Drop In Cooler For Outdoor Kitchen – We’d Pick Any Of These Top 4 Options

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Outdoor kitchens provide the experience of cooking lunch and dinner out in the sun, which is perfect for the spring and summer. However, these kitchens need the right drop in ice cooler to make sure that drinks and food are kept in the right condition for parties and get-togethers. After all, a good ice cooler is a must-have item for any kind of gathering, isn't it?

Luckily, we’ve found the best options for build-in coolers for these settings, all of which are designed so that everyone at your house will be able to enjoy cold drinks and well-cooked meals.

If you have a party coming up, make sure to equip your outdoor kitchen with one of our Top 4 recommended drop in ice chests.

Best Drop In Cooler Picks – Let's Have Them Compared

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insulated Countertop Built in Cooler

Stainless Steel dropin cooler

Coyote CDIC Quality Drop In Ice Cooler for Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to the full experience of cooking and enjoying your meals outside, Coyote has you covered. Its CDIC option is designed to handle the worst of conditions with a complete 304 stainless steel construction, just in case a small rain cloud passes over and starts blowing wind and objects that would normally dent an ice chest.

The lid comes with a high-quality seal so that everything is secure inside and nothing can dent it or get in to ruin what you brought to the party.

You won’t have to worry about your ice melting and your drinks or refrigerated meat for the barbeque going warm because this drop in ice chest is completely insulated to keep the ice cold for the rest of the event. A drain hole is also included so that you have an easier time getting rid of the melted ice after a fun night.

Users have been praising the cooler’s ability to fit with the rest of their outdoor kitchens, which is good news to anyone who has bought an ice chest that ends up not matching up with theirs and had to go back to their kitchen inside to get drinks and bring them outside. With this ice chest, walking back and forth is not a problem, and you can stay outside and enjoy the nice weather.

Another positive point that Coyote’s CDIC cooler has is its heavy duty and well built design, which is where being made of stainless steel comes in handy. Weighing 44 pounds and having a dimension of 17.2 in. X 23.2 in. X 12 in. also makes it possible for this option to handle itself.

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SUNSTONE Over/Under top cooler

Insulated Wall drop-in Ice Chest

Sunstone B-IC14 Excellent Stainless Steel Drop In Ice Chest

If you prefer tough and heavy drop in coolers like our first option, you’ll also be happy to hear about Sunstone’s B-IC14’s ice chest. This one comes with a cut out dimension of 12.125 in. X 14 in. X 18.375 in. and an outer dimension of 13.6 in. X 20.5 in. X 12.2 in., and it weighs 27 pounds, making it light enough to carry, even with food and drinks inside.

The B-IC14, like the CDIC, is able to handle itself thanks to being made of 304 stainless steel, and its zero radius square design provides a sleek and modern appearance that can blend in with your outdoor kitchen.

Your drinks and food will stay cool in this option thanks to its full insulation, which has gained the ice chest heavy praise online, with some users saying that it was able to make ice last for two to three days. This will come in handy for those living in warm environments.

The basin is deep enough for you to fit your beer bottles and other drinks standing up-right. Additional features include a drain assembly for getting rid of melted ice and a cover that is sturdy enough to keep everything inside secure.

Other praised points of this cooler is its construction and ability to fit with outdoor kitchens and bars. Receiving an Amazon Choice Badge should give you more incentive to get your hands on this option.

Before you install your ice chest (TIP: over or under counter installation possible), it’s best to read all included manuals and documentation that come with it.

Those living in California and are thinking about getting this option should also make sure that it doesn’t contain chemicals that can cause cancer and reproductive harm.

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Happybuy Drop In Ice Chest

The Happybuy drop in ice chest is a rather pocket-friendly option – it’s definitely not cheap, but it’s not as costly as our other picks either. This may imply lower durability and longevity, but if you are on a tight budget, this model might be a good choice.

Happybuy offers drop in ice chests in 4 sizes:

  • 23 x 17 x 12 inches.
  • 22 x 17 x 12 inches.
  • 20 x 13 x 12 inches.
  • 18 x 12 x 14.5 inches.

The smallest size is pretty interesting – it has a sliding lid, so you can access your items without lifting the whole lid up. This might allow for slightly better ice retention performance.

Speaking of ice retention, all Happybuy coolers feature 2-layer insulation to keep food and drinks nice and cool for hours.

