Yeti Like Tumblers: 10 Premium & Budget Alternatives to the YETI Rambler

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Hello and welcome back to another article talking about YETI and their challengers. This time it's not about coolers though, as we're going to talk about different YETI like tumblers.

YETI gets a lot of airtime on our blog and the overall cooler space, but that attention isn’t unwarranted. In the grand scheme of things, Yeti came fairly recently into the cooler space.

However, their focus on making premium products, branding and marketing well, and focus on creating experiences, rather than mere products, has led to some (us, really) calling Yeti “the Apple of the coolers industry”. They revolutionized the cooler industry and made it cool again (pun intended).

That’s why we like to compare coolers to Yeti. It’s simply the gold standard!

That said, we noticed that there is an area where the comparison to Yeti is lacking at the moment, and it happens to be an area where consumers actually need a comparison since they’re doing a lot of buying. I’m talking about tumblers.

Tumblers are pretty common. Just about everyone needs an insulated mug in which they can pour their beverage of choice and enjoy it throughout the day.

yeti tumbler alternativesThere are plenty of tumbler brands out there, many of which make exceptional tumblers of high quality, some even better than what Yeti Rambler gives. 

What's more, almost every cooler manufacturer has now tumblers in their offer. Such fierce competition is good news for us, customers.

The thing is, however, that many of these brands remain unknown to our readers. When it comes to Yeti tumbler alternatives, everyone’s talking about Yeti vs. Hydroflask or Yeti Rambler vs. RTIC, both of which we have already covered (needless to say, we also reviewed the YETI Rambler itself)

BUT there are some other great names out there that make tumblers as good as Yeti, even better in some cases. These include both established and lesser-known brands.

If you’re looking for some excellent cups like YETI Rambler, then we’ve got you covered. That’s what today’s article is all about. Here we go:

Best Yeti Like Tumblers

Premium Tumblers Like YETI (from respected cooler brands)

Orca Chaser Café mug

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Orca Chaser Tumbler

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Orca Chaser

First on our list of YETI tumbler alternatives from other premium brands, is the Orca Chaser. This one comes in two versions, the regular one, without a handle, and the one with a handle. We've picked up the latter, as we found it more unique and interesting.

My favorite feature in the Orca Chaser Café insulated mug is the fact that, yes, you guessed it, it has a handle. Only God knows how many times I’ve been driving at night in a dark car, reached for my tumbler, put it to my mouth, and then poured hot coffee on myself because I missed the drinking hole.

The thing about drinking holes is that it’s pretty hard to find them when there isn’t a handle to give you a sense of orientation.

The handle on the Orca Chaser Café does just that. Not to mention, it’s great for people with arthritis who might have a problem handling fat mugs. Just take a look:

The build on this insulated tumbler is solid. It is made out of 18/8 industrial food-grade stainless steel on the outside, and is double-walled vacuum sealed on the inside, making it both strong and well-insulated.

Orca Chaser - YETI like tumblerI haven’t done any official ice retention tests on it yet, but my coffee stayed warm for well over 18 hours in it as I went about my day. That’s pretty impressive for an insulated mug!

The overall shape of the tumbler reminds me of a trophy, which is different from the prevailing tumbler design out there where the shape tapers gently to the bottom.

However, the design on the Orca Chaser lends itself pretty well to the cup holder in my car, as the sudden change in size between the bottom and top parts of the cap makes for a more stable hold.

I also love the lid. It has a well-sealed lid with a seal cap that you open to reveal the drinking hole. That way you only have your cup open when drinking.

It remains sealed the rest of the time, making for better heat retention. The fact that the flap of the seal is shaped like a whale’s tail is a tasteful addition.

Check the Orca Chaser at Amazon >>

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Pelican Traveler

Pelican have been in the rotomolding game for a long time, and so they have quite a few tricks up their sleeves. Their Pelican traveler insulated tumbler is among the best of those tricks.

The outside of this mug is shaped pretty well, with an ergonomic design that makes it super easy to handle. It will fit into pretty much any car or truck cup holder.

pelican tumbler double wall vacuum insulation
Image courtesy of

The material is 18/8 food-grade stainless steel on the outside for excellent insulation and durability. But that’s not even the best thing about the body of the tumbler.

