Thermik Cooler Review – A Dependable Option For A Fun Time

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Some coolers go beyond what you expect and provide features that, while fun and interesting, don’t affect the product’s performance, while others focus more on giving you everything that you need so that there are no regrets with your purchase.

One brand that focuses on the latter is Thermik, which intends to make whatever get-together you bring your ice chest to void of the issues of warm drinks and damaged lids. With this option, your drinks and food stay in prime consuming condition, and the weather won’t leave any scratches or dents on your cooler. If you’re interested in a newer brand that doesn’t rely on its name like those that have been around for a while, then read on through this Thermik cooler review to see what you’ll get.

Thermik Ice Chests At a Glance

item-titleThermik 25Thermik 45Thermik 75
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25 QT
45 QT
75 QT
to-centerIce Retention
5+ days
Ice Retention
5+ days
Ice Retention
5+ days
to-centerInterior (WxDxH)
14 in. X 8 in. 12.5 in.
Interior (WxDxH)
20.2 in. X 10.6 in. 11.6 in.
Interior (WxDxH)
27 in. X 11.7 in. X 13.2 in.
to-centerExterior (WxDxH)
21 in. X 13 in. X 17 in.
Exterior (WxDxH)
26.7 in. X 16.6 in. X 16.3 in.
Exterior (WxDxH)
33.5 in. X 18.2 in. X 17.9 in.
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Thermik Cooler Review – Let's Talk Features


Thermik icep chestBad weather can provide a number of inconveniences when you’re having a party outside, one of which is damage to your cooler that keeps it from being used again in the future.

With Thermik, you won’t have to worry about that, as its coolers have a roto-molded construction to make sure that the body is dent and scratch-free.

The construction doesn’t just apply to the body, as it is provided to the lid in case something falls on it from a tree or the roof of the house you’re visiting. The latches are also soft damage-proof so that they don’t affect the process of carrying the ice chest.

The hinge is also designed to be indestructible so that the lid remains attached and secure to the rest of the cooler, which also ensures that whatever you’re keeping inside stays there.

Tie-down holes are added so that you can tie straps down over the lid in case a hail or rainstorm stops by and you want to be extra sure that your items are secure.

For those who have had trouble getting their coolers to open in the past, the freezer-grade lid seal will be a much-appreciated feature, as it comes with a vacuum release button to keep the lid from getting stuck.

This option also comes with rubber feet to make sure that the cooler stays wherever you put it and doesn’t slide under someone and trip them when the patio gets wet and slippery.


Thermik coolers



One of the issues that every cooler owner tries to avoid is showing up to a party with drinks that go warm before anyone has a chance to get them. Thermik solves this problem with thick urethane insulation, which keeps ice from melting for at least 5 days.

This makes Thermik a perfect option for not only birthday or Superbowl party at someone’s house but also retreats with you friend and family during a vacation or extra-long weekend, whether it’s at a beach, a campsite in the mountains or a rooftop of a hotel in a big city.

4 stars

This factor has gained Thermik’s ice chest plenty of praise in online reviews, with some customers talking about how they were able to leave the ice in the cooler for over a week and open it up to see that it didn’t turn into water.

You’ll also have an easy time getting rid of whatever water is left in the cooler at the end of the party thanks to Thermik’s drain cap, which allows water to flow out smoothly so that an overflow of water doesn’t soak your shoes and the ice chest remains clean once it’s empty.


Thermik makes sure to provide plenty of additions and accessories to make the user experience even more convenient than the features mentioned above would on their own.

One of them is the cutting board for keeping your items separate, whether it’s based on food and drinks or what is for the adults and what is for the kids.

Two double duty stainless steel locking tab bottle openers are available in case you or your friends forget your bottle openers at home, and you’ll have extra options for separating items with the dry basket and drink holder.

When it comes to carrying coolers that are filled to the lid on your own or with a friend, Thermik’s handles aim to make that experience much easier, specifically fully padded aluminum handles for the 25 QT option and marine nylon double handles for the 45 QT option and 75 QT option.


