Best Motorized Cooler Scooters – Because Ice Chest Plus Motor Equals Awesome!

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We love coolers, more specifically, we love that a cooler lets us bring all our favorite food and drinks with us almost anywhere we go while keeping them at the perfect refreshing cold temperatures. However, coolers would be way cooler if they could transport us too.

Luckily, a few companies make ride on cooler scooters and even motorized coolers that let us turn our lunch box into a source of sweet transportation. 

Ride on and scooter coolers may seem like a gimmick but are a great way to haul around massive ice chests loaded down with ice and drinks.

If you have young kids, the ride on coolers are great to carry both in one package instead of having to haul a kid in one arm and a cooler in the other. After all, kids love riding scooters of all kinds.

The motorized coolers are so cool that we are considering opening up a beachside café with delivery right to the customer's towel.

Our Favorite Motorized and Ride On Coolers Compared

To give you a quick idea of the best ride on and motorized coolers, we put together this table with some of our favorite features. We have both motorized and non-motorized cooler scooters on our list, so take a quick peek so you know which type you want to check out.

editors-choiceEditor's Choice   
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item-titleCrazy CoolerCruzin’ CoolerCruzin Cooler Coolagon Cooler WagonStep2 Igloo Wagon with Cooler
to-centerBest Motorized CoolerBest Cooler ScooterBest Ride on CoolerBest Cooler Wagon
to-center• 49CC, 2+HP
• 4 wheel/all terrain
• 48L cooler
• wheelie bar and safety bumper
• disc breaks
• 13 mph/range up to 15 miles/ride
• capacity: 250 lbs
• 24″ long, 17″ wide 18″ tall
• cargo capacity 24-12oz cans
• Non-Motorized Ride-able Cooler/Wagon
• Holds 72 Canned Beverages with Ice
• 350 lb Rider Capacity
• 10" tall cooler bag with durable zipper lid
• Two convenient cup holders
• 10" diameter wheels
• comfortable handle
• large, removable canopy
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Motorized Coolers, Ride On cooler scooters – What Are They?

The motorized and ride on coolers are coolers that don't just have wheels; they have wheels that allow you to transport the cooler over all kinds of terrain. Ride on coolers wheels are more substantial and are on both ends of the cooler. This wheel coverage allows the cooler to double as a ride for you and your friends.

The motorized versions have an engine strapped onto the body that turns your simple wheeled cooler into a ride that can travel at speeds up to 16 MPH. The self-propelled coolers take all the effort out of traveling with your cooler, because they are your transportation.

The non-motorized wagon and scooter coolers are excellent for towing both your kids and your refreshments over long walks and days spent at the park, beach, or anywhere else the kids may tag along.

If you don't have kids yet, the wagon coolers are fantastic for being the mobile life of the party and helping a friend who partied too hard to get home safely.

Best Motorized Cooler – Crazy Coolers

Crazy Coolers' motorized cooler isn't so much a cooler with a motor but is an all-terrain go-cart that uses a cooler as the seat. How awesome is that?!

Crazy Coolers built this cooler to be able to carry you almost anywhere you want to go. The motorized ice chest has large off-road tires that provide the cooler with enough ground clearance to tackle 5” obstacles.


Crazy Cooler

The 49cc 2-horsepower engine outputs enough torque and power to let you cruise across the sand, snow, water, mud, and your little brother's toes. To give you extra control, Crazy Coolers designed their motorized cooler with dual rear wheel drive to provide you with the extra push you need while having fun.

If that’s not enough, this cooler even has a wheelie bar to let you pull off sweet tricks or prevent you from falling on your butt when you open the throttle a little too much.

Here's the video showing this cool motorized ice chest in action:

Oh yeah, the Cooler…

The cooler part of the motorized cooler is a 48-liter with a locking lid. The cooler includes a drain that makes it easy to clean out without having to disassemble the entire scooter. You can get the cooler in either red or blue. Or, you can go through Crazy Coolers directly to get a customized to your specific look.

Crazy Coolers also carries the nICE line of 20-liter rotomolded coolers that will give you heavy-duty performance in a cooler. You can put it in place of the standard cooler that comes stock with the Crazy Cooler’s Motorized Cooler.

We recently made our nICE cooler review available for your reading pleasure so if you've read it then you know nICE coolers are actually pretty good ice chests.

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best motorized Cooler

Crazy Cooler red features


Best Cooler Scooter – The Cruzin’ Cooler

The Cruzin’ Cooler Electric Scooter is a three-wheeled little beauty that uses an electric motor to cart you and your cold drinks around at 13 MPH. The Cruzin’ Cooler ride on cooler has two engine models; the 500-watt model has a rider capacity of up to 250-pounds, while the 1000-watt version can support a rider of up to 300-pounds.

Both Cruzin’ Cooler models use an electric motor to power them along the road, campsite, or beach. The electric motor has a range of up to 10 miles. They come included with a battery charger, so you are never long away from being able to charge up and go for a ride.

