Best Lifetime Warranty Coolers – Our Top 10 And All The Nitty-Gritty Details

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We always wondered which ice chests can be considered as the best lifetime warranty coolers. So after scrutiny of the coolers that offer a lifetime warranty, here we are with the top ten list of the best ones in the market.

A warranty serves as a guarantee that the cooler is free from any defect, and that it claims to perform as advertised. In case the cooler doesn’t perform as promised, then manufacturers are bound to repair or replace the unit.

Different companies have varying policies on warranties, and we looked into each of them to determine which ones offer the best.

We ranked these coolers based on our expertise, so read on to know more about our top picks.

Best Coolers with Lifetime Warranty – Comparison

 ImageBrandWarranty DurationLimitations
item-titleCooler brands with best lifetime warranty.
Cordova - Catergator alternativeCordovaLifetimeAbuse, misuse, neglect are not covered
No products found.CanyonLifetimeAbuse, misuse, neglect are not covered
Otterbox Venture Small Sized Cooler 25qtOtterBoxLifetimeAbuse, misuse, accident, neglect are not covered. Proof of purchase required.
No products found.OrcaLifetimeAbuse, misuse, accident, neglect are not covered. Proof of purchase required.
pelican 50 qt molded coolerPelicanLifetimeAbuse, misuse, accident, neglect are not covered. Not all parts are covered. Proof of purchase required.
No products found.GrizzlyLifetimeAbuse, misuse, accident, neglect are not covered. Proof of purchase required.
item-titleWarranty Information Re Other Well Known Brands
yeti tundra 45 coolerYeti5 YearsAbuse, misuse, accident, neglect not covered. Proof of purchase from authorized retailer required.
rtic 65 cheapest rotomolded coolerRtic1 YearProof of purchase required. Abuse, misuse, accident, neglect not covered.
igloo mission 50qtIgloo5 YearsAbuse, misuse, accident, neglect are not covered. Proof of purchase required.

Lifetime Warranty Coolers – What You Should Know

Before diving head-on to our top ten picks, we believe it’s best to brief you on some details that you should know about warranties. And this is why we came up with this mini guide to cooler warranties. 

Common Features of Coolers with Lifetime Warranty

Coolers with lifetime warranty have several things in common. We believe it’s a way for them to prove the quality of their products, while also developing a great relationship with their clients. 

To give you a better idea, here are the common features of these coolers with lifetime warranties:

  • Around 99% of them are rotomolded coolers. Coolers with rotomolded construction are known for their strength and durability, making them fit for heavy-duty usage. And since users expect them to be so, it’s only reasonable for manufacturers to offer a lifetime warranty.

    small cooler insulation walls OtterBox

    As for the 1% that offers lifetime warranties, these air coolers are usually injection-molded. The Pelican injection-molded, as well as the Taiga injection-molded coolers, are examples of these non-rotomolded lifetime warranty ice chests.

  • Brands that offer lifetime warranties are often well-known. A brand becomes well known when it produces high-quality products while also maintaining excellent customer service. When a brand is confident about the products that they offer, they will likely be offering a lifetime warranty. Aside from ensuring clients that their products will perform as advertised, this is also a great way of building a great relationship with them – and this builds up the brand even more. On the flip side of the coin, some startups trying to break into the cooler manufacturing scene are also offering lifetime warranties. Again, this is a great way to show potential customers how confident they are about their products.

  • They are United States made coolers. While there are some lifetime warranty ice chests that are made outside of the United States, it's undeniable that a large portion of them are made in the United States. Since the production process is not outsourced, it is easier to avail of the benefits under the warranty.

What is Typically Covered by a Lifetime Warranty?

A lifetime warranty is not a guarantee that the item will be repaired or replaced. Bear in mind that every brand has different terms, so we strongly advise reading through and understanding the warranty to know what is and isn't covered. 

But in all cases that we've seen, here are the issues that are usually covered: 

cordova coolers with lifetime warranty
Cordova Coolers with lifetime warranty
– strong, aluminum handles.
  • Moving parts. Some brands like Orca also cover moving parts like latches and handles in their warranties. However, not all brands cover their cooler's moving parts, so you have to check the warranty information for more details.

