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Nothing’s better than a day out on the links – unless it’s a day on the links with a fresh supply of icy cold beverages in a golf bag cooler at your disposal.

Let’s face it, drinking while golfing is pretty much a fact of the game for pretty much any non-pro. Hauling around a traditional ice chest though for 18 holes is, well, pretty much impossible unless you’ve got the most willing and/or able caddy in the world.

Golf cooler bag

What you need is a golf-specific soft cooler bag. These things strap right onto your golf bag, and/or are built to conveniently and discreetly stash away right into the the bag’s main accessory compartment.

While those course beverage carts that drive around and sell drinks are great, they usually only come around a few times during your round and, more importantly, they get expensive. Buying a cooler bag and bringing drinks from home will definitely save you loads of money each time you hit the links.

In this article, we’ve picked out 6 of the best golf bag coolers on the market, based on customer reviews, performance, and overall value. So enjoy, and be sure to think of us next time you’re enjoying a cold one out there.

Best Golf Bag Cooler Reviews: Our TOP 6 Picks

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item-titleGolf Bag Cooler by OA GearStealth Golf Cooler BagClicgear Cooler TubeCaddyswag Par 6Caddy Daddy 9-packPrideSports 12-pack
to-center, to-topFeaturesFeaturesFeaturesFeaturesFeaturesFeatures
to-center• Stylish/classy faux-leather
• Durable spring clip
• Most popular golf cooler bag
• Fully waterproof
• Up to 7 12 oz cans with ice packs
• Shoulder strap
• Well-built
• Up to 8 12 oz cans
• Comes with an adaptor
• Premium 600D nylon
• Comes with a refreezable gel pack
• Closed cell foam for better insulation
• Comes with a reusable ice pack
• Removable shoulder strap
• Holds 2 bottles of wine
• Jumbo size
• Comes with an ice gel pack
• Shoulder strap
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Below you will find our detailed reviews of each one.

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Golf Bag Cooler by OA Gear – Editor's Choice

This clever little design by OA Gear is actually shaped like a mini golf bag, and has plenty of zippered and mesh pockets for storing tees, extra golf balls, bottle openers, or whatever else you need stashing away.

It’s rated to hold eight 12 oz cans with ice, but there’s a trick to snugly fitting 12 cans in there; freeze a 1L water bottle and place it in the middle of the bag, then place 6 cans around it in a circle, and 6 more on top of those. It’s a tight fit, but all 12 cans will be in touch with the frozen water and will stay icy all afternoon.

It’ll of course also fit 12 oz bottles, but you’ll have to get a little more crafty to fit anything more than a 6-pack in there.

The bag itself measures about 13” tall x 9” wide, and the shoulder sling is actually really comfortable to carry, or if you’d rather strap it right onto your golf bag you can do that as well.

Why we like it

  • Stylish/classy faux-leather outer with all metal hardware – marketed to last a lifetime
  • Durable spring clip on the back of the bag so you can attach it to your golf cart basket
  • One of the most popular, well-reviewed golf cooler bags at Amazon (see it right here)

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Stealth Golf Cooler Bag by Specialty Golf Products

Should we be surprised that there’s a company out there who specifically markets products to help you sneak beers onto a golf course? Not really I guess, considering that most golf courses don’t allow coolers (golf etiquette, you know).

The great thing about this Stealth cooler for a golf bag is that it’s designed to, well, not look like a cooler at all. Its slender rectangular shape is built to fit inside any golf bag, and nobody will have any suspicions that you’ve got beers stashed away in there.

It’s got a fully waterproof inner liner, and it comes with the option to include refreezable ice discs, so you can either buy the bag with the ice packs (which we recommend – find out why) or just the bag by itself.

This seems to be a really popular buy at Amazon and has come back so far with great reviews. People love how it stashes right into their golf bag, and several folks mentioned they’re expecting theirs to last 10 years or more.

Measures about 14” long by 8.5” wide – comfortably fitting up to seven 12 oz cans with ice packs or 5 tall boys.

Why we like it

  • It’s sneaky! It’s got a classy little golf logo on the outside, so like we said no one will be the wiser that you’ve actually got a 6-pack of beers stashed in there
  • Fully waterproof – it won’t leak all over the inside of your golf back when the ice melts
  • Really nice padded shoulder strap for comfortable carrying. Also has straps to lash it onto your golf bag or golf cart

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Clicgear Cooler Bag

Clicgear Golf Cooler Bag / Tube

Clicgear is quickly becoming a well-established brand for golf bags, carts, and bag accessories, and their new line of cooler tubes/golf cooler bags are becoming super popular out on the links.

