Best Beach Cooler – The Hot Temperatures Are No Match For These

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Picture this…it’s a nice warm sunny day, your closest friends surround you and someone just fired up the grill.  You begin to smell the charcoal start to turn that familiar scent, signaling you that it’s ready for hamburgers and hotdogs.

You decide to take a quick jump into the water to cool off with thoughts of an ice-cold soda and yummy hamburger on your mind.

Heading over to the cooler, you open the lid and reach for…a warm drink and lukewarm food? What happened?

It’s then that you realize that the cooler had been sitting in the sun, and because of its poor quality, the ice had melted throughout the day.

It’s time for a new cooler.

Have you ever had this happen to you? Don’t let it. WE won’t let it. If you have had the misfortune to go through this, or would like to avoid this altogether, then you are in luck.

We’ve reviewed the various coolers online to bring you the best beach cooler for your next trip to the beach. Here’s a look at our top beach cooler bag reviews.

Best Beach Cooler – Our Top Picks

Igloo Maxcold Cool Fusion – Best Rolling Cooler For The Beach

Igloo Cool Fusion 36-Can Roller MaxCold... If you have ever wanted a hybrid cooler that mixed the best of both cooler worlds (hard and soft material), then this would be it.  The Maxcold fusion does just that – it fuses all of the benefits of both types of coolers, which makes it a solid candidate for the best beach cooler title.

The MaxCold closed-cell foam insulation locks in the cold.  Sturdy wheels and a telescopic handle make rolling and transport a breeze.  At a size of 17 x 14 x 18 inches, you’ll find more than enough room for your next trip to the beach.

One user reported heavy use of a previous MaxCold cooler for three years, and due to the extended use needed to replace it.  It was replaced with this model.  Initial reports of use were positive as it was taken on a river trip, with extra pockets being used to store sunscreen and other products.  The user also reported that the wheels and handle seem more durable than similar models.

You can check out Amazon reviews right here (Amazon link) >>

Picnic Time Cart Cooler – Best Beach Cooler With Big Wheels 

ONIVA - a Picnic Time Brand Insulated Cart... One look at this cooler and you’ll swear that it’s actually a rolling suitcase, but upon further review you’ll see that it’s a very spacy cooler with large accommodating wheels for transport.

The picnic time cooler can hold up to 37 standard drink cans, comes in at a whopping 15.2 x 13 x 37.5 inches and can handle up to 77 pounds of items.  Extra-wide wheels and a stability bar make controlling this cooler extremely easy.  In black, navy, lime or red (see them all right here at Amazon)you’ll be able to pick this one up for any loved one.

One user said that this was the cooler she was looking for, for a long time.  The user stated that the large wheels make for easy movement, and the large storage capacity holds everything she buys from the farmer’s market, such as meat and vegetables.

The user went on to say that the zippered pocket also held other items such as wallets and water bottles.  Another user said this model was ideal for senior citizens, not only for groceries but also for laundry.

You can check out all reviews at Amazon right here >>

Yeti Hopper – Perfect As A Beach Cooler Bag 

YETI Hopper Two 20, Portable Cooler, Fog... If you've gone thru our Yeti cooler reviews or if you have been searching for any amount of time online for a cooler then you have probably heard of the Yeti cooler line.  When one thinks of a Yeti, the cooler that comes to mind is the larger, harder ice chest.

Luckily, Yeti has the beach gear in mind as well. The Yeti Hopper is the perfect beach cooler bag.


Not only does it keep ice frozen and keep contents ice-cold, BUT it is extremely durable as well.  Coming in at 22.5 x 16.5 x 12 inches, you’ll find that you can easily carry this cooler.  It comes in gray or blue and has a capacity of either 20 or 30 quarts.

Plan on camping on the beach for a few days?  No problem.  One user said he has used this cooler on trips of up to 4 days without any access to ice or a refrigerator, often packing perishable goods and they ALWAYS last the duration of the trip.

Another user mentioned putting it to the challenge of holding fresh foods for 3 to 4 days.  The results?  It passed with flying colors, which means your day trip (or beyond) to the beach should be NO problem at all. It is the best beach cooler bag? We think it most definitely is amongst top ones.

You can check out Yeti Hopper at Amazon right here >>

eBags Crew Cooler II 

eBags Crew Cooler II Soft Sided Insulated... Are you looking for a durable, fashionable and versatile cooler for your next trip to the beach?

Enter eBags Crew Cooler II.

This cooler comes in Gray, Black, Blue, Red, Eggplant, Turquoise and Green (see all color options here).  Multiple zippers and compartments make it easy for you to transport other items like napkins, plastic ware, and other dry products.

At a size of 10.5 x 15 x 8.5 inches it has ample room for your food and drinks.  In fact, one user who works in an office said that he easily fit two Tupperware containers, protein shake, fruits, and ice. Though the user stated that he tried using other coolers, he said that he kept coming back to this one.

Many users reported enjoying the size of these coolers as it’s accommodating enough to fit a large meal and a few other products.  The user also said that they use a cooler on a daily basis, and used this one for a year straight and it still works and looks like it did when it was new.

Check out what Amazon customers think of eBags Crew Cooler >>

Other Considerations 

beach cooler bagAs you can see, the lineup of beach coolers varies.  What may work for you, may not work for someone else.  So, what do you do?

Well, you take a hard look at your needs and ask yourself a few questions like…

What Will You Be Using This For?

 If you plan on using one of these coolers for a single meal for yourself or someone else on your next trip down to the beach, then you probably won’t need a large rolling cooler like the Picnic Time Cooler or Igloo MaxCold (for Igloo, you may also want to check out other Igloo coolers for sale)

What may better suit your needs is something like the eBags Crew Cooler II.

How Long Will You Need The Cooler For?

Ice retention is key for many cooler owners, and if you plan on being down at the beach for a day or two or even more, then you may want to opt for something a little more ice friendly like the Yeti Hopper.

What Kind Of Terrain Will You Be Navigating? 

The terrain will also determine the cooler you will need.  If you will be on rough terrain and need something with wheels that can withstand the area, then you may want the Picnic Time Cooler.  If you are on a smoother surface in your area, then you may want to pick up the Igloo MaxCold Cooler.

What’s Your Budget? 

The fortunate thing is that three of the four coolers we have looked at here should come in at under $100.  At a higher durability, ice retention and price is the Yeti Hopper at several hundred dollars.

While you don’t want cost to be a deal-breaker, it is something that you need to keep in mind as you begin the process of finding the best beach cooler for your needs.

Closing Thoughts 

Take a look at your specific needs and see if you will need a beach cooler with wheels, just a beach cooler bag or even the best rolling cooler for the beach.

The coolers we have reviewed here will definitely be an asset on your next trip to the beach, however, it can be an even bigger asset if you decide what your specific needs will be.

If you have any further questions, or just need more information on coolers, feel free to leave a comment below.  We at look forward to hearing from you.

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