Cruzin' Coolers designed their cooler scooter to be easily transported with you wherever your adventures may take you. The whole unit measures only 24″ long by 17″ wide by 18″ tall, which will allow it to fit comfortably in your car trunk or truck bed. The motor, wheels, and steering are designed to minimize the amount of space needed to haul this puppy around. Plus, without the battery pack, the scooter only weighs 55-pounds. The battery pack adds 30-pounds, but you can take that out for transport to make it easier to handle.

The cooler itself is a plastic ice chest that has a capacity of 24 12-ounce cans when using 12-pounds of ice. The cooler color, which is very important, is available in black, blue, green, red, and yellow.

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Best cooler scooter

Best Ride on Cooler – Cruzin Cooler Coolagon Cooler Wagon

Cruzin' Cooler doesn't just make an excellent motorized cooler; they also have a ride on wagon cooler that more than fits the bill for anyone wanting a simpler way to carry around a full cooler.

The Cruzin Coolagon Wagon has a 46-quart capacity that can chill and transport up to 72 12-ounce cans and ice. While Cruzin' Coolers doesn't state the ice retention, we found people reporting that it keeps drinks cold for up to 2 days.

Not as impressive as some of the high-end coolers, but still remarkable for a cooler that you can ride and tow.

The solid cooler, large wheels, and long tow bar can hold a rider of up to 350-pounds. The Coolagon has front foot pegs to rest your feet on for comfort. This ride on cooler combines the hauling power of a wagon with the party potential of a cooler. If you have kids, this is a great way to get them from the car to beach on those busy weekends when you have a long walk from the car to the water.

Cruzin’ Coolers markets the Coolagon as a “cooler trailer” that towable behind their motorized ice chest, or you can latch them up behind your ATV for extra space. One user commented that he has the Cruzin’ Cooler motorized cooler with the Coolagon strapped behind it, so he has plenty of space for drinks, food, and gear for fishing trips.

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Non Motorized Ride-able Cooler Wagon

Best Cooler Wagon – Step2 Igloo Wagon with Cooler

We know what you're thinking; you want a cooler that has wheels, a canopy, and the ability to transform into a mobile serving station. Okay, maybe you weren't thinking that exactly, but now you probably think that is a good set of skills for a cooler.

You are in luck. One of the most well-known names in cooler, Igloo, joins forces with Step2, a company specializing in kids and family fun, to create the Swiss Army knife equivalent of ride on coolers. At first glance, the Step2 looks like a giant plastic wagon typically found around any playground, but a closer look reveals much more.

The Igloo Wagon has a deep well that is molded perfectly for the included soft cooler. The cooler isn't all that big, at only ten-inches tall, but it can hold a picnic lunch. The well has a thick plastic top that doubles as a sun-shield for the cooler and a seat for the kiddies to ride on. When making lunch, the plastic lid can be flipped and placed into grooves on the top of the wagon to act as a serving tray for drinks and sandwiches.

TIP: Looking to buy a regular soft-sided cooler? This soft cooler guide will help you choose the right one.

10-inch diameter wheels on the Igloo Wagon make moving over rough terrain a breeze, while the vast canopy on top protects your cold goods and your kids from the harsh rays of the sun.

This wagon cooler is almost the perfect set up for taking your kids out for a day at the park, beach, zoo, or any other place where they would usually get over-tired from walking long distances.

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ride-on cooler wagon

Step2 Igloo Wagon Cooler

TIP: Want a wheeled cooler but not necessarily a ride-on one? Check our best coolers with wheels for more standard options.

Customizing Your Cruzin’ Cooler

Make sure your Cruzin’ Cooler is comfortable and keep it running well with an assortment of specialized parts and accessories for your new motorized cooler.

  • Cruzin Cooler Electric Scooter Seat Back

    Cruzin' Coolers offers an add-on comfort seat. The base model comes with just the flat cooler seat by itself, which is nice but having the option to recline and relax a little bit more. These coolers are all about getting around with style and relaxation, and nobody wants to trek 10 miles with no back support.

  • Cruzin Cooler Scooter Battery Replacement & Rear Wheel Parts

    You can also pick up a backup battery and rear wheel drive parts to have on hand just in case you have a breakdown. We are a fan of being prepared with a contingency plan, and these parts will keep you rolling no matter where you are cruising.

How to Start Your Chilling Cruise

You have any number of options for tracking down and buying a cooler scooter, so we recommend cutting down your search by starting with this Amazon page. Most of the retailers and manufacturers of the scooter coolers have an Amazon store anyway, so you might as well take advantage of Amazon’s buyer protections and low-priced or free shipping.

If you can’t track down the model, color, size, and accessories you want, reach out to the manufacturer directly through their website to find out how you can order the specific options that you want. Going through the retailer as a second choice makes sure you are dealing with them directly, so you know who to contact if you have any issues.

Best Motorized Cooler, Cooler Scooter and Other Noteworthy Ride-on Coolers – The Conclusion

Bottom line, the motorized coolers and cooler scooters are freaking sweet. Packing up all your goods on a ride on cooler will make adventuring easier and more fun.

Plus, the motorized coolers give you the speed and power to impress your neighbors, friends, and ex-girlfriend that dumped you on prom night. At the bare minimum, they will make your adventurous life a little more leisurely.

>> Browse all ride-on cooler at Amazon here

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