Cooler Bench, Anyone? Here Come The Best Options For A Good Sit

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Some of the best brands are those that provide products that do more than what they are normally designed for. When it comes to coolers, there is a special type that makes your usage much more relaxing, and that is called a cooler bench – often seen on yachts, but also in backyards.

The options we have here give you a spot to relax during any sort of event while you enjoy a cold drink, and some of them have room for more than one person. You don’t have to worry about these bench ice chests not focusing on the basic functions, as they do everything necessary to make sure your items are in the right condition for a party.

Read on through this list of the best cooler benches on the market right now so you go to your next get-together prepared.

Cooler Benches – Quick Comparison Table

to-centerWise 8WD156-784 Swingback Cooler Seat,...Moeller Deluxe Permanent Mount Swing Back...Wise Premier Series 48-Quart Igloo Cooler...Wise Outdoors Super Sport Hunting Seat with...Trademark Innovations 10' Portable 6-Seater...
item-titleWise Swingback Cooler BenchMoeller Deluxe Swing Back Cooler / Boat SeatWise Premier Series 48-Quart Igloo Cooler with Cushion SeatWise Outdoors Super Sport Hunting Seat with Insulated CoolerPortable Folding Team Sports Sideline Bench with Attached Cooler
34.75 in. X 32 in. X 18 in.
18.5 in. X 37.5 in. 25.5 in.
18.5 in. X 26 in. X 14 in.
11 in. X 12 in. X 31 in.
7.5 ft. X 19.5 in. X 34 in.
(four seater)
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Wise Swingback Cooler Bench


Wise has you covered if you’re looking for an ice chest that has what it takes for a good sit since it’s known for making seats for boats but also the outdoors.

This cooler is made of rotational molded insulated plastic and comes with anodized aluminum arms and molded mounting brackets, making it perfect for those days on the boats with your buddies on the weekends or a camping trip with your family.


Whatever drinks or food for a barbeque you’re keeping in the Wise Swingback Cooler Bench will be in prime consuming condition when you take them out thanks to roto-molded insulation.

This is a point that has received plenty of praise in online reviews (check here), with some customers saying that the ice chest was able to keep ice from melting for up to 5 days.

Additional Features

The hinged seat is combined with a UV and mildew-treated marine-grade vinyl and high compression foam to ensure that you are both secure and comfortable when sitting down.


While being among the heavier options on this list, Wise’s cooler won’t be too much of a carry, as it weighs 5.2 pounds and measures 40 in. X 35 in. X 20 in. The seat cushion itself has a dimension of 3 in. X 32 in. X 18 in.


Wise 8WD159-784 Swingback Cooler Seat,...

Moeller Deluxe Swing Back Cooler / Boat Seat


While anything you sit on should provide a comfortable experience, it should also have what it takes to make you feel like you’re secure, and that’s the case with the Moeller Deluxe Permanent Mount Swing Back Cooler/Livewell Boat Seat.

This option is made of OEM marine-grade pleated vinyl and mildew-resistant thread to make sure that it stays clean and strong while you relax with your friends.


Your drinks will be cold and your lunch or dinner meats will be ready for cooking thanks to this ice chest’s molded mounting plates, which make insulation a piece of cake. The base of the cooler comes with double-wall foam to add extra insulation, thus ensuring nothing goes warm inside.

Customers have claimed that the ice in this cooler has stayed that way for 4 days, in case you need a second opinion.

Additional Features

The stainless steel hardware for Moeller’s ice chest bench adds to its toughness, and the deep foam cushions do the same for comfortability. The seat frame is also resistant to corrosion, adding extra assurance to both areas.


This cooler is the biggest out of all of the offerings on this list, weighing 50 pounds on its own and measuring 18.5 in. X 37.5 in. 25.5 in, but you still won’t have to strain yourself too much carrying it to the boat and possibly a patio or wherever you plan on having a party.


Moeller Deluxe Permanent Mount Swing Back...

Wise Premier Series 48-Quart Igloo Cooler with Cushion Seat


Wise has a hold of most spots on this list because of its offerings, one of which is the Wise Premier Series 48-Quart Igloo Cooler. This option comes with a cushion seat to provide a comfortable sitting experience while you’re relaxing with a beer or watching a game with friends and family.

