Revo Cooler Review – Checking Out Revo’s Party Barge

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Ready for a Revo cooler review? We were so impressed with the idea of this neat product that we simply had to write our full Revo party barge review. And that’s what we’re going to tackle today.

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Revo is a great American success story. The company began its story on Kickstarter, back in 2018. It raised a substantial amount of money, $34,172 to be specific, which just goes to show that the idea was good enough that lots of people were willing to back it.

The philosophy as Revo is simple: they make things that they want, and they hope that you’ll like them too. That’s something we strongly agree with here.

The best products are typically the ones that were built to solve a personal problem the founder had, which just so happened to be a fairly common problem that the solution got popular.

When innovators try to guess what the public wants, they have a much lower chance of success than when they simply go out and build what they personally need. We’ve actually mentioned the Party Barge in a previous article on best party coolers.

So let’s get the party started!

Revo Party Barge Cooler Review

Design and Construction

Revo Party Barge Cooler
Revo Party Barge Cooler

At first glance, the Party Barge just looks like a tub with compartments. It doesn’t look like much but this baby is a juggernaut.

The build, for example, is of the same indestructible stock as the best ice chests. It’s rotomolded and made out of LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene). This is the same material and construction technique as what you get with premium coolers.

The best part is that, since it’s LLDPE, it floats. You can now have a cooler floating on the water in the pool as you enjoy that pool party. Picking your beers from a floating bar!

Revo Cooler construction design
Rotomolded construction of Revo Pary Cooler

The design itself is quite simple. The Party Barge is made so that different layouts are possible. It has 6 compartments: 2 larger ones and 4 smaller ones. You should be able to put anything in it, including food, salads, beer, wine, cocktails, and whatever else you fancy. 

Speaking of the compartments, they are all separately insulated with foam insulation. This is a great advantage as it allows you to have hot food in a compartment right next to another one with a cold beer. Perfect for lots of occasions!

Revo Cooler Features

In terms of features, the biggest one for this tub is its versatility.

closeup revo party cooler
Close up of a Revo Cooler.

Party Barge is the best accessory you can bring along to your party or gathering. It’s built like a premium cooler, so it’s virtually indestructible, has great ice retention due to the foam insulation, and does not present any condensation problems. 

You can use the compartments for anything. You can use them for beverages, as an ice bucket to chill your drinks, or as a food display.

Everything is right there for you to see, it is inviting, and is easy to access. Your guests don’t have to dig to the bottom of an ice chest or keep opening a fridge. It’s all right there!

Another great feature is the endless array of display combinations you get. You can come up with a layout for a girls’ night, a movie night, a Cinco de Mayo, a vodka bar, a tailgater, a seafood bar, and a night party, among many others.

party display combinations revo cooler
Endless display combinations of Revo Party Barge Cooler

But it doesn’t end there. There’s an aluminum ice scoop that comes with the package, making it easy to utilize the Party Barge as an ice bucket.

Revo LED Light Cubes

LED Light Cubes for revo cooler
LED Light Cubes

This is our favorite feature by far when it comes to this cooler. Each Party Barge comes with 12 LED light cubes.

The light cubes look like ice cubes and you can dip them into the tub along with your food and drinks to add some color and aesthetics. 

The light cubes have a push button to turn them on and off. When they’re on, you can switch to any one of 3 modes: slow flash, fast flash, and steady light.

When the cubes are off they are completely clear and look like ice cubes. They are FDA approved and made of a clear acrylic shell that is sealed in a freezable gel.

They are completely safe to submerge in beverages, giving a nice effect, not only to your tub but also to your drinks.

Sizes and Colors

The Party Barge comes in only one size of 44 inches in length. It provides easy access and gives you the flexibility to try as many different layout options as possible.

The whole tub can fit up to 39 beer bottles or 18 bottles of wine.

There are 5 available colors for the Party Barge: Pearl White, Coastal Cay, Deep Black, Greige Mist, and Metallic Gray.