Bear in mind that company action in case of a warranty claim may either be: a repair or a replacement. This is all subject to the discretion of the company who will deem which action would be best to address your concern.

What are the Limitations to a Lifetime Warranty?

But like all good things in life, a lifetime warranty is not an absolute right on the part of the client.

It is subject to certain limitations, and this includes:

Canyon lifetime warranty cooler
Canyon has one of the best warranties
among all coolers.
  • Abuse, misuse, and neglect. If the deformities were due to poor quality control or production-related, you can expect the company to honor it. But, if the deformity was because of your abuse, neglect, or that you used it for purposes other than what it's designed for, then don't expect to be covered by the warranty.Think about it: if you intentionally dropped your cooler from a roof because of a Youtube trend, don't expect the brand to repair or replace it because it was completely perfect before you dropped it.

  • Accidents. While companies like Canyon offer coverage in case of accidents, most companies exclude accidents from their coverage. 
  • Logos. This is usually the case when cooler brands offer customized coolers.
  • Warranties are not transferable, so only the original owners can file a claim.
  • Ordinary wear and tear. Minor damages like scratches, small dents, fading, or discoloration are not covered because this typically happens when you use the cooler – and not because of a production-related issue.

We can’t stress enough the importance of reading everything in the warranty information. Some brands print it in very small text and clients tend to miss it. The warranty information should contain the details on how you can claim, so you know how important that is.

Some brands would require you to present a proof of purchase, or register the new cooler on their website, or look for the unique code for the particular model. If you miss out on any of these details, your claim might get denied. Thus, please read the warranty information thoroughly.

Best Coolers with Lifetime Warranty – How We Chose Our Top Picks

So how did we come up with the list of the best lifetime warranty coolers, you ask? The search wasn’t easy, but we were guided by these criteria:

best lifetime warranty ice chest
  1. For obvious reasons, the company has to offer lifetime warranties.
  2. Value for money. This was the weightiest criterion since we want to make sure that you get to truly enjoy your investment. We looked into factors like their features vis-a-vis the price, the hardware and construction, and input from several trusted users.
  3. Country of manufacturing. We all know that US-made coolers are more durable and long-lasting, so we also considered that.
  4. Brand friendliness. We want to make sure that the brand stays true to its promise and honors the warranty. We looked into how responsive they are to their clients’ concerns and how fast they act upon them.

These factors helped us identify the cream of the crop of lifetime warranty ice chests. We made sure that no feature is left unturned to give you the most honest review that you will ever come across. 

At this point, you’re only moments away from knowing which coolers made it to the cut. We know you’re already curious about them, so we’ll get straight to the point.

Best Lifetime Warranty Coolers – Our Top 10

Cordova - Catergator alternative
Cordova Coolers

Cordova Coolers

Landing in our top spot is Cordova Coolers, and it’s all thanks to the unparalleled value for the money that they offer

This all-American brand offers a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects for material or workmanship.

But for the warranty to apply, your Cordova cooler must be registered within 30 days to be eligible to claim. Thus, we advise registering your Cordova immediately within 30 days. 

We were so impressed that Cordova is going after RTIC this year with its aggressive pricing strategy. 

Cordova Coolers

Aside from the lifetime warranty, Cordova Coolers are IGBC-certified as bear-resistant, boasts ice retention of up to 10 days for their largest coolers, have patented anodized aluminum handles, and are built with impressive Anti-Slip Goat's Feet, just to name a few.

Plus, even if it’s made in the United States, it offers more competitive prices than those made outside the country. 

All of these features undeniably led us to conclude that Cordova Coolers are the overall best lifetime warranty coolers, thanks to the unparalleled value for money they offer. 

Buy it at or read our full Cordova cooler review

No products found.

Canyon Coolers

In second place is Canyon Coolers, because they provide the most user-friendly lifetime warranty, coupled with rugged construction and impressive insulation. 

