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Another Coleman review! These things never get boring! Coleman churns out some pretty great products every year and that is how they manage to stay popular from one year to the next. With such a reputation, we have some pretty big expectation for their latest addition to the family: their 24-hour soft coolers.

Sometimes you just want something that will work for a day without a hitch. You don’t want something that works for a whole week. You don’t even want something that works for 2 days.

If all you need is something to keep your drink cold for a day when you go to work, school, the gym, or any other place where you will be spending hours at the most, then a 24-hour soft cooler is the perfect solution, and Coleman are the perfect problem solvers because they have just that solution for you! Plus, their solution happens to be really low cost one.

Coleman Soft Cooler Review

Coleman Messenger Bag Cooler

Coleman Messenger Bag Cooler is probably the simplest and yet the most sophisticated lunchbox cooler you will find on the market. That really was the first thing that struck us about it. It’s got an unassuming design that tells you it was built to be functional. However, it also has some subtle aesthetics that make you proud to carry it around with you. It’s definitely going to get your friends and family curious, wanting to know about the brand behind such a beautiful lunchbox.

This little lunchbox carries 12 cans, which makes it ideal for carrying your food and drinks for the day. You can use it with ice, ice substitutes, or without either if you put in pre-chilled food and drinks. It’s pretty good at maintaining the temperature of the contents, even if it’s in the short term.

This lunchbox is also big on space. You’re going to love the front pocket, the side pockets, the interior pockets, and the mesh pockets. Pockets everywhere! You can store anything in it from your utensils to your electricals.

The lining itself is FDA-approved for use with food and has been built with anti-microbial properties that resist mildew, mold, and odor. Cleaning it should be a breeze.

If you’re worried about leaks occurring through the flexible liner, then worry no more because the seams have been heat welded to be extra leak proof.

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Coleman Messenger Bag Cooler

No products found. Soft Cooler

Messenger Bag Cooler

Coleman Soft Can Cooler

Coleman Soft Can Cooler is one of those little products that show that Coleman put a lot of thought into their products. This may be a soft can cooler, but really it can be used as both a soft cooler and as a hard cooler. That’s the beauty of it. It’s like your own perfect little lunch box that’s also a miniature cooler. Who doesn’t want that?

This cooler comes with a hard liner, which you can use with ice, just like you would do with a traditional cooler. You can, however, remove the hard liner and use the soft liner instead. Note that if you opt for the soft liner, though, then you’re going to have to use ice substitutes to keep the content cold. While the cooler is made in China, the hard liner is made in the USA and the whole thing is also assembled in the USA.

The cooler comes with adjustable shoulder straps to make it comfortable when carrying around. It also has side handles for when you prefer to carry it that way. It’s also big on space, with a front pocket, mesh pockets on the sides, lid bungees, and a mesh pocket under the lid.

As for the inside liner, it is FDA approved and also has antimicrobial properties to make it easy for you to wash your soft cooler between uses.


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Coleman Soft Can Cooler

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Coleman Soft Can Cooler

Soft Can Cooler

Coleman Rugged Lunch Cooler

What’s better than a Coleman Lunch Cooler? Why, a Coleman Rugged Lunch Cooler, of course! This is pretty much your regular lunch cooler as far as functionality is concerned, but it comes with a bit of a change in the look and basic design. The idea is to make it look a little more rugged and manly so you don’t feel like a sissy when you carry it to work. It’s got a box shape and looks quite masculine. We’ll admit it; Coleman got it right there.

As for the features, it’s got what you’ve come to expect from a Coleman lunch cooler. It has plenty of storage space where you can store your bottles, your food, and even little bits of gear. There’s the main compartment, of course, which you’ll put your food and drinks in, then there are pockets; lots of pockets everywhere you look. On the front, there’s a large pocket. On the sides, there are some fairly large mesh pockets.

There’s another mesh pocket under the lid to store even more stuff, and then there’s a bungee cord on the lid for more storage and extra quick access. This little lunch cooler, like the others on this list, was built to be compact but also have plenty of capacity.


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Coleman Rugged Lunch Cooler

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Rugged Lunch Cooler

Coleman soft sided cooler

Coleman Collapsible Cooler

The idea behind the Coleman Collapsible Cooler is compact considerable storage. The largest in this line of coolers has a capacity of 75 cans. It’s easy to carry a full day’s worth of drinks as well as food for many people with this cooler. You can use it when you need a soft cooler with the capabilities of a large cooler.

