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Pelican coolers for sale

When it comes to top of the line cars, everyone knows the usual names – Names like BMW, Rolls Royce or Cadillac. When it comes to other top of the line products, there are normally names that many automatically think of.

In the case of coolers, Pelican is a name that stands out as one of the best so in this post we’ll focus on covering everything you need to know about Pelican coolers for sale.

Pelican Coolers for Sale – Available Sizes

Pelican CoolerPelican CoolerPelican CoolerPelican CoolerPelican Cooler
item-title20 Quart         35 Quart         45 Quart         65 Quart         95 Quart         150 Quart         250 Quart
(Click on the respective size to see more details on Amazon)

Why Choose A Pelican Cooler?

pelican cooler review

Glad you asked. There are a wide variety of reasons you may need a durable, top of the line rotomolded cooler. Here are several reasons why you may want to choose a Pelican.


When you go with a Pelican cooler, you’ll find a wide variety of colors as well as sizes to choose from. You’ll be able to find a smaller cooler at 20 quarts, all the way up to a large capacity of 250 quarts. You can even find a rolling tailgate cooler for your next barbeque. Regardless of the size, you can always count on one thing – quality.

Ice Retention

When you think about it your cooler just needs to do one or two things – keep items cold and keep ice frozen for as long as possible. When you choose a Pelican, that’s exactly what you’ll get. One user reported two tests in his Pelican cooler review – one done at home and one on an actual trip. Want to know how the Pelican fared?

The first test found the 45-quart cooler left in triple digit temperatures in a garage – a hot, enclosed garage. After four days what the user found was that the ice was still frozen. The second test was done on a real world trip. In this case the Pelican held ice for an entire three-day trip, THEN went back into the garage upon arrival for five more days.

If you are counting then you’ll see that ice was still found after eight days. Let us say that again – ice after eight days!


Pelican ProGear Ice ChestIf you want a cooler to take to the park for a few hours at a time, then perhaps a Pelican isn’t for you. Let’s go back to the high-end cars example. If you are just driving back and forth to work, then a luxury car isn’t really something that you would necessarily consider.

However, if you plan on taking longer trips and even trips to special events then a luxury car is something that you probably would want to think about. Going back to coolers, if you are going to be on extended camping, hunting or fishing trips where food needs to be kept cold, OR if you need a best ice chest to keep your catches from hunting on ice, then a Pelican should be on your list.

The rigors that you’ll put a Pelican through on your all terrain vehicle (ATV), in your truck, on the boat or just sitting in your kayak won’t be able to break it. And after all, after ice retention, the next big thing on your cooler wish list is really durability, isn’t it?


If you have ever had the pleasure, or displeasure, of dealing with customer service and warranties of products that you own, then you know how difficult it can be at times.

The customer service that can be found with the Pelican line of products is one that users have enjoyed. In fact one user said it was “Amazing customer service.”

If that isn’t enough, what you’ll find is a lifetime warranty, which means your purchase isn’t one that you’ll ever have to worry about. And calling in to inquire about it won’t be a worry either.

Where Are Pelican Coolers Made?

For those of you interested in where your Pelican cooler is manufactured and made, you’ll be happy to note that Pelicans are built in the US. While other coolers may be made in other countries in addition to or all together, what you’ll find is Pelican is built in the good old US of A.

Where To Buy Pelican Coolers on Sale?

Pelican Ice Chests
Click to check out Pelican on Amazon

You can certainly check out some dealers that offer Pelican Coolers for sale, but perhaps the best-known destination that you may already know of to get the best price on Pelican coolers is Amazon.

Amazon also usually offers free shipping nationwide, saving you even more money.

>> Click to see Pelican coolers on Amazon

Where Can You Buy A Pelican Cooler Besides Amazon? Well, If you aren’t using Amazon or would rather use some alternatives, we have two that you can check out. The first is Wayfair, where you will be able to find a wide variety of Pelican coolers in various sizes and colors, while the other is Acme Tools.

Acme tools also offer a wide variety of Pelican coolers at costs below normally listed prices. Again, these are two other Amazon alternatives, but if you are looking to find the best deals not only on coolers, but also on shipping, then you may want to take a closer look at Amazon.

Some of Pelican Coolers Available Colors

Pelican Ice Chests: Bottom Line

If you are looking for durable coolers for all of your needs, then you may want to take a closer look at Pelican. Matching quality, durability and ice retention with some of the bigger names in the cooler market place, you definitely can’t go wrong with a Pelican.

In a variety of sizes, as well colors, you’ll be sure to find one that everyone will love. You will also enjoy the lifetime warranty that can be had with these coolers as well as peace of mind knowing they are manufactured in the US.

If you are just looking at a cooler to store a few drinks the next time you are hanging out with friends, then perhaps a smaller cooler or even a cheaper one (think e.g. Coleman) is in order. However, if your needs call for larger sizes, longer ice retention times and durability that can weather the outdoors, then a Pelican will certainly do the job.

>> Check out latest price of the Pelican on Amazon (direct link)

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