Interestingly called the “sh!t happens warranty”, Canyon Coolers offer coverage against manufacturing defects as well as accidents.

They also use simple and easy-to-understand language minus all the legalese to make sure that clients understand what their benefits are under the warranty – unless you request it, of course.

Claiming is not a problem, either. No purchase proof is needed, and you don’t have to be the original purchaser to claim – all you need is to present your authentic Canyon Cooler.

Canyon coolers for sale
Canyon Coolers Construction

Aside from their impressive lifetime warranty coverage, Canyon Coolers have a similarly impressive construction.

One of their popular coolers, the Prospector model, instantly caught our eye for having boat-friendly features like compatibility with raft frames, dual-drain plugs, and overall great insulation. 

Canyon Coolers are made from US-sourced materials, but the coolers are assembled in Thailand. Nevertheless, 80% of the business stays in the US, so you know the quality is not compromised.

Get Canyon Coolers at Amazon

Otterbox Venture Small Sized Cooler 25qt
OtterBox Venture
Otterbox Trooper 20qt Soft
OtterBox Trooper

OtterBox Venture & Trooper Coolers

In third place is Otterbox Coolers – particularly, for their Venture Ice Chests and highly-rated Trooper Soft Coolers.

While we were expecting the lifetime warranty coverage for their Venture series, we were impressed that they also decided to cover their Trooper Soft Coolers – which is rare for soft coolers

Otterbox Coolers are known for their original designs, a rugged structure that’s meant to improve their mobility, external mounting points, and rails for accessories to guarantee usage versatility and organizability.

They’re also IGBC-certified, so you know those locks are made to keep your food safe from hungry bears. 

We were also impressed with its 10-day ice retention, so you know that it does its job well. 

Otterbox Coolers are proudly designed in Colorado and fully made in the United States – so that gives you peace of mind as to their quality.

Check OtterBox Coolers at official website:

No products found.

Orca Coolers 

Orca Coolers are known for their heavy-duty ice chests. We all know that they are Yeti’s earliest competitors – with ice chest features that can rival and can potentially outperform Yeti Coolers in certain aspects.

And since Orca offers a lifetime warranty for their ice chests, it certainly outperforms Yeti in this respect. 

orca coolers review

We also love that the warranty covers everything. And by everything, we mean the whole shebang: manufacturing defects, construction, latches, rope handles, and other movable parts. However, this is only true for their ice chests.

For Orca’s Pod and Podster backpack soft coolers, the brand only offers a limited 3-year warranty. 

To claim under the warranty, you have to present the proof of purchase from an authorized dealer. Thus, we strongly recommend keeping your receipts. 

As to its features, Orca Coolers are known for being incredibly versatile design-wise. They come in a variety of sizes, and users have a lot of color options to choose from – you can even show your support to your favorite NHL, NBA, MBL, and NCAA sports teams. 

It uses thick polyurethane insulation, so you’re assured that the ice stays cold for days. And most importantly, it is 100% made in the United States.

Check prices of Orca Coolers at Amazon

pelican 50 qt molded cooler
Pelican Elite Coolers

Pelican Elite – 20QT, 30QT, 50QT & 70QT

Same with Orca Coolers, Pelican Elite Coolers offer a lifetime warranty on their hard coolers, while their soft coolers get the limited 3-year warranties. Considering that most soft coolers only get limited warranties, we find this offer quite decent. 

But what made Pelican Elite Coolers land a spot in the upper half of this best lifetime warranty coolers list is that their injection-molded coolers are also backed with lifetime warranties.

This is a rare feat for a manufacturer since most of them only offer lifetime warranties for the sturdier rotomolded coolers. 

However, the person to claim the warranty must be the original purchaser. The warranty is non-transferrable, so you won’t be able to claim under the warranty if you’re a secondhand purchaser of their coolers. 

If there’s anything Pelican Coolers are known for, it’s their extreme ice retention. This is all thanks to their flexible insulation from 2-inch thick polyurethane solid walls.