On the other hand, if you need some extra storage space around the house, this cooler can still come in handy. What makes it so unique is the fact that, when you’re done with it and want to put it away, you can collapse it down to the thickness of a large novel and conveniently put it away. It’s storage that gives you plenty of space but doesn’t take plenty of space while it’s at it.

The zippered closure also comes with a bottle opener built into it, which means you don’t have to carry a separate bottle opener with you. The main compartment is pretty good at keeping your contents cold. However, you don’t have to clog it and keep only the important stuff in there. When you feel like you need more space, you have the extra storage space on the outside of the bag. There’s a mesh front pocket, a particularly large one, where you can store your dry goods.

So what happens when you’ve packed it full and need to conveniently carry it? You use the side handles of course!They’re pretty comfortable, by the way. You won’t even feel the weight!

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Coleman Collapsible Cooler

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Collapsible Cooler

Coleman Collapsible Cooler

Coleman 24-Hour Soft Cooler

So Coleman figured that most soft lunch coolers don’t seem to keep things cold long enough. Their solution was to create a lunch cooler that would last for 24 hours. That means you can carry this baby around for a whole day without having to worry about your drinks getting warm after 8 hours or so. The Coleman 24-hour cooler also comes with a pretty rugged build that makes it very aesthetically pleasing.

To start with, this cooler holds up to 30 cans, which is more than enough capacity for an individual who’s looking to have food and refreshments for the whole day. If you feel like you need more storage space to store dry goods, then you’ll appreciate the pocket that’s been built into the front of the cooler.

There’s a top hatch in the lid to help you access the contents of the cooler easily while also letting a minimal amount of heat inside. The zippered main compartment is also pretty good at maintaining temperatures, keeping your contents cold at ambient temperatures of up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even when you’ve filled the cooler to capacity, and still put lots of stuff in the extra storage compartments, you won’t have trouble carrying this cooler around. The adjustable shoulder strap makes for comfortable hands-free carrying and the side handles give you more control as you carry the cooler around.

The material of the cooler is pretty strong too, with the ripstop fabric preventing tears and the heat welded seams preventing liner leaks. As for the soft liner, it has anti-microbial properties that make it easy to clean between uses.

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Coleman 24-Hour Soft Cooler

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24-Hour Soft Cooler

30 Can cooler

Coleman 24-Hr Cooler vs Yeti Hopper

The Coleman 24-hour cooler, which has the best ice retention among the Coleman soft coolers, compares -to some extent – to the Yeti Hopper, the industry leader’s flagship soft cooler. The way pricier Yeti hopper, however, does better when it comes to ice retention, being able to go much longer than 24 hours. That said, the Coleman 24-hr soft cooler is pretty good with extra features and here it matches up with the Yeti.

Ultimately, the Yeti Hopper is an industry leader, the premium product from the premium brand, so there will undoubtedly be die-hard fans. However, the Coleman 24-hr cooler is a decent, simplistic cooler that you should consider trying out when you need an everyday soft cooler that simply does the job done.

Of course, the biggest advantage when comparing those two is the price point. At the time of writing this post, The 30-can version of the Coleman 24hr cooler was priced below $20 (check the current price), whereas the cheapest Yeti Hopper, the Hopper Flip, was over 10x more (!). 

You should check the features and the pricing and figure out which one of the two gives you the most bang for your buck, based on your needs. 

A Sample Coleman Soft Can Cooler Video We Found Useful

Where to buy Coleman Coolers

Lots of options here, including the Coleman website and various eCommerce sites online. However, BestCooler's best recommendation is to make your purchase at Amazon. With Amazon, you get plenty of benefits. For starters, you get free returns on goods you don’t like if you return them within 30 days after purchase.

You also get to read real reviews by other customers, just like you, who have already bought the product and are willing to share what they think about it. You also get advantages like free shipping on select purchases if you’re a Prime member.

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Bottom Line – Coleman Soft Cooler Review


  • Ice Retention
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Price


Coleman almost never disappoints, and this is another in their long line of reputable, yet affordable coolers. At this price point, these are great soft coolers and we can’t wait to carry out lunch in them the next time we’re heading to the office!

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