Yeti is planning an IPO

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Yeti hit the headlines today and we think the story is worth covering.

As we learned today from Reuters, Yeti Coolers, the US-based manufacturer of some of the best high end coolers may be planning an initial public offering sometime soon.

According to Reuters and based on the sources close to the company, Yeti Coolers LLC has hired investment banks to pursue the IPO which could value the Austin based company at a billion dollars (or more). If these numbers hold true, it would mean that Yeti, which could still be considered as  a startup,  is to join the so-called Unicorn club of companies worth $1 billion plus. WOW!

We’re excited to hear about Yeti’s success not only because we respect them for making some of the best coolers on the market but because they’ve helped to make cooler an object of desire amongst people. After all, ice chests business is a kind of niche business and yet they managed to sell ground breaking number of products across the country.

In other words,  Yeti came from nowhere (it’s just a ten year old company) and pretty much disrupted the market. While we can see this happening from time to time in the Internet space – think Uber, GoPro or Snapchat – disrupting a market like coolers is rare, so we think that alone deserves a big thumb’s up.

As a side note, we hope Yeti is going to use the IPO money towards improving and innovating their product line so we have more topics to write about and more new coolers to review 😉

We’ll be keeping an eye on Yeti’s next steps towards an IPO and will post updates on our blog.

Meanwhile, check out Yeti cooler reviews to learn more about the brand and their top products.

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