The best thing is that it has a powder finish and a rubber grip on the bottom.

The powder finish makes it super easy to grip the tumbler without dropping it to the ground while the rubber grip makes it even more stable in a cup holder than your average tumbler.

The body is also sweat-proof, so you don’t have to worry about a wet grip!

On the inside, we have a copper plated inner wall that makes for extreme temperature retention.

This tumbler will keep your hot drinks hot for 12+ hours and your cold drinks cold for 24+ hours. The fact that it uses double-walled vacuum insulation only makes it better.

pelican tumbler lidOn the top, we have my favorite thing about this mug: its spill-resistant sliding lid. The rubber gasket under the lid makes it spill-resistant so you don’t have to worry about things leaking out when the tumbler’s full.

It also neatly slides open and closed, making for a good tight seal and lending itself well to the use of a straw.

On top of all these great features, you also get a lifetime guarantee on your product.

After having this product for all of a week, I can confidently say it stands shoulder to shoulder with Yeti Rambler. It might even arguably be better. I’ll think about that as I enjoy my coffee from my Pelican!

Check the price at Amazon >>

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Engel Tumbler

I’ve reviewed Engel coolers before, and they certainly have great products. They have a knack for paying attention to the details, both the ones you’ve thought about and the ones you didn’t even know you might want.

Take the rubber base on the Engel Tumbler, for instance: a big problem with the average tumbler is how easy it can get for it to tip over.

It’s not a big problem, but it can be pretty annoying when it does happen. Engel put a rubber pad on the base of their tumbler to deal with the problem.

Or the lid, which is perfectly leak-proof with a ketch-style opening for drinking. You have to be careful to get the tight seal right, but once the lid is firmly in place, you can throw it up or put it on its side or even drop it and not a single drop of the liquid inside will leak out.

The tumbler also has a narrow bottom that fits every cup holder out there. The 18/8 food-grade stainless steel exterior makes for an excellent external build and guaranteed durability.

On the inside, we have double-walled vacuum insulation that’s guaranteed to keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours on end.

The fact that the tumbler has a 30-oz capacity so you can put more beverage in it than you can the average insulated tumbler only rounds this tumbler up into one of the best on the market!

Overall, it's a pretty solid premium YETI tumbler alternative as well.

Check out the Engel tumbler at Amazon >>

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Grizzly Grip Cup

Grizzly’s Grip Cup is simple but built like a tank, so it’s perfect for people who want something that’s built to last.

My favorite thing about this tumbler is its ergonomic handgrip it has little indentations where your fingers can easily slip in, making it especially easy to carry.

It also has a rubberized pad on the bottom to make it less likely to tip over. It has double-walled vacuum insulation so it should be able to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for hours on end. The shape is also narrow enough that it will fit well into your vehicle’s cup holder.

The lid is fairly okay, though it doesn’t work with a straw. Also, I’ve seen a few people complain on Amazon that it can get leaky, though it seems to boil down to people getting tumblers with manufacturer defects, rather than a widespread problem.

Overall, it’s a good tumbler, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s the answer to Yeti. Perhaps that’s why there’s a ~$15 difference in the price!

You can check it at Amazon here >>.

Grizzly Grip Cup like YETI rambler

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Ozark Trail Tumbler

Ozark’s Trail Tumbler is pretty simple and straightforward. It has an 18/8 food grade stainless steel exterior, a narrow bottom to fit any cup holder, and double-walled vacuum insulation.

The lid has a rubber gasket to prevent leaks and has a sip hole large enough to fit a straw if you want. I also like ice and heat retention. Hot drinks will stay hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks will stay cold for up to 24 hours.

The 30-oz capacity is also pretty cool. Other features that are hard to beat are the fact that you get a set of 2 tumblers for the price of one Yeti Tumbler and that the product comes with a lifetime warranty.

Find out more info at Amazon >>

Budget Yeti Tumbler Alternatives (cheaper than YETI Rambler)

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Smart Coolers Tumbler

Smart Coolers have a pretty cool line of tumblers. They have 15 different color options, and one of them is leopard print! The design of the tumblers is also pretty good.

