Pink Yeti Cooler and It’s Best Alternatives (Pink, of course).

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We love a company that gets behind cancer awareness, especially when it’s a company that isn’t afraid to put its man card on the line and go all pink. Yeti steps up to the plate to raise awareness for breast cancer research, with their line of pink coolers. When you rock a pink Yeti Cooler you are declaring to the world that you support the fight.

As cooler enthusiasts we wanted to give you the very best opportunity to throw yourself behind the cause, so we put together this list of the pink Yeti coolers, and some alternatives to help you wave your flag.

yeti pink against cancer

We appreciate and applaud Yeti for stepping out there and vehemently supporting two foundations, Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC), and Casting for Recovery (CfR). These charities dedicate themselves to helping breast cancer survivors and their families on the path to recovery. If that isn’t enough reason to add a splash of pink to your man gear, we don’t know what is.

Pink Coolers Comparison Table

In order to make the best choice for your new pink cooler, you need to see the differences. Even when supporting breast cancer research, you need to know the differences in the options. Get your pink cooler with the options and features you want. This table will give a quick glance, then you can jump down for more detailed info on your favorite models.

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item-titleYeti Tundra PinkOrca PinkColeman PinkIgloo Sportsman PinkK2 Summit Pink
to-centerSizes (qt)
20, 35, 50
Sizes (qt)
20, 26, 40, 58, 75, 140
Sizes (qt)
Sizes (qt)
Sizes (qt)
to-centerRoto-moldedRoto-moldedStainless steel with foam insulationRoto-moldedRoto-molded
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Pink Yeti Cooler Review

Going Pink doesn’t mean you lose out on the industry-defining the quality of Yeti coolers. Yeti makes their pink ice chests with the same rotomolded body that eliminates seams, leaks, and provides structural durability that will stand up against all the breast cancer-fighting adventures you can throw at it.

The “perfect shade of pink” Yeti cooler is available in two sizes, the 35-quart and 50-quart hard coolers. These are the perfect mid-range sized coolers for grabbing a few panfish over the weekend or setting up for an awesome tailgate party. Let’s take a look at each of the two pink cooler options. If you are interested in learning more about the full line of Yeti coolers, check out our full Yeti review here.

yeti pink cooler 50 qt
yeti pink
pink roto-molded cooler

In order to save time and redundancy, let’s cover a couple of basics that are common to both coolers.

yeti roadie pink insulation


The Yeti Pink Tundra line features Yeti’s trademark FatWall design that provides an impressive two-inches of insulation. Yeti has made all of their coolers the standard for keeping cool thanks to Permafrost™ Insulation that uses a pressure injected process to turn the polyurethane material in a variable castle wall of cool.

yeti lid Gasket

Interlock Lid and Coldlock Gasket

The lid of the Pink Yeti uses a Coldlock gasket to coat the lid and create a seal against the body of the cooler that is similar to that heavy freezer you store your catch, and a secret stash of M&M’s. Where the lid and the body meet is a molded interlock design that creates a mini-maze for air to get through. The result of the seal and physical design make this cooler as tight as a mob hitman’s lips.

yeti Latches

Monster Latches and Unbreakable Hinges

If the lid and seal aren’t quite enough to make sure your little goodies stay throat pleasingly cold, Yeti has also integrated T-Rex™ lid latches made from heavy-duty rubber that grab on like a rabid reptile who hasn’t eaten in 65 million years.

While the latches hold their iron grip, the Neverfail™ hinge uses two pins to hold the backside of the lid securely in place. The best latches in the world are worth a pile of mud if the hinges break and the backside pop open.

pink yeti handles

The Pink Yeti has it Handled

The Pink Yeti coolers use two sets handles to give hauling and lifting options. The lip-grip handles are contoured to the shape of your hand and tucked neatly into the body of the cooler to make lifting a breeze.

Twin carry handles are made from military-grade polyester with hand grips to give you a comfortable and long-lasting set of cooler haulers.

IGBC logo

Bear Bane

We are all for any equipment that can go latch to claw with a grizzly bear, and the Pink Yeti coolers rotomolded body makes a grizzly bear look more like an angry kitten. Plus, the eye-catching pink color makes the cooler look good the entire time it battles with the grizzly.

