Coca Cola Cooler & Coke Mini Fridge: Our Picks for the Best Products

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While original Coca Cola cooler and coke mini fridge are of course high-dollar collectibles, there are plenty of quality aftermarket options out there for buyers who want to get in on the Coke brand history, without having to pay sky-high prices for vintage antiques.

For these ‘neo-antiquers’, (forgive the oxymoron), we’ve rummaged through the full array of products out there, and dug deep to pick out what are, in our opinion, the best options currently available for owning a timelessly classic Coke cooler or, alternatively, a Coca Cola mini fridge. These are cool, unique, and (most importantly) quality products, and the nice part is you don’t have to pay a king’s ransom or go rummaging through an old barn or junkyard to find them.

Coca Cola Cooler – All Options at a Glance

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item-titleClassic Picnic Coca Cola coolerLeigh Country CP 98100 Coca-Cola coolerBest Choice Products Coke coolerKoolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini-FridgeKoolatron BC10-G Bottle-Shape Coca-Cola 15-can fridgeClassic Coca-Cola Refrigerated Machine
to-top+ classic replica
+ high-quality
+ chrome handle and locking bar
+ vintage-looking
+ decent size
+ quality construction
+ design, antique-look
+ drain plug, double lid top, can opener
+ rolling wheels
+ unique design
+ hold a 6-pack
+ ultra-portable
+ cool, super unique design
+ capacity of 15 cans
+ recessed handles
+ high-quality
+ hold 80 cans
+ rolling wheels
to-top- can't find any!- medium ice retention
- requires some manual skills to assembly
- no Coca Cola logos or marks- materials: plastic rather than metal
- a bit noisy
- made of plastic
- a little noisy
- poor availability
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Coke Cooler – It's Better When It's Chilled

Coca Cola Fridge - LogoFor well over a century, the Coca-Cola brand has been a staple of American culture, and a pioneer in large-scale retail marketing. For a good chunk of that time, Coke-branded coolers and portable coca cola mini fridges were an integral component of the company’s marketing success, which ultimately drove it to be one of the most familiar and recognized brands that American consumers have ever known.

Ultimately, people love Coca-Cola because of this familiarity and the history that comes along with it. That iconic red and white logo is surely one of the most recognizable images on the planet, and for the original brand marketers a hundred years ago or more, this was no mistake. They made it a point to make Coca-Cola the beverage that Americans reached for wherever they went – whether it be the gas station, convenience store, hardware store, or wherever.

And of course, since Coke is obviously ‘better when it’s chilled’, coke coolers and refrigerators were needed to make sure that ice cold Coca-Cola was available no matter where you were.

Coca Cola Mini Fridge

During the 1940’s and 50’s, throughout the post World-War II economic boom, the Coca-Cola Company produced some absolute gems as far as coke coolers and portable ‘mini-refrigerators’. These were super high-quality, durable, well-functioning coolers made primarily from steel. Times were good, and few corners were cut when it came to quality of materials, craftsmanship, etc.

For those who cherish and value such things, the Coke brand and that iconic red and white logo continues to be a staple and symbol of original American culture. In our opinion, the following Coca Cola coolers and mini fridges are great, quality products that maintain the Coca-Cola craze, and keep its history alive and well.

Coca Cola Mini Fridge – A Perfect Gift For Everyone (Not Just Antique Buffs)

Coke coolerOne of the main reasons we compiled this list of Coca Cola coolers is that we think they make awesome gifts.

Original, antique pieces will most likely only be fully appreciated by pickers, collectors, or history buffs. The products we’re reviewing, though, make for a great Christmas or birthday gift – sure to be unique, and sure to attract compliments whether you just use them for decoration, or actually take them out and load ‘em down with beer. (Or, um, Coke).

Without further adieu, here’s our full list of the top Coca-Cola coolers and antique-look mini fridges, all of which you can readily and easily find for sale at Amazon.

Our Top Picks for Antique and Vintage-look Coca Cola Coolers And Fridges

Classic Picnic Coca Cola Cooler by American Retro

Classic Picnic Coca Cola cooler
This is a superbly well-done, high-quality replica of the popular 1940’s and 50’s steel ‘six-pack’ picnic cooler originally manufactured by Temprite and Action.

With its chrome-capped edges, chrome handle and locking bar, and powder coated steel and aluminum body, this coke cooler is made with the same materials and same quality craftsmanship as the original – it even includes the original embossed Coca-Cola logo, which is one of our favorite parts.

Hence the name, it is designed to hold a six-pack of soda and be ultra-portable. The American Retro dimensions are 11.5″ x 9″ x 14″ tall.

Several reviews at Amazon have claimed how many compliments the cooler gets at antique car shows and the like – not to mention how well it actually functions as a Coca Cola cooler.

The inner liner is aluminum, while the exterior is powder-coated steel.

Check the current price at Amazon.