Thermik’s size options aim to make it easy for you to carry your cooler to the patio. The 25 QT option measures 21 in. X 13 in. X 17 in. on the outside and 14 in. X 8 in. 12.5 in. on the inside, while the 45 QT option measures 26.7 in. X 16.6 in. X 16.3 in. on the outside and 20.2 in. X 10.6 in. 11.6 in. on the inside. The 75 QT option has an outer dimension of 33.5 in. X 18.2 in. X 17.9 in. and an inner dimension of 27 in. X 11.7 in. X 13.2 in.

These offerings put Thermik on par with more popular names in the ice chest world, as they are just as big as those provided by brands that we’ve reviewed in the past like Driftsun, nICE, Vibe Coolers and Milee.


You won’t have to worry about having to buy a new Thermik cooler anytime soon, as it comes with a five-year warranty for defects and manufacturing.

While this is not as long as the warranty of brands like Monoprice and Pelican, which last a lifetime, it’s equal to that of Yeti and long than that of RTIC Coolers, which keeps you covered for one year.

Thermik Vs. Yeti

Any cooler brand that starts to get attention eventually has to run into the challenge of Yeti, which currently stands at the top in terms of name recognition and performance.

However, this face-off is a bit different from others in that Thermik has a history with Yeti, having made handles for the latter’s Rambler 30 oz tumbler before going on its own to establish itself in the cooler market.

thermik vs yeti

What allows customers to meet a middle ground between Thermik and Yeti is the roto-molded construction.

This aspect allows both options to handle the worst that nature has to offer, whether it’s a storm of rain, hail or snow blowing rocks, dirt, and twigs that could leave some marks on other brands or a large animal coming through your campsite to make a mess and steal some food.

Where they differ, however, is in size options. While Thermik’s 25 QT is around the same size of Yeti’s Roadie 20, making it more fitting for carrying a lighter amount of bottles and cans of soda and beer to a party, the latter’s options go up in size from there, with its biggest option, the Tundra 350, measuring 24.75 in. X 23.25 in. X 63.5 in. on the outside and 16.75 in. X 17.75 in. X 54.625 in. on the inside.

This is due to the fact that Yeti’s larger offerings are more fitting for hunting and fishing trips with the endgame being catching some big game like deer and bass.

Despite having smaller ice chests to offer, this gives Thermik the advantage in costs, as the 25 QT cooler is available for $199.99, the 45 QT cooler is priced at $249.99 and the 75 QT cooler at $299.99.

While Yeti has options in the same size range at similar prices, the cost goes up from there if you plan on getting a bigger ice chest, with the Tundra 350 being the most expensive one at $1,299.99.

In the end, if you tend to lean toward bigger brand names that have a proven track record, then sticking with Yeti would be a smart move.

However, we recommend giving Thermik a shot because it can hold its own against such names when it comes to performance, especially if you’re looking to save money.

If you’re looking for alternatives, then you should give Milee, nICE, Vibe and Driftsun a shot, as they have similar sizes and price ranges as Thermik.

Thermik Coolers for Sale

We recommend going to Amazon to buy Thermik’s 25 QT, 45 QT and 75 QT options, as this website has proven itself to be a reliable online retailer for basically anything you can think of.

Customer reviews will let you know if purchasing these ice chests are worth it, and you’ll have the option to return them if they don’t perform as well as you hoped.

Becoming an Amazon Prime member would be a smart move because you’ll have access to free shipping, which would save you extra money on top of the affordable prices.

Thermik Coolers – The Bottom Line

Thermik focuses on providing ice chests that perform to your needs and are usable for a variety of occasions, whether it’s a party at your friend’s house or a campout in the mountains.

This brand proves to be just as tough as Yeti and other big names while making sure that whatever you’re keeping inside is cold and keeping your wallet from becoming empty.

Give Thermik’s cooler a try if you want to try out a new, impressive brand.

We hope you enjoyed this Thermik cooler review. As always, feel free to drop your comment below.


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Some coolers go beyond what you expect and provide features that, while fun and interesting, don’t affect the product’s performance, while others focus more on giving you everything that you need so that there are no regrets with your purchase. One brand that focuses on the latter is Thermik!

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