Best Whiskey Stones, Rocks and Chillers to Sip Your Drink in Style!

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Whiskey should be enjoyed at a temperature of 15 to 18 degrees Celsius (60-65 °F). Any higher than that and the subtler tastes will be lost in the taste of alcohol. That’s why we chill whiskey with ice.

best whiskey chillersThe only problem is that ice, if used too much, can over dilute the whiskey and ruin its profile. And that’s why whiskey stones were invented ( note that sometimes they are also called whiskey rocks, whiskey balls, whiskey cubes, or in general whiskey chillers).

They chill the whiskey without diluting it, and they are reusable. They’re also pretty classy looking! They are typically made of stone or stainless steel.

So which are the best whiskey stones you can get? The duo behind did extensive research for you and found the best of the best

And just for the record, we've approached this task  very seriously and spent one full evening at the bar sipping some good scotch with different chillers inside to compare them. This is what you call dedication, right? Back to the subject: here go our best whiskey chiller picks.

Best Whiskey Stones – Quick Comparison Table

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Whiskey Stone Reviews – Here Are Our Top Picks

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Best Seller: Set of 9 Grey Stones for Whiskey by Quiseen

I love how fancy this set of whiskey stones looks. There are 9 soapstone chilling stones in the set, and they come in a velvet carrying pouch.

They also happen to come in a gift box, which makes them the perfect gift to present to someone.

These chilling stones are perfect for just about any alcoholic beverage, including whiskey, wine, vodka, and cocktails. They preserve the flavor of your drink without diluting it, and they get cold in a matter of a couple of hours.

They’re also pretty easy to clean.

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Luxury Whiskey Stones Gift

Best Whiskey Rocks: Amerigo Premium Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Here is yet another great gift idea! These whiskey stones come in an exclusive wooden gift box with a velvet carrying pouch.

Whatever alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink you’re enjoying, these whiskey stones allow you to chill it without diluting it.

What I love about these soapstone whiskey stones the most is the thoughtfulness that went into making them gift-ready. The workmanship on the wooden box is impeccable, and the pouch looks classy.

It’s just the perfect gift!

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Best Whiskey Chillers: Golf Ball Shaped Whiskey Chillers

These whiskey stones are unique in at least two ways.

First, they are round and have the surface of a golf ball, which is pretty unique in the world of cube shaped whiskey stones. Second, they are made of glass, which is also unique in the world of whiskey stones.

They come in a carrying pouch, which holds just two of the whiskey golf balls. Surprisingly, they chill really fast and stay cold for a few hours, chilling your whiskey while preserving its profile and taste.

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Best Crystal Clear Ice Ball Maker: Glacio Clear Sphere Ice Duo

This is actually an ice maker. It doesn’t have whiskey stones. However, it can make crystal clear ice cubes.

It only makes two at a time, but they’re larger than regular ice cubes and are crystal clear. The whole setup also looks pretty sleek and is great for a gift idea.

The ice maker itself is made out of flexible dishwasher safe silicone that’s BPA free and food grade.

I love the quality of the ice cubes that come out of it. They definitely look like something I would enjoy surprising my guests with.

You can get it at Amazon here.

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Best Reusable Ice Cubes: Kollea Stainless Steel Chilling Stones

And this is the first set of stainless steel whiskey stones on our list. Stainless steel makes for a great material for whiskey stones. It doesn’t retain flavors and is perfectly dishwasher safe.

This set has 8 reusable stainless steel ice cubes that will quickly chill your whiskey without diluting it. They all chill pretty fast and are food grade.

The gift box they come in is also pretty elegant looking, making them a great gift idea.

Find out more info at Amazon

Whiskey Stones Bullets

Best Steel Whiskey Bullets Set by Amerigo

Now these whiskey stones are the coolest I have ever seen! The stone holder looks like the loader on a six shooter, and the whiskey stones themselves look like extra-large 22-sized golden bullets.

As you would expect of a six shooter, there are 6 bullets in all. They all chill pretty quickly and preserve your whiskey’s profile and taste.

They’re also pretty elegant looking and make for the perfect gift! As if that’s not enough, they come with a 90-day money back guarantee.

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Other Option? Making Ice Cubes Yourself

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Another option is to make your own ice cubes. Generally, you don’t want to use water ice cubes too much because they may over-dilute your whiskey. However, as long as you don’t put too much water ice in your whiskey, it should be just fine.