The cooler tube, available at Amazon right here, is designed to fit all models of Clicgear pushcarts, but it actually comes with an adaptor so it should be able to fit just about any cart you want to put it on.

The tube itself is small and is only designed to hold two 12 oz cans, two 20 oz water bottles, or one large 32 oz bottle.

Since it’s so small, most people like to use the tube along with its sister product – the Clicgear Cooler Bag.

The bag is more of a ‘do-it-all’ cooler that has upper and lower compartments for separating snacks from beverages – the lower part is large enough to hold six cans with ice, while the upper portion has plenty of room for keeping sandwiches and other snacks for you and all your buddies.

It’s designed to specifically strap onto the Clicgear push carts – 1.0, 2.0. 3.0 and 3.5 to be precise – but you can make it fit just about any other cart you want – it just might not look as pretty.

Why we like it

  • Well-built product – Clicgear is one of the most popular and trusted names in golf bag accessories
  • With both the cooler tube and bag, you’ve got room for up to eight 12 oz cans plus plenty of extra room for snacks and sandwiches

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Caddyswag Par 6 – Best Cheap Golf Bag Cooler

At less than 20 bucks, the Caddyswag Par 6 definitely gets our pick for the best cheap cooler for golf bag.

Like the Stealth cooler bag, this one is designed to fit snugly inside your golf bag. In fact, it’s almost the same exact size as the Stealth – built to hold a sixer of 12 oz cans, plus ice.

It measures about 19” x 8”, so it’s a little bigger overall than the Stealth.

Why we like it

  • Built with premium 600D nylon exterior and a fully waterproof inner liner
  • Comes with a refreezable gel pack
  • Has better insulation (closed cell foam) than the Stealth bag – drinks will stay colder longer in the hot sun over a full afternoon
  • The Best Cheap Golf Bag Can Cooler out there!

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Caddy Daddy 9-pack Golf Bag Cooler

Who’s your Caddy Daddy?

This 9-pack golf bag can cooler is another option that’s designed to hide away into the accessory compartment of your golf bag.

It’s got a large zippered front compartment for tossing little odds and ends, in addition to the main cooler compartment that’s built with a fully waterproof liner.

One cool feature of this bag is the horseshoe opening, which differs from other bags that have a full zipper opening.

Since the bag stashes vertically inside your golf bag, all the water from the melted ice pools up in the bottom. A lot of times in other similar golf bag coolers for a golf bag, this melted ice leaks out through the zipper and all over the inside of your golf bag. With the horseshoe design, however, only the top half of the compartment opens – the bottom half where water pools up are fully sealed so you can be sure you won’t get any messy leakage.

The bag itself measures about 16” tall x 7.5” wide, and will easily hold up to nine 12 oz cans. Or, if you’re a wine aficionado, it’ll also hold two full-size 750mL bottles of wine.

Why we like it

  • Comes with a reusable ice pack
  • Nice removable, padded shoulder strap
  • Discreetly stashes into the front pocket of your full size golf bag
  • Holds two bottles of wine!

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PrideSports 12-pack – Best Large Capacity Golf Cooler Bag

If you’re wanting a larger, full-size cooler for your golf bag, the PrideSports 12-pack is the one you’re looking for.

It’s not too discreet like some of the other bags on our list (good luck disguising/hiding it out on the course), but what it lacks in canniness it more than makes up for in sheer capacity.

At about 12” tall x 8” wide, it’ll easily hold a full 12-pack plus an afternoon’s supply of lunch and snacks. Not to mention, it’s got a large front zippered compartment for stashing spare golf balls and an array of other odds and ends.

Why we like it

  • Jumbo size – big enough to hold drinks and snacks for you and a few of your pals
  • Comes with an ice gel pack
  • Can either carry it separately with the shoulder sling or strap it directly to your golf bag or golf cart

Golf Bag Coolers – The Bottom Line

Like we mentioned in the intro, at the very least a golf bag cooler is a great way to save some cash out on the links by bringing along your own drinks and snacks, rather than paying top dollar for an on-course beer.

We made sure to select only the most popular, best value bags out there, so these things are a super minimal investment that we guarantee will spice up your outing next time you’re ready to tee off!

Check out all golf bag coolers available at Amazon here

Finally, it is your turn. In the comments section below let us know if there is anything that we missed in our Best Golf Bag Cooler Review or which of the choices you ended up.

Caddy Daddy 9-pack – The Best Golf Bag Cooler that discreetly stashes into the front pocket of your full-size golf bag.

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