Gift Cooler Ideas for Groomsmen, Weddings? We’ve Got You Covered!

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Your wedding day is coming up soon, and your groom’s men have been by your side, helping you prepare for the big day. Sure, it’s really going to be your future wife’s big day, but that doesn’t mean you’re not feeling the heat too. And that’s why you want to appreciate your groomsmen and get each of them a gift cooler. They’re certainly going to give you a huge toast for that! The most important thing, however, is that it will be a great way to tell them how much you appreciate them as friends.

That said, it isn’t easy to find the perfect groomsmen cooler today. There are a ton of brands out there, and they all have something great to offer. Also, your friends probably have a very specific set of preferences that are going to restrict the possibilities.

That’s why we’re here today. We’re going to give you a great guide to picking the right gift coolers for your groomsmen. We’re even going to give you our A-list of great cooler models that you can choose from for your gift! Ready? Okay, let’s go!

Why we Think a Cooler is a Good Gift

It’s all fine and dandy that we’re telling you to get the best cooler for your groomsmen, but, before we get to that, we think you’ve got an important question in your mind: why a cooler? Good question, we’re happy you asked!

There are many reasons why a cooler is a great gift idea, but some stand out:

Coolers are Portable

You can take a cooler with you anywhere. You can go out to parties with it, go camping with it, go fishing with it, and so on. The fact that you can take a cooler with you wherever you go makes it your constant companion.

Coolers are Functional

If you’re going to give a man a gift, make sure it’s functional at the very least. Aesthetic gifts are great, but you’re usually gambling on whether or not the gift recipient will like it. In such cases, you may or may not know what the preferences of the other person are, so they might not like the gift.

On the other hand, getting them a functional gift will ensure it is useful to them. The might not like the look of the cooler, but if it does its job better than most other cooler brands on the market, then they’ll live with it. Besides, it’s pretty easy to customize a cooler and make it look just the way you want it (try cooler decals and skins). It’s a less risky situation, overall.

Coolers are Affordable Without Being Too Cheap

A common dilemma when getting someone a gift is striking a balance between too expensive and too cheap. You want the gift to be something you can afford, but you don’t want it to look too cheap to the recipient. Coolers are right in that sweet spot. Most of them are affordable, but they are good enough gifts that they tell the recipient some effort was put into getting them.

There’s a Cooler for Every Need

Unlike many other types of gifts, coolers are diverse. There are cooler brands and models for every need. If you want a soft cooler, you’re sorted. If you’re looking for a super durable cooler, you’re sorted. If you’re looking for a portable refrigerator, you’re sorted. It’s easy to find something that fulfills the needs of the recipient in the coolers’ market.


Bonus Point – Coolers are cool!


How to Choose the Best Gift Cooler

Now that we’ve finished evangelizing the many things that make coolers such a great gift idea, we can get to the meat of the article! First order of business: how do you choose the best gift cooler?

The Person’s Preferences

This should be a no-brainer. You should endeavor to figure out what your groomsmen like before you get them a wedding cooler or what your friend likes before you get them a Christmas cooler.

Ideally, you shouldn’t go straight out and ask them what they want, because then they’ll get the hint. Instead, spend time with them and find out about them as a person. They will give you plenty of unconscious hints on what they like. If they’re a long-time friend of yours, then you probably already know what they want.

The Design of the Cooler

Coolers are made to cool food and drinks, but that’s not the first thing that stands out about a cooler when you see one. What stands out is how the cooler looks. Coolers, particularly hard-sided coolers, tend to have the same shape overall, with slight differences.

However, they can differ greatly in terms of colors, embellishments, and materials. Some coolers look futuristic, others look (and feel) luxury, and others yet have a vintage look. The idea here is to get something with just the right look for the gift recipient. You can even go a step further and have the cooler customized just the right way.


Once you’ve got the aesthetics sorted out, you can look at the functionality. What kind of cooler would be most useful for your friend? Do they want a small one or a large one? Do they go out camping for days at a time or are they more into tailgating?

Perhaps they’re into fishing and would like a cooler with enough compartments for different types of contents. Look at the cooler’s features and take one whose combination of elements best fits the needs of your friend.

The general idea here is to find a combination of qualities that best fits the needs and personality of the recipient. That’s why it’s so important to know what your friends are into. It will make the gift choosing process so much simpler.


Gift Cooler Reviews – Our Best Recommendations for Top 3 Occasions

Yeti Gift Cooler – Best Gift Ice Chest for Any Occasion

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yeti gift

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at Amazon

Yeti Roadie 20

The Yeti Roadie 20 is a premium cooler that anyone will appreciate. This cooler is handy, not too big or too small, and it has some awesome features too.

For starters, it has a capacity of 14 cans, which is about right for the average Joe. It also has an optimal ice to contents ratio of 2:1.

Being Yeti, the ice retention capabilities of this cooler are off the hook. It features a 3-inch thick wall of PermaFrost insulation and ice retention up to 11 days. It also has an extra thick fat wall design.

It’s also pretty strong. The Yeti Roadie 20 is roto-molded, which means it’s extremely tough and strong. It’s bear resistant and features T-rex latches with patented technology to ensure you never have to deal with busted latches.

It comes in plenty of colors and can easily be customized by purchasing whatever accessories you need.

Why we Think it’s the Best Gift Ice Chest

This Yeti gift cooler is pretty compact, functional, and highly customizable. You can even have Christmas-related decals (check availability) all over to make it appropriate to the season or have logos of your friend’s name on all 5 sides of the cooler. It’s just perfect!

