Best 150qt Cooler – Top Picks, Reviews & Complete List of 150 Quart Ice Chests

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Today, we are going to help you choose the best 150qt cooler for your needs. While 150 quarts probably isn't the most popular size for an average Joe, for hunters, anglers, and boaters it's often an important one.

That's why many brands are well-represented in this size. And as with any other cooler, the more options you have, the more difficult it is for you to pick the right cooler.

Well, hopefully, our little post will help you with picking the best 150-qt ice chest for your next trip!

Best 150 QT Cooler – Our Top Picks

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to-middleyeti tundra 160Pelican 150 Quart Cooler EliteNo products found.igloo quick and cool 150
item-titleYeti Tundra 160Pelican Elite 150-Quart CoolerColeman Xtreme 5Igloo Quick And Cool 150 QT
to-topMade in
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Made in
to-topIce Retention
10 days*
Ice Retention
10 days*
Ice Retention
Up to 5 days**
Ice Retention
5 days*
3" PermaFrost
2" of polyurethane insulation
Xtreme technology
Ultratherm® Technology
• Roto-molded
• T-Rex™ Lid Latches
• Coldlock™ Gasket
• Neverfail™ Hinge System
• Vortex™ Drain System
• Roto-molded
• Dual Handle System
• Press & Pull Latches
• Integrated Fish Scale
• Sloped Drain & Tethered Threaded Plug
• UVGuard™ material
• Antimicrobial liner
• Have-a-Seat Lid
• Quick-access hatch
• Reinforced swing-up handles
• Dual snap-fit latches
• Threaded drain plug
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Why Is 150 Cooler Size So Popular?

150 quarts is a lot – depending on the cooler, you can fit about 150-200 beverage cans in them. Apart from that, this capacity is sufficient to hold a good day's catch for many people.

On the other hand, 150 quarts isn't too big or heavy to take it with you if you want. While many brands don’t offer coolers larger than 150-quart, some sell coolers that are twice as big. Needless to say, these coolers become a nightmare to store and transport.

Another good reason to opt for a 150-quart size is that you can find a variety of coolers of this size. There are both not too expensive options from popular brands like Coleman or Igloo, as well as there are coolers to pick from at the other end of the spectrum – brands like YETI, Pelican, and Grizzly have steep prices, but the quality is unmatched in their 150-quart coolers.

yeti 150 cooler
150 Qt Yeti Tundra hard cooler.

But First, Does 150 In The Model Name Refer To Quarts?

Many coolers come with numbers in their model names – in our case, 150. In most cases, this number shows the capacity of the cooler in quarts. Quarts are the base capacity unit for coolers, and nearly all brands use it to measure their cooler’s size.

However, with some coolers, the number in the model name may not indicate the cooler’s size in quarts. Instead, 150 may mean something else – gallons, liters, number of cans, or something else. This can make shopping for the 150-quart cooler quite confusing.

YETI is notorious for this – YETI coolers contain numbers in their model names, but these numbers do not refer to quarts. At least not directly.

Worse, YETI doesn’t mention the quart measurement of their coolers anywhere. This makes comparing YETI coolers with others difficult unless you calculate real YETI cooler sizes in quarts.

Such naming schemes can be misleading, so you should always check in the product description or manual what the capacity of the desired cooler in quarts actually is. This is to avoid wasted money and disappointment.

If the manufacturer doesn’t provide any capacity numbers, then check out the interior dimensions of the cooler. Since quarts is a unit of volume, you can easily determine it if you have the numbers for it.

As an example, let’s try to determine the capacity of Pelican Elite 150 cooler, which we review below. First, find the interior dimensions. In Elite 150, these are 34 x 17 x 15.75 inches (L x W x D).

Then, we need to find the volume of the cooler in cubic inches by multiplying the dimensions together – 34 x 17 x 15.75 = 9103.5. Then, just convert this cubic inches to US liquid quarts in Google – in our case, we get 157.6 quarts, which is more than what the product name suggests.

This method may not be very precise, but it does give you an idea of the actual space inside the cooler.

Keep in mind that your numbers may differ from what is provided by the manufacturer. This may be because of the manufacturer measures capacity differently, e.g. based on exterior dimensions. With most coolers, this shouldn’t be the case though.

There may be some inaccuracies as well, but this is because coolers are rarely shaped like perfect rectangles, which makes calculating their actual volume not very easy and results are not always the same.

