Yeti Rambler Review VS Orca Chaser, RTIC, Hydro Flask, Arctic Tumbler

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Welcome to our Yeti Rambler review. Well, to be more specific, we’re talking about a particular member of the Rambler line; the Yeti Tumbler. So this is more accurately a Yeti Tumbler review.

When you think of Yeti, hard coolers come to your mind. This brand has all but dominated the hard cooler market with their great design, incredible ice retention, and high customizability. Moreover, the Yeti brand has become something of a superstar all on its own.

When you see a Cooler with the Yeti logo on it, you automatically assume it is a good cooler. This is practically the Apple of coolers. Other brands out there are having a hard time snatching the market share away from Yeti, even when their coolers are actually superior in functionality, and even design.

That said, Yeti does a lot more than hard coolers and has a wide range of products from which you can choose to make yourself a happy new member of the Yeti family. Part of that range of diverse products is the family of Yeti drinkware. Today we're going to look at a very important member of this family: the Yeti tumbler.

Yeti Rambler Cooler

A tumbler (definition here) is an important part of any brand’s drinkware lineup. It is typically the most bought product in this category and so its design and performance are a testament to the general design and performance of the entire drinkware product line.

That’s why is dedicating a review just to the Yeti tumbler, even though we have done a more general review of Yeti drinkware before.

So what does the Yeti tumbler have to offer and how well does it compare to other tumblers in the market? We don’t want to spoil it for you. Read on to find out.

Yeti Rambler Review – Insulated Tumbler from Yeti

When it comes to drinkware, there are a few things that matter more than anything else:

  • The construction
  • The insulation
  • The lid
  • How the sweating is handled
  • The capacity
  • The colors

That’s it; that’s your checklist. Every tumbler, mug, pint, jug or other form of drinkware you ever buy out there should have something to offer in each of those categories.

When you want to compare one brand of drinkware to another, these are the metrics you should use. That said, we are going to see how well Yeti does for each other them.

The Construction

In the drinkware industry, the standard is stainless steel. It needs to be strong enough that it won’t be easily dented or dinged. It should also maintain its sheen and not be easy to scratch. You should also think about washing that tumbler, so the stainless steel should be kitchen grade and dishwasher friendly.

The last thing you want to do is have to wash your tumbler by hand when you should ideally be throwing it in the dishwasher with everything else. Yeti understand this. The way they put it, “who wants to have any more work to do?”

For all those requirements above, the best kind of steel to build your drinkware with is the 18/8 stainless steel. It is kitchen grade, it is dishwasher friendly, doesn’t scratch or dent easily, and is certainly going to last you a while. Yeti uses just that kind of steel for its tumblers and it works wonders. At least you know your tumbler really was built to take just about anything.

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The Insulation

The whole point of drinkware coming from a cooler manufacturer is that it keeps drinks as hot or as cold as they were when you poured them for as long as scientifically possible. For that reason, the kind of insulation used is pretty important.

In a tumbler, you want your drinks remaining hot or cold for as many hours in a day as possible. If you can keep them hot or cold for a day or more, then you have won the game. That’s not very easy for something that can only carry 20 or 30 ounces at a time, however, and so a maximum of a day’s heat or ice retention is important.

The last thing you want is finding your coffee’s warmth didn’t survive the commute from home to work, or from work to home. You also don’t want to find that your iced tea is no longer iced because the ice melted away and watered it down. You wanted iced tea, not iced tea diluted with quite a bit of water.

Yeti solves the problem with double walled vacuum insulation. An inner wall holds the drink, an insulator lies after, and an outer wall sandwiches the whole contraption to make sure everything stays at just the right temperature you want it to. Unsurprisingly, with so much care going into its insulation design, the Yeti tumbler will keep your drinks hot or cold for up to a day.

Yeti Tumbler

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Yeti tubmler Seafoam

Yeti Tumbler Review

Yeti tubmler Drinkware Navy

Yeti tubmler Stainless

Yeti tubmler BrikRed Drinkware


Yeti Rambler Features

  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Shatter-Resistant Construction
  • Magnets
  • Sweat-Proof Technology

The Lid

When you want to keep the liquid in a container hot or cold for as long as possible, you should take care of all the major points through which warmth can either creep in or creep out. The greatest of these points is the top opening, and so the way you design the lid is very important.

You want a lid that does not allow any heat through but also doesn’t allow any liquid through either. It should be strong enough that tipping the tumbler over doesn’t mean you’re going to lose some of your valuable coffee. You also need a lid that is going to be easy to open and close.

Yeti’s answer to that is the MagSlider. This great lid actually works on the magnetic principle and can be turned to be opened or closed. That means you don’t have to struggle too hard to get the lid off of your own tumbler. You also don’t have to worry about your drinks losing or gaining temperature undesirably.

Check this video to see how this Rambler MagSlider Lid works.