The outside is made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel while the inside has double-walled vacuum insulation for maximum ice and heat retention. The lid is made of BPA free Tritan, seals tightly, thanks to the gasket, and has a wide hole in which you can fit a straw. In fact, the package comes with a straw.

The shape of the tumbler lends itself well to cup holders of any kind and the exterior is sweat-free. That said, I couldn’t help seeing a couple of customers complain that the tumbler still had sweat issues.

I also saw a few complaining about the lid’s opening mechanism having trouble staying open and tilting closed whenever they brought the cup up to their mouth. There wasn’t a lot of them, though, and at the time of writing this article the product has a solid 4.5/5 rating with over 1600 reviews.

It’s overall a great budget alternative to YETI cup if you don’t want to spend too much on an insulated tumbler.

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Sunwill Tumbler

Here is yet another product that sells you a pack of 2 tumblers at the price of one. The Sunwill Tumbler’s greatest strength is the fact that they have lots of color options. You get to choose from 14 colors. One of those is Rose Gold, which will go really well with your iPhone!

The outside is made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, which is pearlized coated for a sweat-free finish and a strong grip. The tumbler is also designed to fit pretty much any cup holder.

The insulation is a double-walled vacuum and should keep your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. It’s the hot drink retention that’s not so long at only 6 hours maximum. This probably has to do with the lid.

While the lid is extra sealed and splash-proof, it does not screw on, which means steam is likely to build upon the inside and pop the lid off if your drink is too hot. It’s, therefore, a good idea to leave the drinking hole open most of the time so the steam can escape, reducing overall heat retention times.

This tumbler would do a lot better with a screw-on lid.

Get it at Amazon here >>

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North Tumbler Set

This great tumbler set prides itself on offering a great many accessories. In every North Tumbler box, you get:

  • the mug,
  • a sliding lid,
  • a removable handle,
  • a drinking straw,
  • and a straw cleaning brush.

Now, they say that there are 4 accessories on the inside, but I don’t think they should be counting the lid since it’s supposed to come with the tumbler anyway.

Speaking of it, the lid is a slide-on BPA-free lid with a tight seal that happens to be splash-proof. It’s also transparent so you can tell when your drink needs a refill!

I like the removable handle. It makes it easy to choose when you want to hold your tumbler directly and when you’d rather have a handle. The outside is made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. The insulation is double-walled vacuum, and you get 6 great color options.

It’s might not be as good as the Yeti, but it’s still a good budget tumbler.

Check it at Amazon right here >>

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Umite Chef Insulated Tumbler

Umite Chef tried to stick to the basics with their tumbler cup but they did them pretty well. First, the capacity is great at 30 oz. second, the vacuum insulation is the standard double-walled and the exterior is the same old trusty 18/8 food grade stainless steel.

It has a non-fading powder coating for the color that also makes the exterior sweat-free and easy to hold. The lid has a tight seal and slides open to make it splashproof.

You also get 2 straws as part of the deal. One wide straw for smoothies and one curved straw for everything else.

Finally, you get 13 color options, including rose gold. I think it’s a great simple tumbler that anyone would love.

At this pricepoint, it’s great value for money and it’s perfect for a gift!

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Chillout Life Tumbler

Chillout Life has outdone themselves here. You can choose between their 12-oz wine tumbler and the regular tumbler mug, which comes in 12, 209, and 30 oz.

They’re all made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel with powder coating. They have double-walled vacuum insulation, though the ice retention is only 9 hours while the heat retention is only 3 hours, so you’ll have to consider that when buying.

You also get 11 color options, some of which are pretty cool, like Mermaid Sparkle, Rose Gold, and Sky Flowers. Apart from the low retention rates, I actually think this is a solid tumbler, and the wine tumbler option is quite tasteful.

Check the price and all the color options at Amazon >>

Tumblers Like YETI – The Bottom Line

And with that, we come to the end of our YETI-like tumbler reviews. As you can see, Yeti-like tumbler options abound out there, and all you have to do is choose the right one for you. With the 10 tumblers like YETI we’ve just reviewed, that choice should be easier now. We just hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed reviewing them.

Have a cool day!

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