Top 4 Best 150QT Cooler Options

OK, let's get back to our 150-quart cooler reviews.  Why we chose these 4 below coolers as our top picks?

The first two coolers are premium options. They are pretty expensive but offer superior durability along with a few interesting features. They're intended for heavy-duty use, where the performance and long ice retention matters a lot.

The third and fourth coolers are relatively inexpensive and very popular options. They don’t offer anything fancy, but they are good options if you have a limited budget or just casual needs. 

yeti tundra 160

YETI Tundra 160 Cooler

Up first on our roundup is the Yeti Tundra 160 hard cooler. The real capacity of this cooler, as calculated based on its inner dimensions is exactly 150 quart.

As we’ve put it in another post of ours, YETI is the Apple of the cooler industry. They're ice chests are pricey, but offer excellent longevity, build quality, and a number of bells & whistles to make your life easier.

YETI coolers are manufactured in the Philippines and USA, and even though it's not exactly clear where the larger Tundras are made, it is possible to order a Tundra cooler that is US Made – we wrote more about it in this post

yeti tundra 160 ice chest
Yeti Tundra 160

The biggest pro of Tundra 160 is its build. With its rotomolded construction, this cooler should take the hardships of heavy and even professional use without effort. Not only that, but its housing is certified to be bear-resistant.

The insulation is also strong in YETI Tundra 160 thanks to the interlocking lid, freezer-grade gasket, and the thick 3-inch PermaFrost insulation.

YETI doesn’t advertise the ice retention for this cooler, but we've seen a number of Tundras in action, and the large ones like this one can easily keep ice for a week, with 10 days not being hard to achieve when you drop a few ice blocks in, or use an ice extender like the Koolergel.

YETI Tundra 160 will keep your items safe during transport and storage as well with the heavy-duty rubber latches and the molded tie-down slots.

If you want the benefits of Tundra 160 though, then prepare a hefty budget – this is a premium cooler and one of the most expensive on our list.

Why we like this cooler & who should get it

YETI’s Tundra coolers have been field-tested by thousands of users over the years and has been praised for its durability. We praised them in our reviews as well (e.g. here, or here). Tundra 160 is no exception – it’s extremely robust and will be able to go through anything you throw it. For professional use, Tundra 160 should work especially well. 

Check it at right here >>

Pelican 150 Quart Cooler Elite

Pelican Elite 150-Quart Cooler

If you want a rugged, performance cooler that is made in the US, then Pelican’s Elite 150-quart cooler may be the best option for you.

Pelican again is a trusted brand, though it’s probably not as renowned as YETI.

Pelican 150QT Elite Cooler
Pelican 150QT Elite Cooler

The Pelican Elite has a few features that some readers may like. First up, its latches are larger and more convenient than the ones in Tundra 160 thanks to their push mechanism.

Not only that, but this cooler has 3 latches, which should allow for more secure locking and better sealing.

Pelican Elite may be more convenient in transportation as well. This cooler has not only hinged handles but also large and easy-to-grab molded handles.

Elite might also be better for fishing – it has an integrated fish ruler along with molded tie-downs.

In terms of durability, expect Pelican Elite to be close to Tundra 160. Both coolers are rotomolded and both are IGBC bear-resistant. Insulation-wise, it's a tie a well, as both ice chests will retain ice for about 10 days.

Why we like this cooler & who should get it

Compared to Tundra 160, Pelican Elite offers superior latches and handles. Thanks to the increased latch count, Elite will most likely take bumpy rides a little better. The molded handles should also make carrying easier, while the fish ruler may come in handy for anglers.

We also appreciate the fact that from a pure design standpoint, the Pelican looks different and pretty unique. They clearly didn't attempt to make their Elite series look like YETI, as many others do

Check the 150-qt Elite cooler at >>

No products found.

Coleman Xtreme 5 150 Quart Marine Cooler

coleman xtreme 150 qt cooler
Coleman Xtreme 150 qt Cooler

So now here is the Coleman’s 150-quart Xtreme 5 marine cooler. This cooler cannot boast the durability and fancy features of its premium counterparts, but it still has a few interesting features to offer.

Coleman coolers are also made in the US, which may be a big benefit for some people.

Perhaps the highlight of the Xtreme 5 marine cooler is its interior antimicrobial liner that resists odor, mold, and fungus.

Although this liner won’t allow you to be lazy and avoid cleaning, it should keep your items safe during your trips.

