Camp Zero Cooler Review – Good, Budget Alternative to Premium Coolers

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Camp Zero Coolers have been receiving a lot of praise lately, and this prompted us to write our own Camp Zero Cooler review.

Camp Zero is a brand known for producing coolers, stoves, and other products meant for outdoor activities. It is established by brothers Jim and Tim who are passionate about incorporating convenience into our outdoor adventures.

With the belief that outdoor appliances should be rugged, affordable, and cool-looking, the brand is now known for producing coolers of impressive quality while also being very affordable. The brand is also known for its extensive size, color, and design options.

Camp Zero

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what Camp Zero Coolers can offer.

Camp Zero Cooler Review

Build and Materials

In general, Camp Zero Coolers are made with rotomolded polyethylene, so you know they're as tough as ice coolers can get. This construction alone makes it virtually indestructible, making it perfect for the rugged outdoors.

While we're talking about how tough it is, you'd be pleased to know that these coolers are IGBC-certified. Thus, your food is safe from hungry bears.

Camp Zero Coolers also have interesting latch systems that securely lock the lid. But even then, these latches are easy to access, so opening them to grab your drinks won't take a complicated procedure.

We also love that these coolers stay true to their brand. All Camp Zero Coolers are made with the users' convenience in mind.

Some interesting features include an anti-slip lid with molded cup holders, comfortable molded handles to aid in its portability, an impressive locking system to keep its insides sealed and cold, and reversible nylon-rubber feet to keep it from toppling over. Of course, these are just some of our favorite features.

Camp Zero ice chest features
Camp Zero Ice Chest Main Features, by

From this perspective, we're impressed by their rugged construction and the use of premium materials. They’re also ergonomically designed for portability, while its added usability makes them versatile enough for any situation. 


The quality of a Camp Zero Cooler is also impressive. From what we've discussed above, you can easily see that all their coolers undergo strict quality control protocols to ensure its durability and usability.

A Camp Zero Ice Chest also boasts commercial-grade insulation coupled with freezer-grade sealing gasket, but we’ll give you an in-depth discussion on this later.

As to its hardware, Camp Zero uses stainless steel, and this tells us that they’re capable of holding up for a long time.

Overall, we’re quite impressed with the overall quality of a Camp Zero Cooler.

Visual Appeal of a Camp Zero Ice Chest

As previously mentioned, Camp Zero Coolers are designed with the ruggedness of the outdoors in mind. Since there are different situations for when you would need ice coolers, Camp Zero considered these and made coolers with a wide selection of sizes.

Customers can choose between 8 cooler sizes ranging from a picnic-friendly 10.6-quart cooler to a massive 116.2-quart ice chest for larger outdoor adventures.

So whether you’re only planning to spend a relaxing day at the beach, going fishing, or planning to camp out for a few nights, there’s a perfectly-sized Camp Zero Cooler just for you.

While we’re talking about the size, we were also impressed that the brand stays true to their sizing charts.

color selection camp zero coolers
Wide color selection of Camp Zero Coolers.

Aside from the impressive sizing range, Camp Zero Coolers also have a variety of interesting color schemes to choose from. You can choose between coolers with single solid colors or two-color swirl patterns to add more color to your outdoor adventure space.

Even if you want your coolers to simply fade in the background, there are dark-toned camo and granite designs that you can take advantage of. This is especially useful for campers who do not want bears and other animals to be interested in their coolers.

We also love that Camp Zero Coolers are designed for convenience without sacrificing its rugged exterior. The top of the cooler lid is molded cup holders, but they’re not unsightly. In fact, the symmetric positioning adds to its charm, even making it look like it can take on heavy-duty outdoor adventures.

And while we’re on the subject of convenience, Camp Zero also manufactures drink coolers with conveniently-designed spigots. This allows you to keep your drink cold for days, and its food-grade interior guarantees to keep it safe for drinking.

Camp Zero Cooler Ice Retention

A Camp Zero Ice Chest comes with over 2 inches of insulation made from polyurethane and closed-cell foam. While this common in most of today’s coolers, it gives you peace of mind that it meets the industry standards. 

Because of this insulation, their smaller coolers promise to retain ice for 2 to 3 days at 90 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Medium-sized coolers, or those between 42 and 64 quarts, can keep the ice for about 5 to 7 days. While their large coolers, or anything above 64 quarts, can keep the ice frozen for up to 10 days.

