Coolest Vibe Review: It Looks Awesome, Is Built Tough And Insulated Just Right

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And we’re finally doing a Coolest Vibe Review! Coolest, the manufacturer, had one of the coolest (pun intended) entry onto the scene by launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for their first product ever: the Coolest Cooler.

This cooler raised up a storm of interest on the platform and managed to get 64,000 backers who collectively raised over $13 million. The product was a success, as you would expect of most products that manage to gain traction on the Kickstarter platform. 

What stood out the most about the Coolest cooler was the fact that it came with a stereo speaker. There are a few brands out there that include stereo speakers in coolers, but something about the Coolest cooler was rather special. For starters, their cooler was crowd-funded, which endeared it more to the hearts of customers.

Coolest Vibe review

However, above and beyond that, the Coolest speaker cooler also performed pretty well. It was a detachable Bluetooth speaker on an orange cooler with great aesthetics. The cooler also came with a 20-watt blender for ice crushing, an LED light in the lid, a cap catcher and bottle opener built into the cooler, a waterproof USB charger, a corkscrew, ceramic knife, and a removable divider that doubled up as a cutting board. Have we also mentioned the rubberized wheels, the stainless steel hardware and the strong and durable frame capable of holding 600 lbs.?

From that point, Coolest set a reputation for themselves as the gadget-packed cooler brand. Despite of lagging behind other popular coolers in terms of ice retention capabilities, that cooler went on to do quite well in its own little niche in the cooler industry, and people anticipated more from the brand. Now, after waiting for so long, this brand has come up with a soft cooler: the Coolest Vibe cooler.

PS: It’s important to make a distinction at this point. The Coolest Vibe soft cooler is not the same as the Vibe cooler, which we have reviewed as well. Vibe Coolers is an entirely separate brand that makes their own line of hard coolers. To help with the distinction, Coolest is a cooler brand with Coolest Vibe as one of its products.

Meanwhile, Vibe is an outdoor gear brand that makes its own line of hard coolers. In one instance Vibe is a product while in the other instance it’s a whole brand.

Vibe Waterproof Cooler

Coolest Vibe Review

The found and CEO of Coolest, Ryan Grepper, put it best when he said that there are times when you a full-sized hard cooler is simply too much for the job. The way the cooler soft market is currently set up, there are purposes for which there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.

You’re either going for the extreme case of a hard cooler, which would be overkill, or you’re going for a soft cooler, most of which are actually subpar. They’re either terrible quality glorified lunchboxes or overpriced soft coolers with terrible aesthetics.

Coolest decided to fill in that gap by building a soft cooler that makes it easy to go outdoors without having to haul a large hard cooler or having to settle for a less-than-desirable soft cooler.

They also wanted to live up to their legacy of packing their products with features and went for a soft-sided cooler that would give you so many great features that you were bound to enjoy owning it. In a nutshell, Coolest wanted to bring fun back to the outdoors.

Let’s start with the mounting system on the Coolest Vibe, which is proprietarily named the Universal Mounting System. It allows you to attach your soft cooler to just about anything, whether it’s a tree, a boat rail, a fence, or a bike. That makes this particular soft cooler enjoy a level of portability that is enjoyed by very few other brands.

Oh, That Magnetic Lid…

Another particular feature we loved and couldn’t get enough of was the magnetic FlipLock lid. This is what makes us believe Coolest as a brand is leading the market when it comes to innovation. Most brands will design their soft coolers with a zipper to improve insulation when the lid is closed.

However, zippers, while highly effective, come with their own set of issues, the most pertinent being the fact that they can be stubbornly difficult to operate. Ask anyone who has ever tried to close or open a stuck soft cooler zipper,and they will gladly tell you that it is an exercise in frustration.

Coolest goes around the problem by coming up with a completely different kind of lid in their Coolest Vibe soft cooler: a magnetic lid. It offers extremely easy access to the contents of the soft cooler while still maintaining the insulating powers of the lid. You can open and close the lid very easily without having to worry about the contents of your soft cooler remaining cold.

There is also a magnetic accessory strap that comes included with the cooler. This strap will easily attach to a water bottle, Bluetooth speaker, or just about any kind of accessory that you want to bring along with you. I saw the idea behind this and smiled to myself. Coolest made a hard cooler with speakers.

They wanted their soft cooler to have nearly the same capability, so they added a magnetic strap which allowed you to attach a Bluetooth speaker to your soft cooler. Touché, Coolest, touché. The beauty of it all is that you can also add other accessories using the magnetic accessory strap with ease.

More Unique Features

The cooler also comes with a set of accessory plates and matching utensils. This is a beautiful feature that we frankly haven’t seen anywhere else before. What’s better than a soft cooler with a magnetic lid and a magnetic strap accessory? Why, a soft cooler that comes with its own set of dishes, of course!

There’s much more that comes with this cooler, such as bottle openers built into the soft cooler, a waterproof storage pocket, a skid-proof base, and padded shoulder straps. When it comes to exclusive features, it’s really hard to beat this brand.