Although Xtreme 5 isn’t too durable, it should be pretty sturdy and long-living thanks to the rust-resistant stainless steel hardware and UVGuard coating for UV resistance. It's not rotomolded, though. 

coleman 150 quart cooler
Coleman Xtreme 6

In terms of insulation, Xtreme 5 is pretty decent – its insulated lid and walls allow for up to 5 days of ice retention.

If this seems too short to you, then consider Xtreme 6 – it’s nearly identical but offers 6 days of ice retention.

For added convenience, Xtreme 5 & 6 come with a cutting board, as well as feature cup holders molded into the lid.

Besides, the coolers can withstand up to 250 pounds and just like the other 150qt coolers on this list, they too may serve as a place to sit.

Why we like this cooler & who should get it

Coleman Xtreme 5 & 6 have all the basics for casual uses like light camping or backyard partying. If you will only be occasionally using your 150-quart cooler, then for this kind of money, you probably won’t find anything better than Xtreme 5/6.

Check it at Amazon here >>

TIP: We covered the Coleman XTreme coolers in-depth in our full review.

igloo quick and cool 150

Igloo Quick And Cool 150-Quart Cooler

igloo 150 qt cooler
Igloo 150 QT Cooler

Although Igloo’s Quick And Cool 150-quart cooler is just a tad more expensive than Coleman Xtreme 5 & 6, it’s a better pick if you want a little extra security.

To keep your contents securely inside, the Quick And Cool cooler has two latches, which perhaps is this cooler’s biggest difference from Xtreme coolers.

Not only that, but the Quick And Cool cooler features tie-down loops to help you secure the cooler in your pickup or boat.

In terms of insulation, the Igloo cooler is just a tad better than Xtreme as well – its Ultratherm insulation is advertised to hold ice up to 7 days, although we think it's going to be incredibly difficult, if possible at all, to achieve a week-long ice retention.

What our many readers will probably like as well is that this cooler is made in the US.

When it comes to durability, we wouldn’t expect a huge difference between this and Xtreme coolers. Both don’t have rotomolded construction and thus aren’t the best for heavy or professional use.

Why we like this cooler & who should get it

The biggest benefit of the Quick And Cool cooler over Xtreme 5/6 is the latches and tie-downs. Thanks to these, you will get higher safety and stability during transport. Not only that, but this cooler may also work for anglers!

Get the Igloo Quick & Cool 150qt cooler >>

Other 150QT (Or Close To 150 Quarts) Coolers We Know About

The selection of 150-quart coolers isn’t limited to the 4 models reviewed above. There are a few other good 150-quart (or close to 150) options as well – and some may actually be better for your needs than the above ones.

Engel ENG165 Cooler

ENGEL ENG165 High-Performance Cooler

The ENGEL ENG165 cooler offers one of the best-in-class ice retention of up to 10 days, on part with the competition we covered above. In our Engel vs YETI comparison, Engel proved to be in the very same league. 

Durability in this cooler is no less remarkable – the housing in this cooler is rotomolded, bear-resistant, and UV-proof, while the 3 latches should keep your items secure even during bumpy rides. 

Notably, the latches in the ENG165 cooler are adjustable as well, and you could also safely use dry ice in the cooler to keep your food and drinks cool.

It's also one of the biggest coolers on our list. It can hold 167 quarts, or 264 cans. It weighs 58 lbs when empty. Voted one of the best marine coolers out there, so if you're looking for a boat cooler then this one might be the right one.

Check the current price in Engel's Store >>


rtic 145 cooler

RTIC 145-Quart Cooler

RTIC is a competitor brand to YETI. This manufacturer offers comparable quality, durability, and insulation, but its pricing isn’t as “premium”. RTIC coolers are made in China though.

In terms of build and insulation, the RTIC 145qt cooler is very similar to Tundra 160 – both coolers have a rotomolded construction, bear-resistant housing, and 3 inches thick insulation.

In the RTIC cooler, the insulation is claimed to store ice for up to 10 days. Having seen RTIC coolers in action, we can confirm it's actually doable.

RTIC’s 145-quart cooler is perhaps more suitable than Tundra 160 for fishing as well thanks to the grippy lid that can be used as support while casting.

Check it out in RTIC's store >> 

TIP: For more information, check out our full RTIC ice chest review.

No products found.

ICEY-TEK Classic 150-Quart Cooler

The Classic 150-quart cooler is yet another premium option on our roundup. It’s similar to other premium options on our list, but it doesn’t have bear resistance certification. However, it’s rotomolded and UV-resistant, so it should be able to take quite a beating.