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best Christmas Cooler

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Coca Cola 12-Can Capacity Can Shaped Cooler

This one’s definitely a great one. I mean, who doesn’t want a place to store their cans of Coca Cola that looks like Coca-Cola. “Hey, gimme a sec, I’ll go get some colas out of the big cola over there.”

The Coca Cola cooler is actually an electric cooler that is compatible with both DC and AC power sources. If you’re taking it out in your car, a simple 12V DC power source, like your car battery, should do. Otherwise, if you plug it into AC, you should do no more than 110V.

It will easily hold up to 8 12-ounce cans. With a 10 liter capacity, you can also put in a 2-liter bottle and 4 12-ounce cans. The door is self-locking, and the cooler can be used for both cooling and heating.

TIP: Here are more Coca Cola cooler gift ideas.

Why we Think it’s the Best Christmas Cooler

The Coca-Cola is pretty funny and is undoubtedly a gift with an edge. It’s hard to go wrong with this cooler because, unless the recipient s strongly against Coca Cola and their products, they’re probably going to love it. It’s also very handy and portable.

Best Coolers for Groomsmen

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best Groomsmen gift Coolers

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Polar Bear Cooler

Polar Bear are a great option in this case because they actually have a line of coolers designed especially for groomsmen. These coolers feature the perks of Polar Bear coolers while being handy and easy on the eye.

Polar Bear’s line of groomsmen’s coolers actually consists of soft coolers. These are typically the best kind of cooler to gift your groomsmen because they are small enough and have an artistic vibe to them.

Polar Bear coolers have such great features as high-density insulation, FDA approved liners, heavy duty zippers, bow tie daisy chains, and the quality of being waterproof, among many others.

Why we Think it’s the Best Groomsmen Cooler

Polar Bear are a well-known brand in the industry, and they make high performing products. They also have great coolers for niche activities like hunting. Their camo soft coolers are pretty cool and if your groomsmen will appreciate them if they’re into hunting.

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Personalized 12-Pack Cooler Bag

This is an entry level soft cooler tote we found at Amazon. It’s great for groomsmen because of the personalization factor. It’s a khaki cooler bag, which is actually not a bad material on it. The color is great too, and you can have the groomsmen’s names put on their individual bags.

These bags are durable, sturdy, and easy to handle with a strong adjustable leather strap on the top. Your groomsmen will be able to take them with them anywhere they go.

Why we Think it’s the Best Gift Cooler Bag

It might be from an unknown brand, but it’s a great concept. It’s a great soft cooler that you can easily customize to your liking, so each groomsman feels like they got a unique gift.

Best Wedding Coolers

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best wedding gift cooler

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Picnic at Ascot Large Family Size Insulated Folding Collapsible Picnic Basket Cooler

If you’re looking for something nice to gift the newlyweds, then this cooler is a good bet. This collapsible picnic basket cooler is well designed, well insulated, and leak proof. It can fold flat in seconds and is great for family picnics or sporting events. The polyester canvas is also easy to clean and doesn’t take on the smell of food.

Why we Think it’s the Best Wedding Cooler

It’s a really great cooler that shows the couple you’re thinking ahead to those family picnics for them. It’s not only thoughtful but also pretty affordable!

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Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Can Coolers Gift Set

The concept behind this gift set is simply adorable. These can coolers each hold one 12-ounce can and use foam insulation.

However, what stands out about these coolers is not their functionality. They look great, with one cooler labeled Mr. in white on a black background, and the other tagged Mrs. In black on a white background. Each label also has a little red heart at the end.

Why we Think it’s the Best Wedding Gift Cooler Set

The couple you gift this cooler set to will remember you every time they use it. It’s funny but adorable and cheap.

Yeti Gift Cooler Set


If you’ve been following our articles, then you know we consider Yeti the yardstick by which we measure other coolers. A cooler that does not compare to Yeti is not a good cooler, plain and simple.

Yeti is the most popular brand in the market at the moment. Their products are not only respected but often copied by competing brands in the market in a bid to ride their popularity waves. They are known for making high-quality products that last a lifetime and look good. The Yeti brand has become to the coolers market what Apple has become to the smartphone market.

That’s why Yetis are a great gift idea if you’re planning to buy someone a cooler. They are a well-known brand, they do the job, and they come in a diverse variety of options that cater to nearly everyone’s needs and tastes.


So What Kind of Yeti Cooler Should you Get?

You don’t have to worry much in this case as their store at, has a large selection of products for you to choose from. The Yeti Tundra, Roadie, and Rambler are just a few product lines from which you can pick the perfect cooler to gift that special person.

Where to Buy Gift Coolers

So you’ve figured out just what kind of cooler you want to buy as a gift. Now, where do you buy it? In this case, there are plenty of options, including the manufacturers’ websites. It’s easy to get confused when there are so many options. However, we recommend making your purchase at Amazon.

Amazon is an online marketplace with plenty of products, including coolers, which you can get at a reasonable price. Some of the things that make Amazon so special are:

  • You get to read real customer reviews (here is Yeti Roadie example) from other customers who have spent some time with the product you want to purchase
  • You can get free shipping and other benefits, especially if you’re a prime member
  • You can get easy returns if you’re not satisfied with the product

Gift Cooler Survey

We’ve been here rambling about coolers, but we’d like to hear what you have to say as well. Which cooler (or coolers) from the above list of options would you give or like to get as a gift? Make your vite or tell us your answer in the comments!


Gift Cooler Ideas – Bottom Line

Finding the perfect gift can be a frustrating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. You can give a cooler as a gift and narrow it down. You can give them one of the coolers on our list and narrow it down even further! Ultimately, what matters is the tastes of the recipient and what they need in their lives. A gift cooler might just show them how thoughtful you are.



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