How the Sweating is Handled

Another thing drinkware designers need to think about is how the surface of the drinkware behaves. One the one hand, the insulation helps a lot because you don’t have to worry about getting frostbite if there’s something very cold inside, and you don’t have to worry about getting burnt if there’s something very cold inside.

However, even with good insulation, the top surface of the tumbler could still sweat. This happens especially when the contents of the tumbler are cold. The lower temperature causes the warm and humid air on the outside of the tumbler to condense and form little droplets of water on the surface of the tumbler. It can make the tumbler wet and slippery to hold, which isn’t always a desirable experience.

Yeti has engineered the tumbler with their sweat-proof technology so you get a dry grip on your tumbler no matter how cold the contents are on the inside.

Yeti Drinkware

The Capacity

The Yeti tumbler comes in the 20 ounce and 30-ounce options, which ensure you get the right kind of tumbler size for your needs. If you want something small for your morning coffee, then the 20-ounce tumbler will do just fine. If you want something that can hold enough coffee to last you through the day, then the 30-ounce option will do.

Yeti Tumbler 20 oz
Yeti Rambler
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Yeti Tumbler 30 oz
Yeti Tumbler Review
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The Colors

Here you get quite a lot of variety with stainless steel and DuraCoat color options.

yeti rambler color

Other Yeti Rambler Options

As you probably know, the Yeti Rambler option is a whole product line that holds more than just the Yeti Tumbler. As mentioned before, we even have an entire post dedicated to the full line of Yeti drinkware in the Rambler product line. The line includes the following names:

You can learn all about each of these products in the Yeti drinkware post.

Yeti Rambler vs Competition

Yeti Rambler vs RTIC Tumbler

Here the competition is really among two industry leaders. The Yeti is the greater giant in this case because it is a much greater brand than the RTIC. However, when to performance, the RTIC Tumbler pretty much matches the Yeti tumbler feature for feature; from the stainless steel construction to the sweat proof feature.

The only thing where they are not equal is the price, and this is something that most of Yeti’s competitors beat it at. So if you’re looking for a price bargain and don’t care about the brand, then you should get yourself an RTIC tumbler. Otherwise, stick to your Yeti.

For more details, check out our detailed RTIC tumbler review here.

RTIC Tumbler

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Yeti Rambler vs Orca Chaser

The Orca is an underdog when compared to Yeti, and so are their respective drinkware. The Orca Chaser has a more colorful outward design than the Yeti Rambler but is otherwise pretty much the same in terms of performance. Its capacity is also 27 ounces, which is close to the 30 ounces offered by Yeti on the other side.

If you want a smaller capacity tumbler, then you should probably buy the Yeti tumbler for the 20-ounce option. Otherwise, if you want something bigger and cheaper and don’t care about the brand, get yourself an Orca Chaser.

Related read: Best Tumblers like YETI Rambler (includes more info on Orca Chaser)

Orca Chaser

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Yeti Rambler vs Arctic Tumbler

The main advantage of the Yeti over the Arctic is in the size and color range. The Arctic Tumbler only comes in the 30-ounce capacity, while the Yeti tumbler comes in both 20 ounce and 30-ounce capacities. The Yeti also has a wider variety of colors compared to the 4 that come with the Arctic Tumbler series.

Even when it comes to price the Arctic is midway between the Yeti and cheaper alternatives like the RTIC and the Orca. Seeing as the Arctic tumbler is the new kid on the block, the one you choose here depends on your preferences for variety, as well as for brand.

Arctic Tumbler

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Yeti Rambler vs Hydro Flask Tumbler

We recently did a Hydro Flask cooler review and by this occasion, we also spotted their tumbler. The Hydro Flask Tumbler is the only competitor among the ones here that actually matches the Yeti as far as price is concerned. The interesting thing is that it is a fairly new brand in the cooler/tumbler market and Yeti is still far more well-known. Hydro Flask tumblers are pretty well-designed and come in a variety of colors.

However, they only come in one size; the 22-ounce tumbler. There the Yeti tumbler beats the Hydro Flask. Otherwise, the features are quite similar. Here again, your brand preference matters. However, prices are pretty much the same.

Hydro Flask Tumbler

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And this is Yeti Rambler promo video.

Where to buy the Yeti Rambler?

You can buy the Yeti Rambler on Yeti’s official website as well as major store websites, such as Target, Walmart, and so on. The best place to do your shopping, however, is Amazon.

You get to do our shopping on the most trusted eCommerce platform in the world, with real reviews to compare, and you also get buyer protection with free refunds in case you don’t like the product. You also get some cool benefits like free shipping and one-day shipping in some cases, especially if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

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Yeti Tumbler Review – The Bottom Line

This Yeti Tumbler Review was yet another poke at Yeti, to see what it is really made of. To put it simply, we are impressed. It’s a great tumbler with solid features and a solid brand behind it. If you don’t mind the price, we say go for it. If you do, we say you shouldn’t even be reading a Yeti review in the first place!

What we always recommend, though, is to stick to high quality and pay the price for it happily. It’s always worth it in the end because you get a product you can count on.

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