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bestcooler.reviews logoBestcooler.reviews, established in 2015, is a leading web magazine dedicated to reviewing and blogging about coolers. Both co-founders of the site, Luke and Greg, are two genuine cooler geeks.

A duo of friends, who happen to be neighbors, decided to share their passion with the world through the blog. What they haven't expected though, is that the blog will quickly grow into the #1 Trusted Cooler Resource on the Internet.

Fast forward to 2020, bestcooler.reviews handles tens of thousands of visitors each month, covering nearly every existing cooler brand available on the US market.

With dozens of first-hand, unbiased reviews to follow in the coming months, bestcooler.reviews blog is on track to cement its position as the number one guide on coolers & ice chests on the US market.

Providing Unbiased Information

What's important is that NONE of the reviews available on bestcooler.reviews have ever been sponsored. The entire content on our website is written independently and authors receive no compensation from the cooler makers whatsoever.

It's the online advertising and some small percentage affiliate commissions for sales referred to cooler companies, that help Luke & Greg cover the expenses of running this website (more on that in our Privacy & Affiliate Policy here).

Trusted Resource – Quoted in Media & Press

Best Cooler Reviews blog has been referenced countless times in online and printed media across the country.

Last time, we provided insight to Men's Health editors who tasked us with a mission to pick up and comment on two radically different coolers for their outdoor gear section in last year's June edition (page 40).

Luke ended up recommending two excellent coolers: Vibe and Sovaro, our top picks for your everyday and luxury ice chest, respectively.

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Authors – The Duo Behind This Website

Greg co-founder bestcooler.reviews


Greg, a co-founder of bestcooler.reviews is a web and graphic designer by profession. His role at bestcooler.reviews, aside from reviewing and blogging about coolers, is to make the website look great and work flawlessly.

When not at work, he is an avid sportsman, who enjoys running marathons, snowboarding, hiking, and discovering new single tracks on his bike (oftentimes with his co-founder Luke).

A husband and a father of a two, Greg also collects vintage items, ranging from a beautiful red Tour-de-Italia Pinarello Stelvio racing cycle to a vintage coke cooler (also red). Speaking about coolers, Greg loves covering new cooler brands that aim to innovate and bring something new to the table.

Greg’s a genuine cooler geek, having authored more than 100 posts here on bestcooler.reviews. Wake him at 3 am and without any hesitation in his voice, he’s going to list all the cooler brands ever existed (including some really unknown).

Luke co-founder bestcooler.reviews


Luke’s co-founder of bestcooler.reviews. Being a natural-born entrepreneur, in 2015 Luke saw an opportunity in the then-booming coolers market and together with his best buddy, Greg decided to bring to life a project they first called a “Wikipedia for coolers” – an in-depth, all-inclusive resource on different types of coolers.

Luke’s an author of many cooler reviews published on the site and even though he now focuses more on the business side of the venture, he still likes to personally review a new cooler from time to time.

Privately a husband and a father of two little ones, Luke has a deep passion for sports and all-things-outdoors. From fishing to hiking, from family camping to solo bike trekking, Luke adores spending quality time enjoying nature.

His first cooler was the good, old Coleman, which he then swapped for a new, shiny, roto-molded ice chest going by the name of a mysterious creature leaving pretty large footprints in the snow 😉

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