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Cyber Monday Cooler Deals 2018 – Don’t Miss The Sale


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best cyber monday cooler deals

Coolers on Sale – Cyber Monday & Best Black Friday Cooler Deals 2018


  • The madness of Black Friday / Cyber Monday is already behind us, but the pre-Christmas period is still a good moment to hunt down some best cooler occasions. Amazon has prepared dedicated pages, be sure to check what has been placed on them.
  • It is also worth to look at our suggestions below, you can catch real cooler deals at any time.

High End, Premium Cooler Deals (incl. Coolers Like Yeti)

Here are some low-priced high-end coolers we’ve found till now. Premium cooler discounts don’t usually last long as % of savings often translates into tens or even hundred+ dollars saved – so go ahead and hurry up to grab yours:

Looking for more high-end coolers? Then check out this page on Amazon to find some other coolers on sale!

Yeti Coolers Cyber Monday Deals

Yeti coolers are premium items that cost several hundred dollars each. We really hope that Yeti are about to throw some good Cyber Monday discounts on their ice chests. If they do that, we’ll be first to report and the following table will be updated as deals go live. Stay tuned!

Looking for more? Then check out this page on Amazon to find some other coolers for sale!

Hunting and Fishing Cooler Deals

If you’re into fishing or hunting, these are some cooler deals that you should be watching closely this weekend:

Looking for more fishing or hunting coolers? Then check out this page on Amazon to find them.

Soft and Backpack Cooler Deals

We’ve also checked current deals with regards to the soft coolers and backpack coolers. Here are some of our top picks (note: this list may change soon as we find new interesting offers, or current items become sold out).

Looking for more soft coolers? Then check out this page on Amazon to find them.

Camping Cooler Deals

Planning some camping trips next summer? Cyber Monday sale can be a perfect opportunity to grab your camping cooler at a good price. As of now, here are some of our recommended picks:

Looking for more camping coolers? Then check out this page on Amazon.

Wheeled Cooler Deals

We have picked up the best wheeled coolers on Amazon’s Cyber Monday pages and are proud to bring you the best deals here.

Ice Pack for Cooler Deals

Here are the best deals on Ice Packs for Coolers. Why need one? It’s the easiest and cheapest way to maximize your cooler ice retention.

Water Jug Deals

They come in half a gallon, 1 gallon, 2 gallons, 3 gallons, and 5 gallons options; all the way to over 10 gallons and here are the best deals you can get on Cyber Monday 2018.

Best Tumbler Deals

Want more Cooler Deals?

Looking for more?

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Check out the Cyber Monday Cooler Deals page on Amazon for more exciting offers or browse the Current Top Selling Coolers. Happy Shopping!

Welcome to‘ section dedicated to the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Cooler Deals 2018! We all love good deals and we all have been waiting for this day to come.

Coolers – good coolers especially – are not the cheapest items out there, some of them surpass as much as $500 – $600 per item. Sale events like Black Friday / Cyber Monday are a perfect opportunity to buy those products with some massive discounts.

And this is exactly where we aim to help you this year. Because hey, what’s better than paying tens or even hundred dollars less for a quality cooler?

2018 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Cooler Deals – Our Mission

Armed with loads of caffeine for the whole weekend, we will be scouring the web in search for the best cooler and ice chest deals during the whole Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend. Amazon will be on our radar mostly, as we’re pretty confident they’re going to introduce some heavy discounts (as they’ve done it in the past years).

Main reason on why to choose Amazon as your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2018 destination is that they act as a sales platform for thousands of third party merchants ranging from popular cooler brands like Yeti to lesser known, like Canyon. All those merchants, including the well known ice chest makers, are most likely to throw special Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018 cooler discounts.

Our plan: to find cooler deals quickly once they appear, and post them right here. For your convenience and our satisfaction. Stay with us, as this page is to be updated multiple times during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend.

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