Leigh Country CP 98100 Vintage Coca-Cola Cooler (54-quart)

No products found.
This is a really neat, vintage-looking wooden Coca-Cola cooler designed primarily for outdoor use on the patio, deck, by the swimming pool, etc. It would of course look great in a storefront or as a functioning art-retro decoration piece, but it does have the tendency to drip if the ice isn’t drained and maintained consistently.

At 54-quarts and 27” x 19” x 30, it’s a decent size and is a fantastic option for backyard BBQ’s, pool parties, and the such. Don’t expect the ice to stay fresh for days on end, but it is perfectly functional for an afternoon’s use, even in warm temperatures or in direct sunlight.

It comes disassembled, so you’ll have to be at least a tad bit mechanically sound if you want to put it together yourself. Comes with all required hardware though, so should be a breeze.

Check it out at Amazon.

80-Quart Vintage-Look Outdoor Patio Rolling Coke Cooler by Best Choice Products

No products found.
Well, this is not a Coca-Cola specific cooler and does not come with any Coke logos, but the design, antique-look and quality construction made it a virtual requirement to get it on this list. And in fact, there are plenty of options out there to buy authentic, high-quality Coca-Cola vinyl decals(like these) – slap a couple on and voila, you’ve got a DIY, super-unique, high-quality retro looking piece with a bit of the Coca-Cola cooler history.

It’s a large cooler at 15.5” x 36” x 33” and 44 lbs, and it can hold up to 100 12oz cans. A great choice for outdoor patio use, this will retain ice a little better than the Leigh Country vintage coca cola cooler.

Check it at Amazon right here.

Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge

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With the classic Coca-Cola mini-fridge polar bear, this product from Koolatron screams originality and is one of our personal favorites.

It’s a 4-liter mini-fridge and is designed to hold a 6-pack of soda (12oz cans). Measuring 11” x 8” x 11” and weighing in at under 5 lbs, it’s an ultra-portable option and great for a man-cave, garage, or as a ‘neo-retro’ desktop piece in an office or storefront.

The design is great, but perhaps the only downfall is that Koolatron cut a couple corners on the materials side of things, and manufactured the fridge out of plastic rather than metal.

As far as function and performance, the coke mini fridge runs on a 110-volt electric motor, and is a bit noisy. In our opinion though, the noise only adds to its charm. It’s proven to be a dependable, well-made machine and cools to a temperature down to 32-degrees below the ambient room temperature.

Lastly, the shelf on the inside is removable, so you can fit 12oz bottles or larger sport or juice bottles inside if you’re not using cans.

Check it out at Amazon.

Or, you may also want to check out other electric coolers available – we covered them in this post.

Koolatron BC10-G Bottle-Shape Coca Cola Fridge (15-Can-Capacity)

No products found.
Here is another super cool, super unique item from Koolatron that, at a little over 13 lbs, is slightly larger than the KWC-4, with the capacity to hold 15 12oz cans.

It is constructed of the same plastic material as the KWC-4, and measures 10” x 10” x 28 ⅕”. It has a cool, totally recessed handle under the cap for easy transport, which at nearly 14 lbs is definitely necessary.

Using the same style electric motor as the polar bear KWC-4, this fridge is likewise just a little noisy, and we also noticed that (probably due to its larger size), it has a bit more difficulty getting whatever’s on the inside to as cold as it should be.

However, the uniqueness of the design and the Coca-Cola originality made it a must-include for us.

Check it out at Amazon right here.

Classic Coca-Cola Refrigerated Machine by American Retro

No products found.
Constructed of aluminum and pressed-steel, this is a high-quality, near-exact replica of the Westinghouse Junior Coke Machine that garnered nearly every major gas station and convenience store in America through the 1930’s and 40’s.

Just like the original, the Coca-Cola logos are embossed on the front, both sides, and under the lid so you can see it when it’s open. The quality of the embossing is one of our favorite details of this mini-fridge.

With dimensions of 17.8” x 25.2” x 35.2”, this is a good sized Coca Cola refrigerator with a capacity to hold 80 cans of soda. The heavy-duty, integrated rolling wheels on the bottom make it easy to transport and very mobile.

Available in either an electric or simple ice and drain-plug model, this Coca Cola fridge is designed to be used primarily inside a home, store, or garage, but would be perfectly fine left outdoors in a covered area as well.

Check it out at Amazon.

Coca Cola Coolers – The Bottom Line

While they may not be original, antique Coca Cola coolers, like we mentioned, in the beginning, these are dependable, quality products that perform solidly and are priced reasonably.

Excellent either as gifts or as functioning art/deco pieces, they are a great alternative to the originals, and are suited best for those individuals who’d like to get in on the great history of the Coke brand, but aren’t too ‘cool’
(get it?) with dropping several hundred bucks on a vintage Coca Cola mini-fridge.

» Check out all Coca Cola coolers available at Amazon.

And as a bonus, here is a nice classic vintage Coca Cola commercial from 1954. Note the guy at the beginning of the ad taking out bottles of Coke from the Classic Picnic Coca-Cola cooler! Now, that's what we call ‘classic' !

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