What some readers may also like about this cooler is that it is compatible with dry ice.

Notably, ICEY-TEK was the first manufacturer to make a rotomolded cooler in 1998. As a matter of fact, it was Icey-Tek coolers that YETI put their label on in YETI's early days.

To this day, however, this brand isn’t as known as the likes of YETI, RTIC, or Pelican.

Check it out at Amazon >>

No products found.

Coleman 150-Quart Performance Cooler

The Coleman 150-Quart Performance Cooler is similar to Coleman Xtreme 6 covered earlier. The Performance cooler again has insulation for up to (claimed) 6 days of ice retention, and the build quality is comparable as well.

Despite the similarities, the Performance cooler doesn’t seem to have any antimicrobial liners. Likewise, the lid doesn’t appear to be able to support 250 pounds of weight.

Overall, it's a pretty simplistic cooler that costs two times less than the smallest YETI.

Check the price at Amazon >>

No products found.

Rubbermaid 150-Quart Cooler

The Rubbermaid 150-quart cooler is yet another budget 150-quart cooler on our list. It’s similar to Coleman coolers, but it has one important benefit – it has a push-down latch to keep your items secure.

This latch probably won’t be as secure as in the latches in Igloo Quick And Cool 150-quart cooler (whose main advantage over Coleman Xtreme was the latches). However, it’s still better than nothing.

The thermal insulation in the Rubbermaid cooler is just OK – although this cooler is claimed to hold ice for up to 7 days, we know this is a bit exaggerated. Most users get closer to 4-5 days. 

Check current price at Amazon >>

No products found.

KYSEK The Ultimate Ice Chest 150-Liter Cooler with Wheels

If you want more convenient transportation, then The Ultimate Ice Chest from KYSEK may be the right option. This cooler features integrated wheels to make hauling a little bit easier.

As a premium cooler, The Ultimate Ice Chest boasts solid build quality and insulation as well. The DuroCold construction should deliver comparable longevity to best coolers out there, while the thick insulation will store ice for up to 10 days. 

We were impressed by the product in our own KYSEK cooler review we've made a while ago.

This cooler is also bear-resistant, as well as features triple latches for added security. Some people will also like that The Ultimate Ice Chest has an integrated bottle opener and a cutting board lid.

Keep in mind that this cooler’s capacity is advertised in liters. However, if you calculate the volume of the cooler based on its inner dimensions, and convert it to quarts, you get about 158 quarts – very close to our 150-quart mark.

Check the Kysek 150 at Amazon here >>

No products found.

Grizzly 165-Quart Cooler

This cooler from Grizzly is 165-quart, which makes it one of the two largest coolers on this list. Since it’s not too expensive for its capacity, it’s a great cooler if you want as much space as possible for not too much money (in terms of price per quart).

The Grizzly cooler features tough rotomolded construction along with quality insulation that can easily store ice for 6-8 days.

The durable latches here are also notable – called BearClaw, these latches have a more secure locking mechanism than latches in most other coolers. The number of latches is 3 as well, which should further improve the security of this cooler.

Buy it at Amazon here >>

No products found.

Orca 140-Quart Cooler

Orca is similar to YETI and Pelican in that it again offers durable, quality coolers. Their coolers are made in the US as well.

Although this particular Orca cooler is sized at 140 quarts, it’s a solid option if you just want a large cooler. Like our premium picks in the Top 4, the Orca 140-quart cooler offers a strong rotomolded construction.

Its insulation is likewise great, capable of storing ice for up to 10 days, on par with YETI Tundra and Pelican Elite.

It may not be the most beautiful cooler from the aesthetic point of view, but hey, that's an individual thing and won’t matter when keeping your drinks and food cool.

Check the Orca's price at Amazon here >>

Something Is Missing? Help Us Improve This 150-Quart Ice Chest List

Our list probably isn’t comprehensive. If you know any other 150-quart ice chest that is worth mentioning, we are open to suggestions.

Apart from that, if you have any additional tips or corrections for our picks, then feel free to let us know by dropping a comment below.

Best 150qt Cooler – Final Words

It’s a shame that cooler manufacturers don’t use a standard methodology to measure their ice chests. This would make picking cooler size so much easier for buyers!

With that said, if you follow our recommendations and the capacity measurement guide, you should be able to effortlessly find the best 150qt cooler for your needs!

Stay cool!


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