You’ll have five different options when it comes to choosing cooler combinations for this choice, which include dark red and rock salt, evergreen and rock salt, jade and fawn, round midnight navy and cobalt, and wineberry and manitee.


Each of these Igloo coolers comes with the right amount of insulation to make sure that your drinks are cold for the whole party and the meat is kept in the right condition before you put it in the kitchen or on the grill.

Additional Features

The addition of an extra seat to the cooler has gained a great deal of praise for this cooler bench in online reviews (check here) when it comes to relaxing on boats and in other settings, which is thanks to the high compression foam padding for the cushion, along with UV and mildew-treated marine grade vinyl.


This ice chest bench only weighs 1.3 pounds, making carrying it no problem whatsoever, and its dimension measures 18.5 in. X 26 in. X 14 in.


Wise Premier Series 48-Quart Igloo Cooler...

Wise Outdoors Super Sport Hunting Seat with Insulated Cooler


In case you weren’t sure about Wise’s previous offerings, maybe you’ll feel different about its Outdoors Super Sport Hunting Seat/Insulated Cooler. This option is great for those weekends that you want to spend hunting and/or fishing some big game in the woods and enjoy a nice drink or snack after your work.

The heavy duty plastic 10-gallon bucket acts as storage for whatever drinks you bring with you, and the plastic folding seat helps you avoid having to sit or lay in the grass to get comfortable.


If you’re worried about whatever items you keep inside staying cold for the whole day, you’ll be happy to know that insulation works to provide a setting fit for such an occasion. You’ll also be able to fit your hunting equipment along with whatever drinks you have inside, and customers have been praising this ice chest’s ability for proper storage.


A marine swivel combines with the folding seat to make sure it is sturdy and comfortable, as is tough polysester camo fabric and an inch of thick premium foam padding. This option also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, which means that it will be easy to carry.

Color options include brown/break-up camouflage and OD green/break-up camouflage.


This cooler is just as easy to carry as Wise’s Igloo ice chest, weighing only 1.3 pounds. The seat itself measures 11 in. X 12 in. and has an overall height of 31 in.


Wise Outdoors Super Sport Hunting Seat with...

Portable Folding Team Sports Sideline Bench with Attached Cooler


Now let's talk about a cooler bench from a bit different perspective. It’s one thing to have a bench that has enough room for just you, but it’s another thing to find one that can sit you along with you friends, and the one you can take anywhere.

That’s where the Portable Folding Team Sports Sideline Bench comes in, providing a cooler right in the middle for everyone to enjoy cold beers and sodas while watching a sports game.

Options are available for four seats, six seats and eight seats, perfect for college students enjoying a game of ultimate Frisbee to parents watching their kids’ soccer game. Its use for such a variety of athletic occasions is what got it so much acclaim in online reviews.


The Gatorade, soda and water that you keep inside to stay refreshed for your game will be cold long enough to stay properly hydrated for the rest of the day thanks to its insulation, and a drain plug is included to get rid of whatever melted ice you have inside when the day is over.

Additional Features

Being sturdy and comfortable for you and your teammates won’t be an issue with this cooler bench, as it is made of durable 600D polyester and powder coated steel to make sure you’re comfortable and stable. The 600D bag makes it easy for you to carry the whole bench to the car at the end of the game.


Despite the amount of space that this ice chest bench takes up, it only weighs 24.5 pounds during shipping, making the actual product an even easier carry to the field. Dimensions include 7.5 ft. X 19.5 in. X 34 in. for the four seater, 10 ft. X 19.5 in. X 34 in. for the six seater, and 13.5 ft. X 19.5 in. X 34 in. for the eight seater.


Portable Folding Bench with Attached Cooler

Where To Buy Cooler Benches

Amazon is our recommended place to get your hands on these cooler bench products. This store provides plenty of reviews for second opinions and gives you the option of returning your ice chest in case it doesn’t perform as well as you thought it would.

You’ll also have access to free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

Ice Chest Benches – The Bottom Line

Having a cooler that acts as a comfortable seat is great for several occasions, whether you’re out on a boat, going on a hunting trip, watching a game with friends and family, or just going to a regular house party.

If you have one of these get-togethers coming up and want to make sure that you enjoy yourself while you’re having a drink, give one of these cooler benches a shot.

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