Making your own ice cubes with an ice mold such as the Housewares Solutions Froz Ice Ball Maker is also loads of fun! You can make nice little spherical ice balls that will add an elegant look to your whiskey.

In fact, we have an entire post dedicated to best ice cube trays, right here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whiskey Stones

What are the Best Whiskey Stones?

The best whiskey stones are the ones that are quality made. Period. They should be made of either granite, soapstone, or stainless steel and should be dishwasher safe. They should also be easy to clean.

The whiskey stones listed in this review are the best you can find in the market, so you can definitely trust them.

What are Whiskey Rocks made of?

best whiskey rocksWhiskey rocks are little pieces of stainless steel or stone that you use to chill your whiskey.

You put them in the freezer to chill them and then put them in your whiskey, just like you would do with normal ice cubes.

The beauty of it is that whiskey stones, unlike ice, do not dilute your drinks.

Are Whiskey Ice Cubes Safe to Use?

Whiskey ice cubes are made of either soapstone or stainless steel. They are perfectly safe as they don’t get eroded into your whiskey.

They are also way better than ice cubes because ice cubes dilute the whiskey and ruin its profile. In fact, the only way whiskey stones or rocks can be dangerous is if you drop them in the glass. They could break the glass. So put them in gently or use ice tongs.

Are Whiskey Chillers Worth It?

Yes, whiskey chillers are perfectly worth it. To understand why, consider the alternative: ice cubes.

Ice cubes are made of water using dedicated trays or molds and will start to melt the moment you put them in your whiskey. This dilutes the whiskey and ruins its profile. They can easily take your whiskey from tasting nice to taste like little more than whiskey flavored water.

Whiskey stones save you from that, preserving the taste of your whiskey without diluting it.

How Long do Reusable Whiskey Ice Cubes Last?

Reusable Whiskey Ice Cubes actually lasts pretty long compared to regular ice cubes, and sometimes they don’t take nearly as long to freeze.

For many of them, a couple of hours of chilling in the freezer translates to up to 4 hours of chill afterward.

How Do You Clean Whiskey Stones?

Cleaning whiskey stones is pretty easy and also very necessary in order to prevent the buildup of residue, bacteria, and flavors they might have absorbed.

Rinse them in a mixture of warm water and dish soap. This removes all residues that might have built on them. If you want to remove absorbed flavors from your whiskey stones, soak them in a mixture of vodka and water or, alternatively, bake them in your oven.

Whenever you wash them, wipe them down thoroughly with a cloth and then place them on a paper towel in a sunny place to dry for a couple of hours.

Will Whiskey Rocks Scratch Glass?

whiskey stones reviewAs long as you get your whiskey stones from a reputable company then you’re likely to get very well thought out samples.

Most whiskey stones are made out of soapstone, which has a hardness of less than 2.5 on the Mohs scale.

Glass, on the other hand, has a hardness of 5.5 on the Mohs scale. So it’s unlikely that soapstone will scratch glass.

On the other hand, steel is harder than glass, but it’s also smooth. While stainless steel won’t scratch your glass, it might break it if you drop it in carelessly, so be gentle.

Can Whiskey Stones Go in the Dishwasher?

That depends on the type of whiskey stone you’re using. The material matters.

There are 3 types of materials commonly used in whiskey stones: granite, soapstone, and stainless steel.

Granite and soapstone may be dishwasher safe, but they’re likely to absorb the dishwasher soap and now all your whiskey will taste like dishwasher soap unless you clean the whiskey stones.

To get the flavors out you should soak the whiskey stone in a mixture of water and vodka.

Steel certainly won’t absorb the soap and is dishwasher safe, but should still be cleaned and wiped after taking it out of the dishwasher.

Here's a nice video on the topic that's worth taking look at:

Where to Buy Whiskey Chillers?

You can buy these whiskey stones just about anywhere online or offline. Most stores stock them, and you can find them on online stores like Best Buy and Home Depot.

However, we recommend you make your purchase on Amazon. You will get to read real reviews by past buyers and a rating to determine if their quality is loved by people.

Amazon also has great benefits for Prime users, including same-day delivery and a money-back guarantee.

Best Whiskey Stones – Wrapping Up

And with that, we come to the end of this best whiskey stone reviews! We hope you enjoyed reading about these whiskey chillers as much as we loved writing about them.

May you enjoy your whiskey without diluting it the next time you’re drinking!

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