The build in Happybuy drop in ice chests is like in our previous picks – you have tough stainless steel that will take quite a beating and won’t rust. Besides, it will fit more modern interiors very nicely.

Happybuy ice chests have their drain plug at the bottom, so water and ice remains may be drained conveniently. The drains are nice and large and should allow for very quick draining. You may easily use this cooler as a sink too. 

Each ice chest size also comes with a drain pipe to allow you to use the cooler without extra spending, which reinforces our statement that this cooler line is pretty pocket-friendly.

Buy it at Amazon here >>


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Lion Premium Grills Ice Chest

Built in ice chest

Lion Premium Grills’ Stainless Steel Drop In Ice Bin

If you prefer using your outdoor kitchen to treat yourself and your friends and family with barbeque dinners, then Lion’s Drop In Ice Bin is the best fit for you.

This ice bin comes with the size and design necessary for containing a large amount of material and handling nature. It has a stainless steel construction, a cut out dimension of 13.875 in. X 14.125 in. X 20.5 in., an outside dimension of 16.75 in. X 21.31 X 14 in., and a weight of 57 pounds.

In case your friends are limited in the amount of beer and sodas that they can bring to the party, Lion’s option can hold up to 28 12-ounce cans, ensuring that no one goes thirsty by the end of the day. It also comes with a condiment tray for keeping ketchup and mustard right by while you’re grilling burgers, ribs and hotdogs.

The tray is also made of stainless steel so that your condiments are safe and you won’t have to go inside to get extra ones.

We know how helpful second opinions can be, so you’ll be happy to know that this ice bin has been receiving favorable critiques online (check here at Amazon).

Users have been praising its ability to keep drinks and food cold for hours, its construction quality, and its convenience for fitting with most outdoor kitchens and saving them trips to the refrigerator inside.

Potential buyers, including those in California, are advised to take the same precautions as those interested in the B-IC14, as reading instructions before using Lion’s ice bin should be a priority.

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260 Series PCM Drop-In Cooler

PCM 260 Series – Best Outdoor Kitchen Drop In Cooler

It’s hard to find an ice chest brand that offers a variety of sizes, but those with different outdoor kitchens will be happy to know that PCM solves that problem with its different 260 Series offerings.

This series’ coolers come in different sizes, including the 15 X 24 cooler, 24 in. cooler, 18 in. cooler and 19 X 27 cooler, so that you have options in case you’re going to your friend’s house for a party and they have an outdoor kitchen that’s bigger or smaller than yours.

All of these options weigh 40 pounds, except for the 24 in. option, which weighs 54 pounds, so all of them can contain an amount of items fitting for a party.

Features of all coolers of the 260 Series include a 304 stainless steel construction, which makes sure that you’re items are secure inside and the outside is damage free, and sections to separate your drinks from food, condiments and other items.

PCM also has the 400 Series drop in cooler, which is much larger than those of the 260 Series, weighing 65 pounds and having a cut out dimension of 23.5 in. X 23.5 in. X 11.5 in. However, it does come with the same stainless steel design and drain hole for getting rid of melted ice that its fellow series features.

If you’re looking to support more American-made products, then you’ll be happy to know that PCM’s coolers are built in the United States. This brand also has accessories available for personalizing your ice chest so that it completely represents you.

Drop In Coolers for Sale – Where To Buy?

We recommend going to Amazon to purchase these drop in ice chests since it’s a reliable online retailer when it comes to finding different products.

You’ll have plenty of reviews from other customers to help pick the right option, and you’ll have an easy time returning your cooler if it ends up not suiting you. Free shipping and other benefits are also available to Prime members.

BBQGuys.com is also worth checking out for the B-IC14 and Lion Ice Bin in case you’re looking for a cooler of a specific series or size that isn’t available at Amazon. You’ll also be able to get these two options for the same price.

Drop In Cooler for Outdoor Kitchen – The Bottom Line

Having a drop in cooler that fits with the rest of your outdoor kitchen is a priority for when you want to have a good time with friends and family while the weather is nice.

There are several options available to ensure that, all of which are designed to store everything you need, keep items safe and secure and save you trips to the kitchen inside your house.

If you have an outdoor kitchen that’s in need of a drop in cooler right before that time of the year when it gets warm, then give our recommendations a shot.

If you, however, haven't found what you're look for, how about you check our other related posts, such as the one about best patio coolers or party coolers, to name a few.


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