4 half stars

Large coolers tend to keep the ice frozen longer because of their capacity to maintain the temperature even if you keep opening the lid. This is not the same for smaller coolers. All things considered, this is a great move from Camp Zero.

Thanks to its sturdy rotomolded construction and impressive insulation, there's no denying that the Camp Zero Ice Chest can live up to its ice retention promise. 

This is, however, subject to your observance of the best practices like pre-chilling the cooler and its contents, using block ice and ice packs in addition to regular ice cubes, and keeping it in a shady location.

Camp Zero Coolers – Value For Money?

Camp Zero Coolers are very affordable. Depending on the size, prices can go as low as $79 for its smallest coolers and as high as over $400 for its largest coolers. And even then, they're just about half the price of YETI coolers, which is quite impressive. More on the Camp Zero vs. YETI discussion later. 

Looking into the price of these coolers vis-a-vis their features, we believe that this brand offers an unparalleled price per quart ratio.

They also offer a 5-year warranty for all their hard-sided coolers.

As of the time of writing, we have no idea as to where it is made. While the design is done in the United States, we’re not sure if the production process is outsourced. This may be a likely possibility, considering the low price it offers.

Overall, Camp Zero Coolers are decent alternatives to premium coolers for those of you who are on a budget.

Camp Zero Cooler – Who is it Best For?

Considering all of its features, it’s safe to say that there’s a Camp Zero cooler that is perfect for everyone. The wide selection of sizes makes it versatile enough for small picnics and rugged outdoor adventures.

Some Camp Zero Coolers even come with designs that allow them to fit nicely inside kayaks or boats, so you know that they’re truly meant to accompany you through various outdoor adventures.

Camp Zero vs Yeti

YETI is a trusted name in the coolers scene, so it’s only normal for us to wonder how Camp Zero Coolers would fare as against its toughest competition.

We have previously mentioned that Camp Zero Coolers can be compared to YETI coolers in terms of durability and functionality. So to finally set the record straight, here is our mini Camp Zero vs. Yeti review for your reference.

camp zero vs yeti

To come up with the data, we looked into the specs of the YETI Tundra vis-a-vis Camp Zero Coolers. 

First of all, both Camp Zero and YETI Tundra have rotomolded construction. This means that they’re both designed for the rugged outdoors coupled and built for heavy-duty performance. They’re also both IGBC-certified as bear-proof, so users can rest easy.

As to the size options, YETI comes in 13 sizes, while Camp Zero only offers 8. Nevertheless, this is already an impressive number, especially considering that other brands only have up to 5 size options. 

Both coolers are also of great quality, so it’s hard to point out which one is the clear winner in the quality category. 

As to the extra features, every model in the YETI Tundra line already comes with the necessary accessories upon purchase. This is not the case for Camp Zero Coolers where you have to pay additional fees to avail of dividers and other accessories

But as to convenience and design, we can say that Camp Zero wins this category. The cup holders molded on top of the anti-slip lid is a clear winner.

YETI Tundra coolers are made both in the Phillippines and in the USA, but you can make a particular request to order one that’s made in the US. For Camp Zero, we’re yet to confirm where these are produced and manufactured.

As to the warranty, both brands offer 5-year warranties. But as to the price, there’s no denying that Camp Zero is sold for about half the price of the YETI Tundra.

From all of this, we can see that Camp Zero is inspired by YETI – which is not surprising because a lot of cooler brands look up to YETI.

Camp Zero Coolers are well-made, rugged, have great insulation, and are very affordable. These would be a great alternative if you’re looking for a premium cooler for half the price of a YETI. But if you can afford a YETI, then we suggest going for it – simply think of it as an investment on a trusted-and-proven brand.

But before settling down with this cooler, you might also want to check out other options. We’ll discuss them below.

Similarly Priced Coolers Worth Looking At

If you’re still hesitant about getting a Camp Zero Cooler, then you might also want to consider these similarly-priced alternatives. We already did all the research for you, so here are some of their most notable features. 

rtic 45 hard cooler
RTIC 45 Hard Cooler

RTIC Coolers

RTIC is a well-known affordable cooler brand that has already sold zillions of coolers to happy customers. The brand has iterated its design over the years, and this means that it’s been field-tested to guarantee reliability. 