Who is it for?

This is a highly versatile ice tub. You can use it for residential purposes, such as a movie night or tailgater, and you can also use it for commercial purposes, such as at a bar, where it can make drinks more accessible, be a mini-bar by the pool, or even a self-service tray.

We would also like to point out that it is made in America, so it is perfect for those consumers who love to support local products. In that sense, it’s a great patriotic product to buy.

Due to the plain layout of the tub, it’s very easy to brand and you can add your own colors, truly owning your Party Barge and making it unique.

The pricing is decent at $150 each and it’s bound to last you a very long time.

Similar Party Coolers Worth Looking At

To be honest this was a hard search. We didn’t find anything that could directly compete with the Revo Party Barge. That said, the following coolers are, in our opinion, interesting alternatives.

Duraviva Insulated Food & Drink Portable...

Duraviva Insulated Foldable Party Cooler and Serving Tray

The Duraviva insulates your food and drinks, keeping them cool for hours on end. The downside to this is that it keeps everything cold, so it’s hard to have warm food and cold beer in the same place. The Revo Party Barge, on the other hand, can do this perfectly.

That said, the Duraviva is easy to use. All you have to do is fill it with ice and place your food, drinks, and ice inside. It’s quite roomy at 36 inches long and has a removable cover. It’s also foldable for easy storage and transportation.

Buy it at Amazon

3PCS Inflatable Serving Bar, Buffet Cooler...

Inflatable Serving Bar

How about a cooler you can just inflate and deflate as the need arises? This one’s exactly that kind of cooler.

You inflate it and fill it with ice. It does a pretty good job of keeping your food and drinks chilled too! Sadly, it has the same shortcoming as the Duraviva, which is that the compartments aren’t separately insulated, so you can’t have warm food next to cold drinks. Everything has to be chilled.

It’s still pretty cool. It’s reusable and has a drain plug for quick draining of the ice that has melted.

Buy it at Amazon here

igloo PARTY BAR LIDDUP 125 Qt Cooler

Igloo Party Bar

This is more of a serious party cooler from Igloo. It comes wheeled and has lots of great features.

A removable divider allows you to compartmentalize the interior for different things, Cool Riser technology combined with UltraTherm insulation makes for very good ice retention, it has lockable casters, a bottle opener, and is even made in the USA. With 125 quarts of capacity, it is fully capable of carrying all the beer you need for your party.

Again, sadly, it doesn’t have that one key advantage that the Party Barge has, just like the others: It doesn’t allow you to store hot and cold stuff in the same place.

That’s why we said it was hard to find a match for the Party Barge. It’s just one of a kind!

Check it at Igloo website

Revo Light Cubes

We had already touched briefly on the Revo Light Cubes. Mostly we would like to add just how much we love them. They are great attention getters and go well with anything.

Revo Light Cubes
Revo Light Cubes

You don’t even have to stick to using them with the Party Barge. You can, for example, dip them in the bathtub to convince your kids to take a bath. They have a pretty good battery life too, at 24-36 hours.

Unfortunately, though, the batteries cannot be replaced when expired.

Where to Buy Revo Products

The main option for this particular product is to purchase it at the manufacturer’s website:

At the time of writing this article, we haven’t found them on Amazon. But we say it’s worth checking there before buying, as there are often great deals on Amazon.

Revo Cooler Review and Rating – Bottom Line

And with that, we come to the end of our Revo cooler review. As you can see, it’s a great party cooler that’s bound to bring life to any event.

It’s a definite recommendation from us!

Revo Party Barge Cooler Rating
  • Ice Retention
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Price


Revo Party Barge is a well-built, innovative and highly versatile party cooler. Not only it comes in multiple layout options, but its individually insulated compartments let you put hot food in one compartment and cold beer in the compartment next to it. As it was not enough, it even features LED light cubes to really liven the party up! You can't go wrong with this one!

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