo MaxCold Soft Cooler Review


Design and Construction

No products found. Despite being smaller than the hard coolers under the MaxCold name, the series’ soft coolers are designed to keep you just as refreshed and energized.

Some come in the forms of backpacks, while other’s act as an advanced lunch bag. This makes them reliable coolers for both adults and children.

Handles are included on different ends, depending on which option you go with, and some ice chests come with more than others.

You can strap some of them around your back if you’re carrying a light load, or just hold one handle on the top of the lid if it’s a heavier load but enough for you to handle with one hand.

Pockets are also included so that you have extra places to store chips, granola bars and protein bars.



No products found.Among the more popular MaxCold soft coolers is the Cool Fusion 36, which has storage pockets that can hold anything from beer to sandwiches.

If you’re carrying for more than one person, you can put everything for each person and pull the ice chest with the telescoping handle so that you don’t strain yourself picking it up.

If you’re looking for a cooler that you can carry easily, then we suggest the Gripper, Hard Top Gripper, or Backpack Cooler to hold in your hands or over your shoulder.

Pockets come on different sides with all of these options, and strong, leak-resistant liner ensures that nothing unwanted gets in and nothing you care about gets out.


Ice Retention

While the ice retention for the MaxCold soft coolers doesn’t match up with that for hard alternatives, you can still count on them to keep your drinks and snacks cold for the whole day. These soft-sided ice chests come with 25% more foam to make sure that the ice doesn’t melt until at least the end of the night.

We advise soft coolers for events that don’t go beyond a day because of the storage space inside.

Whether it’s with friends or family, you’re water or beer will avoid getting warm for as long as the event you’re attending lasts, which also depends on your timing.

4 stars


Available Sizes and Colors

The Cool Fusion is the biggest option out of the soft coolers that Igloo’s MaxCold series has to offer, with space for 36 12-oz cans.

Next is the Backpack Cooler for storing 18 12-oz cans, then the Hard Top Gripper with 22 12-oz cans, and finally, the Gripper 16 with 16 12-oz cans. All of these options are light enough to carry with your hands if you have to.

igloo maxcold soft cooler


The color scheme for these coolers is the same as that for the hard ice chests. Despite the limit in color options, these soft-coolers also fit with any activity you have planned outside, no matter the specific environment.

Buy Igloo MaxCold Soft Cooler at Amazon now.



The MaxCold soft coolers also have the same warranty as that of their hard counterparts. As long as you don’t get too crazy with your ice chest, it will stay free from defects in the material it is made of or interacts with for 1 year from the date you buy it.

We recommend going to the Warranty Service page under Customer Care to get more details.



igloo soft sided
Igloo’s MaxCold soft coolers come in handy for a variety of situations, no matter the level of action. You can take them to work, no matter the job, to store your lunch for the day or drinks and treats for a co-worker’s birthday.

You can also use these backpack and gripper ice chests for keeping drinks cold for an afternoon at the basketball courts in town for games with friends.

These ice chests can also store your drinks and snacks for a day with your family at Disney World, Six Flags, Universal, or other thrilling amusement parks.

Igloo MaxCold Coolers For Sale – Where To Buy?

You can get your hands on Igloo’s MaxCold coolers on the ice chest maker’s website. Prices range from $18 to $145, depending on how big of a cooler you need and what accessories you want to add.

However, we recommend shopping at Amazon, which has proven to be a trusted online store for whatever you need. This website makes both soft and hard ice chests available for whatever occasion you have planned.

You can check out the detailed reviews from users to see what you’re getting into, and returning your purchase in case it doesn’t work out is a piece of cake.

We also advise becoming an Amazon Prime member so that you can enjoy free shipping and keep money in your wallet for other anything else that can make your occasion fun.

Igloo Maxcold Cooler Review – The Bottom Line

Being able to use your cooler(s) for a variety of purposes and having different sizes available to you is a sign of a successful ice chest series. The Igloo MaxCold coolers come in all shapes and sizes to keep drinks and food cold for as long as you need them to be.

The hard ice chests are tough enough to handle bad weather and keep your hunting and fishing game cold for later. The soft coolers help you lunches for work or a trip to the theme park keep you energized for what the day has in store for you.

Both of these options can also make get-togethers enjoyable, whether it’s for a game with friends at the basketball courts, a birthday party at a relatives house, or movie night at a friend’s house. With this series, you have a cooler that you can easily carry for the occasion and store everything you need for it.

Give Igloo’s MaxCold coolers a shot so that you can keep yourself, friends, and family energized and ready for a good time.


Did you know that Igloo has been designing their products since 1947? Yes! It's more than 70 years now!

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