Being injection-molded, Pelican Elite Coolers are around 30% lighter than other coolers, making them more portable. But even if they’re lightweight, they’re also incredibly durable. 

We also love that Pelican Elite stays true to their size capacities, so you don’t have to guess how many cans and bottles can fit in them.

And since these coolers are American made, you don’t have to worry about its quality, either. 

Check out all Pelican Coolers here

No products found.

Grizzly Coolers

Another notable entry is Grizzly Coolers. These US-made coolers offer a lifetime warranty for all of their hard coolers, while soft coolers are covered by a 2-year warranty. 

To claim the warranty, you have to be the original owner since it is non-transferable. Proof of purchase is also required, so you have to make sure to keep your receipts because you’ll be needing them to claim under the warranty. 

We believe Grizzly Coolers are appropriately named. Their coolers are the top choice among those in the hunting community, while their sturdy built only reflects how heavy-duty and rugged it can be. It also offers great ice retention.

Grizzly Coolers come in 8 sizes and 8 color options. Users can choose coolers between a petite 15-quart cooler to a colossal 400-quart cooler. Thus, we’re sure that you will find the perfectly-sized cooler for you.

Check current Grizzly Cooler prices at Amazon

No products found.

KENAI Coolers

KENAI Coolers are considered as the entry-level cooler line from Grizzly Coolers. Thus, they’re more simplistic and less-equipped compared to their made-for-hunting line from Grizzly. 

But even if they’re more simplistic, these KENAI Coolers have rotomolded construction, so you know that they’re as tough as Grizzly Coolers. They also offer great ice retention, and this makes it perfect for weekend trips with family and friends. 

Despite being wholly made in the United States, KENAI Coolers are very affordable. It is the second most affordable US-made cooler brand – the first being Cordova

Also, these coolers come with a lifetime warranty covering the whole cooler, including its parts.

This is quite an impressive warranty coverage, considering that not all brands are willing to shoulder repair or replacement for parts. To claim, you must be the original purchaser, and the original proof of purchase is also required to be presented.

Buy Kenai Cooler at Amazon here

No products found.

Kong Coolers

Kong Coolers is an all-American company that runs its factories, so you know that the whole production and sales processes are 100% American.

Because of this, they can offer their coolers at competitive prices, especially considering the features that they offer.

Kong Coolers are rotomolded, so you know how sturdy they can get. It also has a BPA-free interior, so you know your food will stay fresh and safe for later consumption.

It is also IGBC-certified and comes with top-down pressure latches that offer easy access while securely locking the lid.

As for the warranty, Kong’s hard-sided coolers come with a lifetime warranty. The latches and handles, on the other hand, are backed by a 5-year warranty.

However, claiming under the warranty requires you to be the original owner of the cooler. 

Get the Kong Cooler at Amazon

Hooked Cooler

Hooked Coolers

The only brand on this list that’s not made in the US is Hooked Coolers. But don’t dismiss it too easily – it still offers an impressive lifetime warranty that you might want to consider. 

The company is owned by a veteran, and it produces great coolers fit for a veteran’s outdoor adventures. With that said, veterans, military personnel, and first responders also enjoy a 10-percent discount

We were also impressed that the lifetime warranty offered by Hooked Coolers covers the body, broken handles, and all other parts – as long as the defects weren’t due to neglect, misuse, or abuse. 

And to claim under the warranty, you have to send in your proof of purchase, so make sure to keep all your receipts.

You can send your request through email along with pictures of your cooler, and Hooked will send the replacement parts once the request is approved – and that’s pretty convenient.

No products found.

Taiga Coolers

Taiga Coolers is on our list because it is another brand that offers a lifetime warranty on injection-molded coolers.

However, the lifetime warranty only covers the body, while the lid gasket, rope handles, latches, and drain plugs are covered by a 5-year warranty. However, claiming requires you to be the original owner. 

Like Hooked, Taiga is also veteran-owned, so it also offers discounts for veterans and active duty service members. 

Being 100% American owned, you don’t have to worry about how it’s built, or how rugged it can be. 

