Yeti (and Other Coolers’) Decals, Stickers, Wraps, Skins – Make Your Ice Chest Look Unique With These Top Picks

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Having a Yeti cooler is great. These coolers are known for their incredible performance, outstanding quality, and overall good style. They look good, feel good, and their performance is excellent. It’s hard to imagine making something so close to perfection even better, but it can be done!

The thing about a cooler is that, as good as it looks, it’s pretty standard. What you have is one of many hundreds or even thousands of coolers in a batch belonging to a particular model. There are plenty of other people out there who have the exact same cooler. However, people don’t like to be standardized like that. You probably want to be unique and stand out in your own way. So how do you customize your cooler so it has your vibe and no one else’s? That’s where cooler decals, stickers, skins, and wraps come in.

These additions serve a lot of functions, which we’ll look at in due time, but their most important role is to make your cooler uniquely yours. Not only do you get to express your tastes and philosophies using your cooler, but you’ll also easily find it if it gets lost in a situation where there are lots of other coolers of the same brand and make.

Why use Decals, Stickers, Wraps, and Skins for Coolers?

There are many reasons why you might find it useful to stick any of these onto your cooler, but 3 stand out in particular:

  1. To express your personality
  2. To protect your cooler
  3. For identification

cooler wrap skin usatuff

To Express your Personality

Additions to your cooler help you to express your personality in a big way. Say you are a very patriotic person and would like everyone on the planet to know. Telling everyone you meet the fact that you’re a patriotic person is one option, but it probably isn’t the best option. If you carry your cooler around with you a lot, why don’t you put a skin or sticker on it showing the American flag? That would be a great way of expressing yourself without ever having to utter a single word.

This fad has been there in lots of other things. Phones and laptops are a pretty common thing people carry around, and phone stickers, skins, and wraps are quite popular. The same goes for laptops. They allow you to express your own unique views with the thing that you carry around the most. If that thing is a cooler for you, then you will appreciate having your cooler speak for you.

yeti cooler wrap

To Protect your Cooler

Your cooler, Yeti or otherwise, probably has a plastic exterior. At the time of purchase, it’s going to look pristine and perfect. However, it’s not going to stay like this forever. Given enough time and interaction with the elements, the plastic will fade and get a few scratches here and there.

Now, this happens a lot sooner with lower quality coolers, and Yeti is certainly not a low-quality cooler, but it happens eventually for all coolers anyway. It doesn’t have to, though. You can protect your cooler and keep it as pristine as when you bought it. How? Skins and wraps, of course!

Skins and wraps cover the plastic entirely and keep it safe. The adhesive doesn’t damage the plastic, and the skin or wrap comes off easily when you don’t want it anymore. Besides, it makes your cooler look good too!

rtic cooler wraps skin stickers decals

For Identification

Imagine being at a tailgater or party where there are lots of coolers, just like yours. The same brand, make, and model, right down to the color! What would happen if you suddenly lost your cooler? How would you be able to identify it?

If your cooler was just as plain as when you bought it, this will be very difficult for you. However, if you had a decal, sticker, skin, or wrap on it, the job would be much easier. Now you just have to look out for that!

Make your Cooler your Way – Here is How

There are lots of options out there for customizing your Yeti cooler. You’ll find different vendors at Amazon specializing in one or more types of stick-ons. We’ll look at a few for decals, stickers, skins, and wraps, talking about what makes them stand out.

Yeti Cooler Decals

A decal is a kind of sticker where a design is made on a substrate that you then stick onto the target surface. Once this is done, you help the decal transfer to the surface with the help of water, heat, or pressure from your hands. You then peel the substrate off, and the decal is left on the surface.

The longevity of your decal depends on two primary factors: the type of surface and the material of the decal.

When it comes to surfaces, the surface should be not only compatible with the adhesive on the decal, but also smooth and clean.

When it comes to the material used for the decal, there are plenty of options, but the best by far is vinyl. Vinyl adheres readily to plastic and has much better longevity than other materials in the market. You can expect your decal to last about 5-6 years on average, which is pretty great!