Make sure you lock it before throwing it into a bear den…

Pink Yeti 35 vs. Pink Yeti 50

The main difference between these two awesome coolers is the how much crispy cool goodness you can haul on your adventures, and how much stuff you can bring back.

  • The Pink Yeti Tundra 35 can easily carry up to 20 cans of your favorite frosty beverage, plus the ice to make sure you get a little brain freeze if you drink too fast. The inside length of 13.8-inch is big enough to haul home a couple trophy dinners from the lake.
  • The Pink Yeti Tundra 50 has an inside measurement of 16.6-inches long by 12.5 inches high, and with enough carry space to pack along more coldies than you’re likely to drink while out on the lake, plus has some room to spare for a few cold cuts and sandwiches to help keep your energy up.

editors-choice Editor's Choice 
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item-titlePink YETI Roadie 20Pink YETI Tundra 35Pink YETI Tundra 50
up to 14 cans w/ 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio
19 in L x 13 3/4 in W x 14 3/8 in H
up to 20 cans w/ 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio
21 in L x 16 in W x 15 ½ in H
up to 32 cans w/ 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio
24 in L x 17 1/2 in W x 18 in H
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Pink Yeti Rumbler

No products found.
If not cooler, how about the tumbler? Yes, also from Yeti. The one on the photo is a 26oz Yeti Rambler, of course in pink. It is a popular, high-quality insulated stainless steel bottle. Not only it's a part of the product range supporting the fight with a breast cancer, but it also does look sweet, doesn't it? A perfect shade of pink.

Check Price at Amazon

Top Pink Yeti Cooler Alternatives

Yeti isn’t the only name jumping into the fight, so we thought we would present a couple of other brawlers to help you choose how you want to support.

Pink Orca Coolers

Orca coolers go beyond just cancer support, they have engineered a complete line of pink coolers in two different color options. One is a straight pink, and the other is a mossy oak camo pink for that beautiful huntress you want to impress. Who says pink can’t be tough?

Orca offers pink-colored coolers in capacities between 20 and 140 quarts. The body of the Orca coolers uses the common and reliable rotomolded design to give almost indestructible strength to the cooler body. The Orca coolers feature hydro dipped lids, which is a process of applying color and graphics to durable plastics to produce a more vibrant and long-lasting color.

orca 40 cooler pink color
pink orca ice chest 58
pink ice chest cooler rotomolded

All that together give Orca coolers incredible ice retention level – one of the best we've ever seen.

RELATED: We covered Orca a while back in our Orca cooler review.

Pink Orca vs Yeti Pink

What do you get when you take a powerhouse mythical monster and pit it against the most feared predator in the ocean? You get two solid coolers that make pink perfectly acceptable for even the manliest man.

Admittedly, the Orca has the appearance and functionality of a Yeti of the same capacity. Where Yeti has the advantage is in the lid design. While the Orca has a gasket like the Yeti, the Yeti has the interlocking lid design that creates a more solid seal than the lid of the Orca coolers.

As far as the pink color goes, we link the subtler Yeti pink to the bright fluorescent pink of the Orcas. We are all for the new pink revolution, but we don’t want it so bright that all the fish and deer can see if from 10 miles away.

No products found.

Coleman Pink Cooler

The Coleman pink cooler combines the power of rose pink with a retro design that gives you all the power of modern cooler technology in a classy package that reminds us of all the fun we used to have in the good old days before cell phones and the internet.

The body of the Coleman is made from stainless steel with insulation that is capable of keeping ice solid for up to 4-days in 90-degree weather. As long as you aren’t working on your desert survival skills, this cooler provides the cold power you need for parties or camping trips.

The 54-quart capacity of the Coleman pink ice chest has the capability to carry 85 cans. If you aren’t the can type, then the cooler is able to support a fully erect two-liter bottle. To us, that means you can pack 44 12-ounce wonders, a host of hoagies, and smores stuff…we love our smores.

Pink Coleman vs. Yeti Pink

Ok, so we love the classic look of the Coleman, especially with the built-in can opener. Coleman is a long-established name in the outdoor equipment industry, and you know you can count on what they make ( TIP: here is more info on that).