Coolest Vibe Coolers

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Coolest Vibe soft sided cooler

Coolest Vibe cooler Green

Coolest Vibe soft cooler


Coolest Vibe cooler Inside


Coolest Vibe Cooler Features

  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Super insulated
  • Exclusive Universal Mount
  • FliplockTM latch
  • Magnetic Accessory Strap
  • Three carrying handles and a shoulder strap
  • Dual sets of plates
  • MagNestibleTM
  • Dual bottle openers
  • 7 exciting colors
  • 18 or 30 can capacity
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

How About The Insulation & Ice Retention?

On the outside, the coating on the Coolest Vibe soft cooler is 840D TPU seam welded nylon, which practically makes this cooler resistant to tearing puncturing. The insulation inside is closed cell form insulation at 1-inch thickness and 2.5 inches in the lid so the contents of your cooler have extra protection from the harsh sunlight. 

What does this insulation translate into actual ice retention times? Well, pretty good actually. Upon filling this beauty with ice on Friday evening, we've been positively surprised to find some ice cubes still intact on Sunday. It's a pretty respectable result, but if you don't believe us then check out this user review at Amazon, where 36 hours of ice retention has been reported. 

Coolest Vibe Cooler 16 cans

Coolest Vibe Cooler 18 cans
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Coolest Vibe 32 can CoolerCoolest Vibe Cooler 30 cans
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Last But Not Least

You get 3 handles with which to carry this magnificent cooler: 2 are side handles,and one is a short top handle for those who prefer to carry their soft cooler at their side. There is also an adjustable padded strap for the shoulder for when it’s especially heavy,and you want easy hauling.

The aesthetics on this cooler is incredible, to say the least. The front looks almost retro with the Coolest logo at the bottom, and the pattern set to make it look like a funky old radio. The soft cooler also comes in 7 different color options, including aqua, black, blue, green, orange, red, and fuchsia. Very fun looking cooler, we must admit.

CoolestnVibe Cooler Colors

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Coolest Vibe vs. Yeti Hopper Flip

The Yeti Hopper Flip is Yeti’s most popular soft-sided cooler and, as we all know from the reviews done of it, it has some pretty great specs and features. In terms of aesthetics, we think the Coolest Vibe wins the matchup. It's just looks more original, more fun looking.

Coolest also has way more exclusive features than the Yeti Hopper Flip, which makes it seem like it offers a lot more value for money.

coolest vibe vs yeti hopper

In terms of ice retention, sure, the Yeti Hopper Flip might be still superior but as said before, we've been positively surprised with actual ice retention times in case of the Coolest Vibe. We've been expecting a feature-packed cooler than lags behind some best ones in terms of the performance (as their hard cooler did), but guess what? It does perform great, it keeps ice for long enough.

As for the brand recognition, here Yeti is clearly a leader and we think the Coolest has a bit of way to go to catch up with the Yeti, but having an original product definitely helps in breaking through this increasingly crowded space.

In terms of prices, the two are comparable with, surprisingly, the Coolest Vibe cooler being the more expensive of the two. 

The Verdict

It’s very hard to unseat Yeti, which is the industry leader and standard in almost every product category. Yeti is dedicated to quality,and there are hordes of fans rallying behind the brand. In case you’re a die-hard Yeti fan, then we would recommend you stick to the Yeti Hopper Flip. The same goes if you want a more elegant-looking cooler. 

However, if you want to try something new with tremendous value for money, if you love the colorful retro-like design, then the Coolest Vibe soft cooler is a great bet. It is an exciting new player on the soft coole market that makes for a great alternative to Yeti.

Other Similar Alternatives to Coolest Vibe Cooler Bag

Simple Modern Soft Cooler

Simple Modern Cooler

Simple Modern is a great cooler brand with a fresh and stylish look to it. What makes it so similar to the Coolest Vibe is how it has plenty of convenience features, including an extra storage pocket, tri-fold side handles, an adjustable strap, a flip lid, and numerous color options. Check out our Simple Modern Cooler Review right here.

Check Price at Amazon

Hommitt Cooler

The Homitt Cooler touts itself as an all-purpose cooler that you can take just about anywhere and do just about anything with. It includes multiple strap systems for easy portability, a rounded shape for extra safety, and a waterproof zipper. If you want to learn more, check out the full Homitt Cooler Review.

Check Price at Amazon

Homitt Coolers

RTIC Soft Pak

RTIC SoftPak
RTIC is known for making great quality coolers, and our own RTIC Soft Pak review shows that it does not disappoint. The Soft Pak comes with great insulation, a tough exterior, a waterproof zipper, some pretty phenomenal ice retention, a great range of available sizes and colors, and durability like you have never seen.

Check Price at Amazon

Where to buy the Coolest Vibe Soft Cooler?

You can buy the Coolest Vibe soft cooler from Amazon, which happens to be the most trusted online marketplace in the world.

Amazon has plenty of benefits, such as Buyer protection, real reviews by other buyers, 1-day shipping in certain situations, and great customer service. Sometimes you even get free shipping.

…And Here's the Coolest Vibe Video:

Coolest Vibe Review – The Conclusion

  • Ice Retention
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Price


And with that, we end our Coolest Vibe cooler review. As you can see, this is a phenomenal cooler; almost as phenomenal as the hard cooler that preceded it. We’re definitely going to be keeping an eye on this brand; they seemed headed for the stratosphere!

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