As to the size options, RTIC offers 5 sizes, which falls behind Camp Zero’s 8 sizes. But even then, we found the large RTIC cooler to be cheaper than Camp Zero’s largest size in terms of the price per quart ratio. The price is almost the same, however, between their small to medium sizes.

Both brands use the same technology, offer the same features, and similarly lack a bottle opener. Camp Zero’s edge would be the molded cup holders on the lid. 

All things considered, RTIC is a proven and cheap alternative that surely won’t disappoint.

Get it at

Cordova - Catergator alternative
Cordova Cooler


An exciting alternative is Cordova. This brand produces 100% American-made coolers that are IGBC-certified, rotomolded, and come with eco-friendly yet thick insulation.

It boasts ice retention of up to 10 days for their larger coolers and up to 7 days for their smaller models.

Cordova Coolers are also built with patented metal handles and top-down latches, so you know that they’re meant for heavy-duty performance. 

This brand is also very aggressive when it comes to pricing. Their 100% US-made coolers are cheaper than Camp Zero’s, and they even come with lifetime warranties. Now that’s value for the money. 

Perhaps the only setback we can think of is that Cordova only offers 5 cooler sizes.

Get Cordova Coolers here

Engel High Performance Cooler
Engel Cooler

Engel Coolers

If you’re looking for a little more variety when it comes to sizes, then look no further than Engel Coolers. This brand offers 12 size options, so it’s safe to say that only YETI can rival this brand in terms of size options.

Engel Coolers was established in 1962 and boasts being one of the first companies to offer rotomolded coolers. They are also IGBC-certified, built with 2-inch closed-cell foam insulation, and offers up to 8 days of ice retention. 

Engel Coolers are only a few dollars more expensive than Camp Zero Coolers, but the former offers a 10-year warranty. These coolers are made in Thailand, so you can consider that before buying.

Buy Engel Coolers here

Camp Zero Soft Coolers – What They Have in the Offer

If you’re not exactly looking for a hard cooler, then you’d be pleased to know that Camp Zero also has a line of soft coolers that are similarly impressive.

Camp Zero Soft Coolers come in four different sizes, plus one backpack cooler. Being more lightweight than their hard-sided counterparts, these coolers are perfect for seasoned campers who will be camping out for a day or two.

All Camp Zero Soft Coolers come with an anti-microbial liner that’s resistant against mold and mildew. This is paired with a puncture-resistant and waterproof coated shell to guarantee longevity.

It uses commercial-grade closed-cell insulation that’s sealed off by a secure roll-top closure with airlock protection. This allows the Camp Zero Soft Cooler to have ice retention of up to 3 days.

At first glance, it is easy to see that this is inspired by the YETI Hopper. But if you consider the price, it’s safe to say that these soft coolers are more similar to the RTIC Soft Packs.

The price of Camp Zero Soft Coolers ranges between $79.99 to $134.99, depending on the size you prefer. It also comes with a 3-year warranty, which is a great deal since not all manufacturers offer warranty for their soft coolers.

Overall, these Camp Zero Soft Coolers are the perfect choice for people who are always on the go because of their lightweight quality. While their ice retention is not as long as their hard-sided alternatives, these coolers make great companions for short weekend camping trips.

Where to Buy Camp Zero Coolers?

If you’re interested in buying any Camp Zero Ice Chest, you can check them out on Amazon where they have registered as a seller.

This assures you that you’re buying directly from the manufacturer with the added Amazon benefits like free shipping, Prime, and easy returns, to name a few. 

Alternatively, you can go and buy directly from their official website.

Camp Zero Cooler Review – Bottom Line

After scrutiny of all its features and contrasted it against its toughest competitor, we are quite impressed with how Camp Zero Coolers fared in terms of ruggedness and visual appeal. It also has decent ice retention of 4 to 5 days. 

And finally, no Camp Zero Cooler review is complete without a comment on the price – and with most of their offerings available for less than $150, we’re quite impressed.

Camp Zero Coolers Review and Rating
  • Ice Retention
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Price


With rotomolded construction, over 2 inches of insulation, and stainless steel hardware, it’s hard to believe that Camp Zero Coolers come with affordable price tags. It’s like owning a premium YETI Cooler for a fraction of the cost.

You can even say they’re better-designed than YETI, thanks to their molded pieces meant to make outdoor living more convenient.

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