The problem that we face with the Coleman pink cooler is that it only has a single size available. We love the 54-quart size, but sometimes you want something that is a little smaller and easy to pack. Also, this is a tough cooler to take hunting or fishing because of the size. Also, keep in mind that this is not a roto-molded cooler which means it won't offer as long ice retention times as other coolers covered in this post.

On the plus side, the price of the Coleman steel pink cooler is a lot easier to jump into for the budget-conscious who still want an awesome-looking, decent cooler from an established brand.

No products found.

coleman pink Steel Belted

Pink Igloo Sportsman 20 Qt Cooler

Igloo is another of those names that have been a defining presence in the cooler industry for as long as coolers have been coolers. In fact, we are sure that if you look closely at the Mona Lisa I am sure you can see her lunch in an Igloo ice chest.

As great as Igloo has been, they are often the bottom of the barrel for name brand coolers. Don’t get us wrong they are quality coolers, and so we are glad to see that they have made the leap into the heavy-duty cooler realm, and with an awesome pink cooler no less.

Igloo uses roto-molding and 2-inch foam to create a strong barrier against outside temperatures to help you keep your ice-cold for all of your hunting, tailgating, and camping fun. The bright pink color will definitely help this stand out amongst other coolers and is a great way to show that you are tough but respect the interests of your wife.

Pink Igloo vs Yeti Pink

Like other coolers in the budget category of heavy-duty coolers, the Igloo Sportsman 20-quart pink cooler uses many of the lasting and durable features pioneered by Yeti. The Sportsman looks an awful lot like the Yeti, but we like that the Igloo sits at almost half the price. Granted, you get what you pay for, but with a name like Igloo, you know you know you are in good hands.

No products found.

Pink K2 Coolers Summit 30

K2 Coolers Summit Pink is the authorized cooler line of “Just for Does”, that “does” as in female deer. A product line designed to empower women hunters. K2 is welcoming women into the hunt with a fireworks display.

The K2 Summit 30 is the first cooler on the list that has reached out to distinguish itself from the Yeti lookalikes. They didn’t jump too far off the mold, but they did decide to go with a slightly different approach to the latches that secure the lid closed. Instead of the anchor-shaped latches, K2 has gone with a reverse attachment that is square-shaped and pulls the lid down onto the body.

In Yeti and similar models, the latches are anchored in the lid, in the K2 they are anchored in the body. The result is a consistent and complete seal every time the lid is closed.

k2 summit pink
pink k2 ice chest
k2 coolers pink bottom

Using extreme pressure insulating molding the K2 line makes sure that there are no gaps or weak points that will reduce the effective cold retention of the Summit Pink. The cool keeping is finished off with K2’s ICEvault™ gasket that creates a near perfect seal.

Pink K2 Summit vs. Yeti Pink

While largely similar, the biggest difference once again comes down to price. Yeti offers an outstanding product that is a little higher priced than the K2 summit, but from what we have seen Yeti slightly outperforms the K2 in cold retention. Plus, Yeti offers 2 size options for pink coolers, to K2’s single entry.

No products found.


How to Capture a Pink Yeti Cooler

The limited-edition Pink Yeti Coolers are currently being sold at Amazon with free shipping available. The 35-quart was about $374 and the 50-quart was about $398 when we've been making final edits to this post (it could have changed since then, it's best to re-check).

The beauty of buying through Amazon is that if you decide that you aren’t quite ready for “pink is the new tough”, you are covered for a return. You are also covered in case there are any problems with the cooler.

Pink Ice Chests – On Board with Pink

We don’t claim to be the most progressive or charitable guys on the block, but we will throw our support out there for good companies that are looking to make a difference in breast cancer awareness and helping to get a few more members of the fairer sex out on the range with us.

The Pink Yeti Cooler is a strong and durable member of the Yeti family that will easily survive an active lifestyle and ridicule from less cultured friends.

Are You Down for Pink

We’ve thrown a lot out there today about pink coolers, but we want to know where our adoring fans weigh in. Vote in our poll below and drop a comment to let us know what you think.

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