  • It’s easier to create monograms and more stylized designs with decals
  • They tend to look more natural as if they were part of the cooler’s design
  • They are very easy to customize and are commonly made to order
  • They don’t protect the surface of the cooler as they don’t cover a large surface area.


Best Yeti Decals Examples

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Yeti Roadie Cooler Monogram Vinyl Decal

This decal allows you to make a monogram of your name with the initials stylized in a variety of ways. You can also choose the font and color of the decal so you can make your cooler uniquely yours. We loved some of the couples’ initials that showed a lot of creativity in the way the first letters of each name were designed.

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Jeep 4×4 “Jeep’n Dad” Decal for Yeti, RTIC, Ozark Cooler Tumbler or Cup

Are you or someone you know into jeeps? Are you or someone you know a dad who is proud of the fact that they are into jeeps? Then why not tell it to the whole world with this unique decal? If you carry your Yeti Rambler or cup around a lot, then you can make an impression on people you meet by telling them what a great jeep’n dad you are!

This decal is made to fit all Yeti Rambler tumblers, bottles and cups perfectly. It’s a great gift idea that you can surprise your friend or loved one with. You can also choose the colors of “Jeep’n” and “Dad” separately to make it truly unique. We personally love how it looks on a tumbler.

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Blessed Stressed and Football Obsessed

The Blessed Stressed and Football Obsessed decal is perfect for sports lovers with coolers. It’s a great way to declare your love for football and have your decal looking great while you’re at it! You also get to choose from up to 16 colors so don’t worry about the customization part.

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Yeti Cooler Stickers

Stickers are stuck on just the way they are and already have the adhesive they need to stick to the surface of the plastic. They typically look good and can still be a good way to customize your cooler and have it giving off vibes that are uniquely your own.

They don’t last as long as decals though, especially if there’s a lot of water and dust involved, and their adhesive might need to be scrubbed off after you remove them. Their average lifespan is 3-4 years.

  • They offer a protective surface when they cover a large surface area
  • They are easy to customize as they can be made to order
  • They look great and can add life to your cooler
  • They don’t last as long as decals
  • They can come off scratched or brought into contact with water, especially salty water


Best Yeti Stickers Examples

YETI coolers 3X1.5' silver on black Vinyl...

Yeti Logo Silver on Black Vinyl

This logo looks pretty great and fits on your Yeti Tundra or Roadie almost perfectly. It’s an excellent option for those who’ve lost their original Yeti logos. There isn’t much room for customization here as the sticker comes in only one option. But then again, it’s the Yeti logo, so it’s already predefined.

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Fugly Coolers Beer 4 Pack - Stickers

Fugly Coolers Stickers – Beer – 4 Pack

This set of 4 cooler stickers is all about fun and comes with a pretty great theme. Fugly is a combination of the f-word and ‘ugly’ and is meant to mean extremely ugly. However, in this context, it’s used to refer to how cool the cooler is and its ability to keep your beer cold. It’s a great option for beer lovers. It can also be used on a kegerator if you happen to have one (if not, see our best kegerator picks here).

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yeti Stroll Sticker

Yeti Stroll Sticker

We have a soft spot for this one because it’s so appropriate. The Yeti brand is derived from the name of the abominable snowman, a mythical creature that’s supposed to live somewhere in the snowy mountains. This sticker features a walking snowman that’s turning back to get a brief glance at the viewer. It’s pretty neat and comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to truly own your Yeti container.

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Yeti Cooler Wraps and Skins

Cooler wraps and skins are a great option for customization, protection, and identification. They wrap around large parts of your cooler or, in the case of wraps, around your whole cooler. That means you can have them designed according to a particular theme and have your cooler looking really unique.

They also provide protection for your cooler’s surface by virtue of the fact that they cover large surface areas. The same quality also makes them an ideal form of identification for your cooler. They also have a much longer lifespan than decals and stickers, with the best of them being known to last up to 10 years.

  • They offer excellent protection
  • They are easy to customize
  • They make your cooler look great
  • They are much more expensive than stickers and decals


Best Yeti Cooler Wraps and Skins Examples

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Cooler Lid Wrap Cover – MightySkins Protective Vinyl Skin Decal for Yeti Tundra 65 qt – Vintage Flag

This skin was made especially for patriots with Yeti Tundras of the 65 qt variety (of course, you will also easily find it for other sizes)! The cooler skin goes on the lid of the cooler and has a certain rugged look to it that you’ll appreciate. It certainly matches the outdoors vibe!

