Cooler Drain Plugs Replacement Kits For YETI, Coleman, Igloo & More

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Welcome to the new post on our blog. The cooler drain plug is one of the most inconspicuous, and yet one of the most useful parts of your cooler.

When you’re buying your cooler, you hardly think about the drain plug. You’re typically looking at things like the design, the insulation, the ice retention, and maybe even whether the cooler is bear-proof. But rarely does anyone ever consider the drain plug or its condition.

The cooler drain plug is a little plug typically found near the bottom of the cooler on one side. As the ice in your cooler melts, it changes into water, which isn’t something you generally find useful.

You will want to drain that water out soon. The drain plugs allow you to do this in a fast and convenient way.

Simply unscrew the drain plug, pull it out, tilt your cooler, and let the water out! You get to conveniently do in a couple of minutes what would otherwise have been very inconvenient had you been doing it by scooping water out of the cooler with a container or flipping the cooler over completely.

Cooler Drain Plug Replacements and Kits

The drain plug plugs the drain, which is essentially a hole in your cooler. That tells you that it’s a very important piece of equipment.

If the drain plug gets compromised in any way, water is going to leak out of your cooler. Not only is this bad for cooler's insulation and ice retention (it lets cold water out and warm air in), but it’s also going to make a royal mess.

You, therefore, want to make sure your drain plug is in tip-top condition and, when it’s not, to replace it immediately with a replacement cooler plug.

ice chest drain plug

This is where a cooler drain plug kit comes in. There are plenty of them in the market for different brands of coolers and they all carry out the same job: drain plug replacement.

Drain plugs may get compromised for a whole host of reasons:

  • The drain plug may break, say, if the cooler falls on the side of the drain plug, or if it’s mishandled in some way.
  • The drain plug may also get lost.
  • Sometimes, after you’ve removed the plug, you might misplace it. That’s why a lot of coolers these days come with their drain plugs attached to the main ice chest body by a chain: to prevent loss.
  • Sometimes it’s just a function of normal wear and tear, such as when the threads on the drain plug get worn out and it’s no longer as airtight as it used to be.

Whatever the reason for the loss of the drain plug, you’re going to want to replace it as soon as possible because the cooler is practically unusable without it.

Best Ice Chest Drain Plug Replacements

Original YETI Drain Plug

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Drain Plug Hose Connection by YETI

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Third Party Yeti Drain Plug Kit

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Yeti Cooler Drain Plug Replacement

Yeti provides their own drain plug replacements, here. These are compatible with the Tundra, Roadie, and Tank lines of Yeti coolers.

They’re made of hard plastic and are rugged and airtight so they should be easy to use and last long.

What I like most about them is that Yeti sells two of them at a time. So you always have two spares for your drain plug in case the original one acts out.

They also come with a hose connection – this particular one – that fits most standard garden hoses. This is great if you want to direct the water as far away from the cooler as possible.

Another cool thing about them is that they have a little hole in the hose connection that allows you to drain the cooler with the drain plug only partially open.

It’s great for when the cooler only has a little bit of water in it and you don’t want to go through the trouble of opening the drain plug the whole way.

There are also third party options to get at Amazon, with many of the same features as Yeti’s own replacements.

Coleman Drain Plug

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Drain Plug for Xtreme Coolers

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Coleman Cooler Drain Plug Replacement

Coleman has two main types of drain plugs: the standard one (Coleman part number: R5214D607G) and the one that goes on their 50, 58 and 82 Quart Coleman Xtreme Coolers.

Both of these are plastic and have a plastic link to prevent losing the drain cap. The entire kit consists of a drain spout, a gasket, and the drain cap itself.

The problem is that the plastic link can easily get destroyed by wear and tear and the cap can get lost as a result. That’s why it’s good to have the replacements on hand.

Be sure to buy the right one for your cooler.

Replacement Drain Plug Kit For Igloo Cooler

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Igloo Cooler Drain Plug Replacement

Igloo’s single cooler drain plug replacement kit fits any Igloo cooler with approximately 7/16” of wall thickness and a 7/8” outer diameter drain plug hole.

They are pretty affordable and easy to install. They come with Igloo’s triple-snap cap that seals very tight and a tethered cap that won’t easily get lost.

Rubbermaid Cooler Drain Plug Replacement

Now, it should be noted that the only dedicated Rubbermaid drain plugs are the ones they sell for their tanks.

However, these Igloo drain plugs fit Rubbermaid drain holes perfectly. Just make sure you check the length and diameter requirements of your ice chest.

How About The Other Brands?

replacement cooler plug kitNow, the good news about drain plugs is that there are drain plugs available on the market for almost every cooler brand.

Orca, RTIC, and the other cooler brands listed above all have drain plugs available for them.

There are lots of third-party sellers selling cheap but high-quality drain plugs. Here's an example one.

The cost risk is low and you could literally save a cooler!

How to Replace a Cooler Drain Plug?

Replacing a cooler drain plug is quite easy. All you have to do is remove the old one and fit in the new one. Of course, that’s the high-level view. The devil is in the details, as it always is. 

drain plug replacing instructionRemoving the older drain plug requires unscrewing it. That may or may not be simple, depending on how tight it is screwed in and the type and extent of the damage.

You should be careful about this and take care to be safe. If you’re lucky, the old drain plug isn’t there (in case it was lost) and all you have is a drain plug hole you can screw the new drain plug into.

Once you have the old drain plug out, screw the new one in. Usually, you have to place the gasket in first before you place the spout and finish off with the cap. It’s a simple 3-step process.

If you happen to own a Coleman, here's a helpful Coleman cooler plug replacement video: 

Where to buy Replacement for Your Cooler Drain Plug?

You can always check on the brand’s website when you’re hunting for drain plug replacements. As always, it's a good place to start searching and find the right reference.

However, we also recommend trying out Amazon. Amazon has lots of great third party drain plugs that can fit a variety of coolers.

Amazon also has some great plusses, such as a 30-day money-back guarantee and one-day delivery for Prime members.

Moreover, real reviews by other actual users can be extremely helpful, as there's a chance that someone had already tried to install the drain plug kit on a cooler like yours.

Cooler Drain Plug Replacements – Bottom Line

Next time your cooler drain plug acts up, make sure you have a replacement at hand so your life doesn’t come to a standstill.

With all the drain plugs available on Amazon, the low price, and the ease of installation, we think it’s a great thing to be prepared. We are. We hope you are too!

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