But if there’s anything that Taiga is known for, it’s for its design versatility. We love how you can unleash your creativity to come up with a cooler that you can proudly call your own. 

Check Taiga Coolers at Amazon

Other Lifetime Warranty Ice Chests

  • Icehole Coolers
    Icehole Coolers offer a lifetime warranty from performance-inhibiting defects. However, it must be registered within 30 days to activate the warranty, and only the original purchaser can claim.
    Check availability at Amazon
  • Siberian Coolers
    Siberian Coolers offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty on the cooler, including its parts and components. However, these must not be modified or damaged by the customer.
    Check out Siberian Coolers at Amazon
  • Mammoth Coolers
    We love Mammoth Coolers for offering a lifetime warranty on all their coolers. But what's impressive is that the lifetime warranty also covers their soft coolers.
    Get Mammoth Coolers at Amazon
  • CAT Coolers
    CAT Coolers are sold under a licensing deal with Taiga Coolers. Thus, you can expect the same Taiga Coolers quality, coupled with the same impressive lifetime warranty.
    Buy Cat Coolers at Amazon
  • Stanley Adventure Coolers
    Stanley Adventure Coolers offer warranty in case of the following: defects in workmanship, defects in materials, or that the materials are not thermally efficient. However, they must be used according to instructions.
    Check out Stanley Coolers at Amazon
  • ICON Coolers
    Icon Coolers similarly offer warranty in case of defects in material and workmanship. However, it must only be claimed by the original owner since it’s non-transferable.
    Check availability at Amazon
  • Pure Outdoor by Monoprice
    Interestingly, Pure Outdoor by Monoprice not only offers a lifetime warranty, but it also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if buyers are not satisfied with their cooler’s performance.
    Buy it at Amazon here
  • AO Coolers
    AO coolers produce soft coolers. We’re impressed that it offers lifetime warranties on their coolers, and this even includes a lifetime warranty for its liner and its main zipper.
    Get it at Amazon


Do Yeti Coolers have a lifetime warranty?

No, Yeti Coolers only offers 5-year warranties for hard-sided coolers such as its Roadie, Tundra, V-Series, as well as 3-year warranties for their soft-sided Hopper series coolers.
However, to claim the benefits from the warranty, you must only purchase these coolers from authorized dealers. As such, proof of purchase is required when you want to claim.
As to the coverage, the Yeti Coolers warranty covers both products and parts, except third-party modifications.
But despite its limited warranty period, YETI remains to be a trusted brand for providing us with one of the most durable coolers out there. Plus, even if the warranty period has already expired, you can easily find replacement parts, so you know you’d still be able to use it.  

Does RTIC have a lifetime warranty?

No, RTIC only offers 1-year warranties – both for their hard and soft coolers. 
While this may seem disappointing, it’s interesting to learn that RTIC is one of the rare brands that offer a warranty on ice retention.
RTIC strictly follows quality assurance guidelines and gives users a table with minimum ice retention times vis-a-vis the corresponding sizes. You will be given the procedure to follow to conduct the test. 
If the RTIC cooler performs worse than the data on the table, you’re entitled to a replacement or repair.
However, there are warranty limitations. The warranty is not transferrable, so only the original purchaser is entitled to claim. Also, only those purchases made from their store and Amazon will be recognized.

Do Igloo Coolers have a lifetime warranty?

No, Igloo Coolers do not offer a lifetime warranty. The different Igloo models have different warranty periods. Particularly, Igloo's latest IMX and BMX coolers, plus older rotomolded models, have a warranty period of 5 years.
For the Igloo Supertough, the warranty lasts for 3 years. And as to all their other cooler series, including Playmate and Thermoelectric, the brand offers warranty for up to a year only.

Lifetime Warranty Coolers – Bottom Line

Coolers with lifetime warranty give us peace of mind that we will fully enjoy the benefits of owning the particular cooler. Aside from being assured of its quality, it also guarantees that we’re getting the best value for what we paid for. 

Since we know that it’s no easy feat to look for the best lifetime warranty coolers, we’re glad that we wrote this article for you.

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