MightySkins is know for their wide offer of decals, skins and wrappers for different type of things, starting from phone cases all the way to coolers (which we focus on here). Their offer high quality products with great attention to the art side of the projects. Just look what David Hyman (the Founder) goal is:

Provide the best quality skins to help make the dull “factory finish” world more beautiful and unique!

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Tree Camo MightySkins Protective Vinyl Cooler Skin for Yeti Roadie

Your Yeti cooler probably has an outstanding color, like blue or white. If you’re a hunter and spend a lot of your time in the woods, this will make you stick out like a sore thumb among the trees.

That’s where this tree camo skin comes in. It blends in with the motif of the woods perfectly and looks good to boot. It also covers the major areas of your cooler, including the lid, the front, and the sides.

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USATuff Wrap (Cooler Not Included) - Lid and...

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Cooler Skin Lid and Insert Kit – USATuff Yeti 45 qt Tundra Decal Skin – USA Ammo Skull

If you’re into guns and stuff like that, you’ll love this ammo skull Yeti cooler skin. It goes comfortably on the lid, front and sides of the Yeti Tundra 45 qt and looks badass while at it.

USATuff is the original cooler decal wrap company known for bringing popular cooler decals, skins and accessories to the masses. They are family owned business and their products are 100% made in the USA. If you are thinking about customizing your cooler, we'd definitely recommending checking USATuff's current offer.

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USATuff Wrap (Cooler Not Included) - Full Kit...

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Cooler Wrap – Full Kit – USATuff Yeti 20 qt Roadie Skin – David Danforth Signature Series Neon Tarpon Blast

This Yeti cooler wrap was made especially for the fishermen. It’s pretty colorful and contains David Danforth’s signature neon tarpon blast. It also covers nearly 100% of the surface of your Yeti Roadie. The only part left uncovered is the lid’s opening and latches, but that’s out of necessity. This one will take care of your cooler and keep it looking good for a long time!

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Custom Yeti Decals

A lot of the cooler decals mentioned above are pretty standard and made for a specific Yeti make and model, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own decal cut and fitted to your Yeti. There are lots of custom services at Amazon that let you determine everything from the specific design of the decal to the size, based on your cooler.

RTIC, Orca, K2, Pelican… What about other Cooler Brands?

We’ve talked a lot about Yeti cooler decals, stickers, wraps and skins in this article, but what about other cooler brands? You can have these made out for any cooler brands, whether you’re planning to buy a standard one or have one made out for you. What matter are the dimensions of your specific cooler.

You can use some popular custom services at Amazon to make out a decal, skin or wrap for your cooler, just make sure you send them the dimensions of your cooler. In the case of skins and wraps, also make sure they make them for your specific cooler brand, make and model, since shape factors in as well.

How to Apply Cooler Decals, Stickers, Wraps and Skins

So how do you apply a decal or sticker on your cooler?

  • The most important thing is to note what orientation you want it to have on your cooler; that is which side is up.
    In the case of decals, make sure you have water or a source of heat, such as an iron, nearby if that’s the primary method of making it stick.
  • Peel off the protective paper on the back of the sticker or decal partially and stick the exposed part on the cooler.
  • Now roll the decal or sticker onto the cooler slowly as you peel the rest of the protective paper off. This helps it maintain its orientation.
  • Once you’re done, apply pressure to flatten out air bubble and make the adhesive stick, or use a heat or water source in case the decal you’re sticking on has that as the recommended method.
  • In the case of the decal, peel off the substrate so your decal is left on the cooler’s surface.


Here is a Cooler Wrap Kit Installation Video Tutorial from USATuff


Cooler Customization – Bottom Line

Yeti decals, stickers, skins, and wraps are a great option for giving your Yeti cooler or other product a truly unique and beautiful look, as well as protecting its surface. They’re also affordable and durable. Try one today. We promise you won’t regret it!


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